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Bill threatens dissent! December 02, 2007 4:11 PM
The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (S. 1959) passed in the House quietly and quickly this spring. Any day now, it is set to come up for a vote in the Senate and could very well pass without public outcry. Why is this bill so dangerous? It contains extremely vague language that could make any form of dissent--the very thing that gave birth to the United States--punishable as an act of terrorism. Coupled with the "Patriot" Act, S. 1959 has the power to undo what little remains of the Bill of Rights. Demonstrating, blogging, even streaming/reading "subversive" media like al-Jazeera would become criminal acts. For more information, please read Michael's post in the Kucinich group, as well as the full text of the bill itself (PDF). After you have all the facts, please contact your senators TODAY, and tell them to vote NO on the bill in its current form. Also, please note Rachel's story on this bill. If any story must make the front page, this is it.  [ send green star]

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