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Host Announcements
is anyone out there?

i doubt if anyone will get this, but if you do...just wondered how you were doing. well, i hope!

anything you want me to save?

as the only remaining members, is there anything particular that you want saved? i plan to save most videos and other links. post in the thread where you want something saved to let me know.

i will be renaming this "library for ic community irl"

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group to be deleted...

the intent of this group was to provide a place to discuss and get feedback from each other. i'm sorry that has not happened in a long time. as soon as i have transfered the links that are of use to me, i will delete the group. if there is anything of use to you, transfer it somewhere else. it won't be here...


the group name and focus is going to change. i will be looking for additional members who probable are not specifically interested in community. there will be less emphasis  on community as a goal and more interest in alternative ways to live environmentally. then if the group remains deader than a doornail, it will be made into a closed group and if there are no objections, all members will, except the owner, be deleted. if i don't hear anything, i will assume that those members are not getting this message because they are "web only" members and don't come to the group or are not interested in any case. you only need to respond if you care one way or another...


one albatross down...

posting is slow these days...

if you send a post and it doesn't show up right away, it has been taking a while lately. it is frustrating, but hopeful things will get better! don't get discouraged...

email announcements and other notifications

is anyone getting group notifications and announcements in their email box. it would be helpful to me if i knew if anyone is...i will assume that if i don't hear from you that you probably are not getting them or are not interested enough to respond or you have chosen not to recieve them. in any of those cases...this is a hopeless case...


if you are reading this PLEASE respond! then i won't need to send you an individual message.

imporant to this group...please read

i'm trying to revive this group from the troes of death. a group needs active members to really be a group more than it needs active hosts.  being an active member means posting in topics which could include being part of some discussions, posting related videos, links, news, etc.on a fairly regular basis.


members who are listed as "web only" will not get this announcement, so i will individually contact them this time through care2 messaging or email if i have that information and ask them to change their group contact to any of the other choices. the change should be made in ones account page. if you choose "host announcement only" that is all you will get in your email. if you choose daily summary you should get group activity updates once a day. if you aren't getting

any of these and you aren't coming to the group page, it is unlikely that you will ever see this announcement and probably won't care. if i inadvertently delete members who  intend to continue as active members, i apologize in advance...if i hear nothing from members who have not posted or been in contact this past year, i will assume that their interests have changed and/or they have forgotten that they are a member. if i have made a mistake, please let me know.


i will be making an active effort to find new members who may have a reviving effect with a fresh outlook and new enthusiasm for intentional community. i enjoy hearing from the few present members who do post and appreciate their thoughts and ideas and what they share here. i hope you do to.


i started a thread hoping to get some new ideas on how to get this group active. please if you have any thoughts on that, go to that thread. many care2 groups are not active any isn't a seasonal thing and i have never seen a good intentional community group anywhere on the internet. if anyone knows of one, please tell me so i can delete this group and go and support them. i hope i hear from you...



RSS feeds?

does anyone know how to add RSS feeds to the group?

are you a member?

in january, i check the member list to see if there are people who have joined and never posted...i'm sure you read the information on the bulletin board before you joined which indicated that some participation is expected.i don't know if you visit the group to read posts. if you have decided not to be an active member, please click the "unjoin" button on the group page. if you are interested in still being a member, please introduce yourself, if you are new this year and have not yet posted. if you are an older member and  haven't posted lately, we have missed hearing from you and i will try to message you. i hope that you all have a happy new year and that we will be hearing from you soon!

a new group host has joined us

welcome to our longtime faithful member, rod, to finally becoming a group host!

group notification

i would suggest that to keep in touch with this group or others that you have joined on care2 that you go to your account page in the notification section and click BOTH the daily digest AND the daily summary sections...then you will get just one email each day with all groups that you choose and a link you can click to get to the group. it is an easy way to get to the group to read or make any posts. please don't check "web only" unless you visit the group often, because then i can only contact you by messaging individually. i ONLY use messaging when i want to send an individual message, not to repeat a group notification.  i think notification is working for everyone now if they have it set on their account page. if there is a problem, let me know...

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THANK YOU for being here!

permaculture discussion

hey, anybody interested in doing a "book club" sort of thread on the permaculture link that craig posted?  it's a great link, but i need help tackling it by myself! it's an important philosophy and way of life and i need to understand it me, please!


if you are interested, let us know on the permaculture thread:

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                              BOO!!! i'm haunting YOU!!!


hey, what happened to my VERY important announcement??? GOBLINS got it!!! i'll try again:


  BOO!!!  i'm haunting YOOU!!!


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email notification

i think most of you have your settings to recieve, at least, group announcements. unfortunately, it seems that a lot of people on care2 are not recieving them. if you are recieving this message then it is working for you. i have no way of knowing unless someone tells me.


i personally prefer the daily digest so that i can click directly to the group...most of the time i don't even use it, but that might be helpful to those of you who don't use care2 on a regular basis.


i really would appreciate your you are getting this host announcement, please take a moment to let me know. i can then try to contact other members by messaging. even though this is a small group, contacting members individually is time consuming, especially when there are some members who really are no longer interested. if i don't hear from you, i will message you.


one group owner has email addresses of members and sends a weekly e-card to keep in touch with members. i could do that if it would be helpful.

you can message me with your email address and i will return mine to you.

unhappy news from rod

we just recieved a post in "backyard fence" thread from our longtime member, rod, that his beloved maya died in june. i am sorry for his loss and hope that in some small way that we can help him heal his pain so that he can continue his life in peace.

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drop by for a visit...

it has been VERY quiet here. it would be nice to hear how you are progressing with your quest for community. let us know if you have any new ideas or thoughts about community or if you need some inspiration on the subject. or just stop by the backyard fence to say "hello". it's always good to hear from you!

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email notification...please respond!

if you are getting this notification, please let me know and i wish i could give you a prize! it would be helpful to know if this is working for you. care2 is trying to fix things that aren't working. some people are getting the notifications and some aren't. last time i asked, i got no responses, so that would mean that i'm the only one who gets notification. well aren't i lucky!


extreme latency today...don't even try!!!

care2 survey:

please try to fill out this survey. it seems that care2 is trying to get people to say they want additional feature on care2 when, i believe this is the worst possible thing that is needed. many care2 members believe that there are too many technical problems that need fixing, that they need to hire more staff in tech/support and that if anything is added, it should be improvements to already existing good features such as groups. any additional "projects" care2 starts will only detract from how well groups function and add more glitches to the mess already here. eric, our one and only support person is doing his best, but is way overworked!

host announcements

this is a way to make announcements to the whole group. unless you have your group notification on "web only", you should be notified of announcements by email. you should also see announcement when you visit the group. if this is not happening, please let me know and contact care3 help...otherwise i will assume you are recieving at least host announcements.

high expectations?

i've been told i expect too much from this group...i started the group to be able to discuss and share ideas with others seeking intentional community. i don't think we have run out of topics. i just think that no one else is interested in talking...exploring ideas, encouraging,or helping each other. i often get no response when i ask a simple question. there is no consensus opinion on closing the group. so it will be no great loss. any information here can be found the same way it was brought here.


i haven't done much because i am recovering from hiatal hernia surgury last month that seems to have left me with no appetite and an emotional state of apathy...i just don't care. i long for spring, to be able to sit out on my deck and absorb the optimism of the suns warm bright rays. meanwhile, i don't care...


i am just begining to transfer information that i want to save for myself from the group. it's slow and tedious. it will take me awhile. i'll let you know with a host announcement like this one before i push the delete button.


i'll be away the first week of feb., but please let the group know what you want to do about continuing this group and in what form, etc. i don't know off hand how consensus deals with opinions of those not present. we can look that up.


 you may be able to get this toolbar that will take you to care2 quickly:


once there, one easy way to get to intentional community irl would be to click "my care2" tab on top, far right and down to "my groups"


there should be an email notification sent whenever there are new posts, but that doesn't seem to be working. check your care2 account to see what you have checked or i can tell you if you don't know. i hope they fix it soon...not holding my breath. i wish everyone not getting messages would let care2 "help" know.


i could send a group email out occasionally if i have your email and you would want me to...i don't want to be a nuisance about it...hope you will politely tell me if i am!

email it working?

this feature was not working in care2 for a long time...i have it now in one email program, but not my other one. of course anyone not recieving this as a email notification will not respond to this inquiry, but i would appreciate hearing a response from anyone getting this message.


as i look through the members, i see a lot of generic froggies. if you could please find an individual avitar, it would be easier to tell new members apart. if you have been here a while, it isn't difficult to put a picture on as an avitar and it can be changed.


also members who are listed as "web only" contact, i'd like to ask you to please change your setting to at least "host announcement". otherwise it is hard for me to let you know if there is something i need to tell you as a group. i will contact the "web only" people by individual messaging if i would be helpful not to have to do that.


his avitar as cohost is invisible so far, so use your imagination!...but we will be your faithful librarians here. whisper and please put things back on the shelf in an orderly way.


thank you rod!


the primary focus of INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY IN REAL LIFE will be to collect community related information. if you have anything of this nature to post feel free to do so. as far as discussion, this can be done individually through messaging and email. some of you already have my email address and i hope that some of you will exchange addresses with each other or keep in contact through personal messages. i have enjoyed discussions with many of you in the past and hope to continue doing so. please message or email me if there is anything you would like to talk about. if you do not plan to visit this group to post information or to look up posts, please "unjoin" on the home page.

green topics

you may have noticed...or not, that i've started a number of topics that should be of interest to many people seeking intentional community. there are many communities that identify themselves as ecovillages and many more who still have an interest in living sustainably to some degree. i thought this might help us in preparing for community. i hope you will join me in some of these threads.

start your OWN individual thread...

everyone has different plans and ideas and problems with their quest for community. please start a thread where you can tell everyone your plans and how they change and progress and let us all help you brainstorm and lend a simpathetic ear. sometimes networking and hearing a fresh point of view will help!...nothing to lose and maybe it will help.

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