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Believe it or not, this is not the Pauline and Trevor show but it looks like it. I'm calling on all members, particularly those who have never posted to join us in our discussions. Once a week, is all we ask. Now that's not too difficult is it! To our regular poster's, how about venturing into topics that you have not visited.


we need more players in our word will only take you a minute or two.

member issues.

If any member has a complaint about pic's posted or comments made, pleeeeeze contact that person immeadiatly. don't just dwell on it, till it's too late and gossip is spiteful and damaging to all. we are the best group out despite our human fraility/flaws. hi 5 to all.


don't gives away the ansa's and suggests that u r lazy as well as not abiding by C2 rules.

i do not go to propery's often, 1 only needs to clik on the pic.

and lol should b used 4 fun, not as a cover up 4 a tasteless comment.

thru the key-hole part 7

pleeze vote.

new topics..

i feel i am taking over new topics. this ab fab group wouldn't xist without you. as you all know, i like a certain style that sets us apart from the others. felix is trying a new topic in 2011, we will c how it go's. in the meantime your suggestions are appreciated..think of longevity and the small handfull of members who post.


new topic on its way, so get ya book titles ready.

vote time.

ya all no wat 2 do..Pauline will vote 4 joke of the week from any discussion and the rest is up to U....or i give up!

our 2 stories..

pleeze feel free to add 4 words.. only if necessary, so that the stories flow. we need to kinda undastand where the last post is leedin' us.

members colors











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pleeze keep the discussions revolving.

do we need anymore at the moment.



with 1 n is bak..C2 hav still not completely fixt her page. her avi is a butterfly as b4. if you were a frend please add her to your list. thanx..t

hotlinking images.

i request that all members refrain from the above and the reasons are clear. 1 it is illegal and 2 it spreads virus's to other members computers. that is a costly event..and i speak from personal xperience.

please open a special album for your M/H'r's not that difficult! save me the time of deleting them but it mayb too late or re-doing them completely and properly.


Mad Hatter 50th. member's party

let's have a party to welcome our latest new 50+ new members.


the Happy Springtime discussion..

now includes Autumn for those who live below the equator or who have friends or loved one's there. thanx to Nance this a great thread that will be ongoing and all inclusive. so please contribute generously and enjoy Spring or Autumn while it lasts. cya all in Winter or Summer much later.

font colors..

wow..i c that we write in color at the add 3 words thread/discussion, GREAT! and U all no that i like to add color to all the can we all choose on a permanent color. i c it as fun and it gives us an identity. sum colors r fixt and chosen, but there r many more more. wat ya think? 


would appreciate your thorts as to wether some discussions are taking too long to open..particularly those with a lot of images. on the otha hand, if it's not a hassle fine.

A-Z of flowers..part2

felix has left a short list of flowers used from the previous thread..following on from F. look out for the next list wen we get to M.

picture re-sizing..

sometimes our pics from our albums are very large. it would help if U could make them smaller..any q's pleeze feel free to contact me. thanx, f.

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please welcome..

Vicky and Summerannie as permanent hosts.

songs with the word yellow..

in the title..pleeze read as red!

we love you all..

and thanks for making this a great group.. but i encourage you all to welcome our new members... as you were once and please visit our Q of 's C.L once in a while as Ruth works soooo hard providin' all with delish delites with a tad of humour. cya all there soon .

i am pleezed 2 let you all know..

that our Q of 's Cocktail Lounge host, is now a permanent host at Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

prizes and all..

seem's like we hav run out of Mikalrtist and i will come up with permanent awards. i will start of with the "Sweet and Sour" thread..ok. 

Party for Trevor!!!

Yes, it's party time for our fearless leader, Cap'n Trevor! Please join in, all, at the Queen of Hearts Cocktail Lounge!

No new threads, please

Ladies and Gentlemen, cats & dogs, due to the spectacular participation of our wonderful members we have now become officially successful!

All who post and contribute, please take a bow!

 However, due to our phenomenal success, we now have more threads than we can count- so your hosts are respectfully asking that no new threads be introduced for the immediate future so that we can stay abreast of those we already have, and make periodic adjustments as we go- for a brand new group, we have been truly blessed.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Trevor, Felix or myself (Mikey)- thanks so much, you're all the greatest!

new host

pleeze welcome Ruth as host also, every1!

new host..

pleeze welcome Vicky as host till the end of September.

where are you..

A message to all our friends at M/H'r. we have at least 15 or more members who have not joined in our "madness". if you wish to add a discussion pleeze feel to do so. your participation and feed-back is important to us all. pleeze feel free to contact any of our hosts. peace..t

Party Time! Hat Madness.

Puttin' out a call 2 all Mad Hatter members, particularly our new 1's of whom there r many..don't b shy now, step up and enjoy this once in a month "madness".

Party Time! Hat Madness

In appreciation of our wonderful members who have made this group such a success, we are throwing a party today, The Mad Hatters Inaugural Hat Festival Garden Party! Please join us at the Queen of Hearts Cocktail Lounge for food, drink, fun and prizes. Mikey, Trevor and Felix (with Summerannie) wish to thank all our members for making this a fun, caring and completely insane experience! Cheers to one and all!

If you have a favorite hat, please post a pic- if not, we're sure we can find one for you, suitable for the festivities- enjoy! *yourock*

Monthly Party

this weekend, host Mikal will announce the theme of our 1st. monthly party's. hope to see everyone there.

Monthly Host.

Mikal and i + felix hav decided that we shood hav a guest host 4 the month. we will start with August which is 2morra in Oz 4 no otha reason than that it is easier 4 me.

font color + more.

hi all, is any one having problems with the following at the moment as I am. cannot change font color or pt. size. are U being flagged when U post a comment b'coz our frend Lyn is all the time. finally, i cannot add pics 2 my album..wat about you!

if so, go to Care2 Feedback and Suggestions Group. 

Font Color.

i think it would b great if each Mad Hatter frend had their own font color. it makes U more identifiable, it's fun and far betta than B and W. felix, hammi and i hav ours and i do c a lot of color from U. your call, your choice..t. m. and f.


bigmad.gif we r up and runnin', thanx 2 all of U. i hope U r  havin' fun. i must thank Summerannie 4 her thread and Pukka who has bin great in the editin' of photos and Ruth our hostess at the Q of H's C Lounge. look out 4 two nu threads, comin' your way very soon. t, m and f.   


to all members..the only legal way to post a pic or graphic is to save it in your C2 / my photos album or use a Photobucket account. my time is limited as is yours so i will not b re-doing them. as with any annoucements, pleeze 'rite directly 2 me or Michael with any concerns. thanx again..t

Font Size..

A request to all members that you keep the font size to 12pt or below pleeze.

Mad Hatter Updates

Welcome to Michael and Felix [yes she is bak] as new hosts...


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