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Dear Friends!
WOW! It's been almost 2 years since I've been in this profile. Friends I am sorry... I have been sick and had a lot of family problems that caused me to away so long.

I made a new Care2 profile... the email associated with this [Wickie Cat] profile has long been deleted and my password lost. I explained my situation to Care2 customer service for help with my Wickie Cat account.

Michon - a Care2 customer support member helped me to regain this profile once again! I am forever greatful to Michon for the quick and friendly help.

Care2 customer service DOES Care! I applaud them.

Friends I am sorry for being away so long - and want to thank you all as well for keeping me on your friends list and supporting my Care2 groups. You all are very special!

Much Love
Wickie Cat

PS - This picture that you see is NOT me. I don't know who this is a picture of nor do I know how it got on my profile! I'm changing it soon.  This 'mystery' picture happened after I was not able to be here at Care2.... must be a glitch in Care2's system. I may add a photo of myself to my personal photo album - that way you'll know what Wickie Cat really looks like  LOL!


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