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Calling everyone's opinion

Right guys, I am in need of your help.

As you all know we're a closed group. This is never going to change. Some of you might remember what the application for the group is like and how it was worded. I've been thinking about whether or not I should reword it for a long time now but have sat and sat and sat on the fence. So far I've left it alone. And so far, I only approve applications that answer the question in the application. I know it's very wordy and a little confusing but on the one hand, I like that because then I know applicants really read it when they answer it. But, is it too confusing? Are we losing potential members because of the application? That's where you guys come in.

I would really appreciate it if you'd all read the current application below and weight your thoughts on whether I should reword it or whether I should keep it the same. Many thanks!

AtVT Statement MUST be read and replied to: YES - if you agree to observe the following while a member of AtVT or no - if you do not feel you will be able to uphold our policy. This is a place to get answers to how and why vets perform the various treatments and/or surgeries for your pet(s). It is also a place to share various techniques a pet owner can use at home for first aid and emergency care techniques from trained people in the animal healthcare field. We are made up of: veterinarians, vet technicians/nurses, veterinary assistants, rehabilitators, rescuers, groomers, and other experienced people in the field. We have chosen this industry as part of our life for various reasons and would like to use that knowledge to help you with that which may trouble or concern you in regards to your pet. We will NOT diagnose any injury or illness here, we can ONLY help prepare you with likely possibilities and treatment options that might be available or offered to you by YOUR veterinarian. Due to the nature of business, the cost of veterinary care will vary from one region to another, there is no way for the hosts to accurately give a cost estimate for the situation you might be facing.

Opinion sharing, debating issues, sharing news stories unrelated to veterinary healthcare and off label recommendations need to be done elsewhere. There is a ZERO tolerance policy for flaming, badgering, name/product slanderin, off topic posts or attempting to force opinions and entice debates. Any posts of this nature will be deleted and the member posting will be warned / reminded. If this person persist on doing this they will be removed and blocked for 30 days. However, upon unblocking there is a repeated offense of similar dispute it will result in the permanent removal and banning of that member indefinitely. We have threads for posting petitions, rescue and humanitarian relief, as well as threads for promotional purposes, please utilize these threads for those purposes ONLY and keep other discussions pertaining to health concerns.

This group is for providing information in a supportive and objective manner ONLY. Debating social issues or passing judgement on an owners decision(s) MUST be done elsewhere. Any posts for petitions, donations, sharing headlines, enciting debates, spreading unfounded rumors, slander, etc WILL be deleted.

REMEMBER: it is for each member and their veterinarian to decide what is best for his/her pet(s).

**If you can NOT take the time to read this and provide a reply we will take your reply as a NO you can NOT comply with our request and REJECT your application. Thank you.

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