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Hello Members

I guess you can see that we finally moved on up, just like the Jeffersons. LOL To a deluxe apartment in the sky. LOL Well, to a deluxe apartment in care2 I guess. We will NOW be paid attention to. If we have Problems anyway! Thank you Sandrea. She is our group artist here.


Maybe I should have made myself clear here. We had no choice but to chan ge to the new groups. They have been asking us and many other groups to change to the newer system for quite some time. I have always liked the old classic groups.

The engineers that do the work do not want to work with 2 systems, so if we had problems, we would have been left with them. Our latest problem was just too much to do nothing. Nobody could reply to a post. SO, it was either change, or close cat lovers. That was my choice.

Please give this your best shot to get use to, as we are all having it tough trying to change. Eventually, we will adapt. Check it out though, as we can now scroll up and down to respond to a post or several for that matter, without opening a new window.


I understand Donna. There were alot of problems with alot of different things. Posts missing, i couldnt edit the posts, it even got to where i couldnt delete any posts.
Im glad you decided to change to the new group, i wouldnt ever want to see Cat Lovers closed.
Yes this is all very new and and i kinda felt like i was in a foreign im getting used to it slowly. Im not one to just give up so i may make some mistakes as i learn how the new group stuff works and try to find everything but im sticking with it here.


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