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New Year's

Fireworks, animated, Happy New Year 2011

All discussion

Please don't forget to click on "All discussions" at the bottom of subjects - there are many petitions and news that gets forgotten due to all the topics.  Thank you. 

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We have many more people posting now so we are working on the best way to do it.  Please be patient and send me your input...  thanks. 


Please look under the information under the URGENT thread.  These are last minutes for some of these animals - they need help!  Thank you.


When signing petitions - please DO NOT forget Jade's, additional petitions, news/comments.... in addition Vallee's.  Thank you!

Animal Stories/News 2

Please don't forget this thread and comment on the news.  I am also starting a new topic only for comments on animal news so members can easily access them.  Thank you. 


Please visit our new threads:  Jade's petitions and the new Hangman Game!  Thanks.

Delbert and Ashley

Heard from Delbert this morning.  Finally geting moved.  They should be back on line in about 1 week!  Yea!

New Games and more

Please take a look at some of our new discussions and games.  Alissa plans on writing the story of her pup as he grows up.  Does anyone else have stories of their pets?  We can start a new topic for each of you and share.  I did this in another group and people loved it, especially photos.  Or when you get a new pet...  anything about your pet family life.  Just let me know.

Next few days - July 26-28

My husband is in the hospital for several days so will try and keep up with you all, but may not respond as quickly as I would like to for a day or two.  But I am still here!  Thanks to all for all your posting, playing, news, stories, etc.....

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Ashley and Delbert

Just to let newer members know that Ashley and Delbert are still moving and waiting to get internet connected - then they will be back.  In the meantime, enjoy the group, play the games, post petitions, news....  just check out the topics and post accordingly.  Enjoy you all.


we is not just for us we could our pets say you say we r going to the beach we means you and your pet dont leave them home alone