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In - Humane Society

I must admit to being profoundly disheartened
by people with whom I thought I shared a
common love of animals.The term "Humane Society"
should mean more then merely a few nice sounding
words strung together
When a "Minister" files a complaint about someone's dogs
by all means an assessment should be rendered,but when
multiple trucks,a deputy sheriff,& a detective are called into
someone's home a judgement has already been made without
any evaluation.
Our client was someone who gets a small government check,&
while his home certainly wasn't spotless the dogs were not
neglected,& if any injury occured to the dogs it was as a result
of these "HUMANE" society staffers catching them around the
neck with wire loops & dragging them then hoisting them by
their necks into the trucks!!!
Anyone who works with pets & their Care Givers needs to be able
to determine what is in the best interest of the animal & their
Care Givers not adhere to the political whims of a hypocrite


I sincerely apologize to any of my friends who sincerely work to
achieve an environment to provides a better future for animals,but
as with so many things these days it is the lowest common denominator
that drags down all the good that is accomplished

Step Up

We,of Eleusinia Society,Inc. wish to thank everyone for the  wonderful responses .are already receiving about  our latest project,
The notion of ACRES was so basic even if all
anyone can do is help us spread the word it
 will make a difference,if enough people step up we can help people keep their pets,& make shelters obsolete altogether
Wouldn't it be wonderful if every animal rescue
 group had to go out of business
because there were no more
dogs or cats who needed to be rescued
  Friends I need help building this group into what
it should be,if any of you feel inspired to step
forward & serve in an executive role I would
be eternally grateful the work here is
important,but the time spent here is
time away from actually servicing the Care Givers,
& their pets
  I also lack many of the technical skills on how to
even launch many of the invitation mailouts
Again as important as that is I feel distracted when
someone calls & says they have no food in their
home or someone is sick & needs to get to a doctor
or a vet
join us at

& visit us at