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I cancel the group

Hi, I decided cancel the group who is not active. If it needs I'll creta it again later. Thanks for your help! xoxoxo

Welcome to news members!

and everyone, please diffuse as you can the petition! Thanks!

Welcome to the news members, the petition is not growing

Hello, I'm glad to welcome news members but sad because the petition almost doesn't grow now. Please invite or share again to reach new people, ask them to do the same, FOR THE TORTURED BEARS! tHANKS!

Welcome to bnews mebers and o job for all of you!

I'm very happy to welcome so many new members (46) and I have just a work for yoy-whom who can do it: I created a cause in Facebook to promove the reality and have the petition signed. If you join the cause, it allows you to invite hundreds of friends, and ask them invite too. the link is. Thanks to help doing it, or share in others spaces if you have. Best regards, Monique

I suggest you joined too

the group: and I'm going to ask them join ours. South corea is just considering ban bear farming: there was a 11000 or more signatures! I hope we do the same and we have to join efforts.

Very important: chinese petition

It's in Pam's story: The story indicates how to sign. It's a petition for the Parlement, so it's very important to vote and share. thanks! Monique

To all members, welcome and work in China needs us

Dear members, I choose this 2nd way to reach all of them (the windows Live mail doesn't work) to tell you I'am so happy ttaht new members are joining the group. I hope anyone add me as a friend to work better (I'll be sure we may comunicate easily). I should do it, but you are many now. There is people in china who is trying to inform to help ending of the bear farming, but his work is very difficult and I was told they need very much the international help. The first help we can do is winning many signatures for the petition and i hope anyone of you share in Facebook, twitter, with his friends, invite friends, do anything to reach our final goal which is deliver the bears of this so cruel torture and life. Hugs, Monique

Very happy for all new members!

Very welcome! I just remeber it would be perfect if you add me as a friend, you are many now and it's dificult to me do it with each one. Just 9 signatures more and our petition will reach 2500. as our goal is 10000, we have much to do: share, invite and if you have ideas, welcome to them. Monique

Add me as a friend...

I'm trying to add anyone of you as a friend, but I just thought that it would be esasier if YOU add me. Anyway, I'll try do it!

Welcome to the new members!

Hi! I'm not very clever with the computer, and I sent messages I don't know if they arrive. I'm very happy the group is growing, and I hope we'll work until we definitively win in China and all Asia. I hope you may especially help us, Chien? Please share the petition everywhere you can and invite your friends to the group! Thanks very much. Sincerely, Monique