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Finding Connections

New blog post ... Finding Connections


As I begin to work with the Standing Post exercises that Master Huang Xing Xian taught along with his Tai Chi Chuan, I am struck by the similarity with sitting meditation... read more at Finding Connections

Peace is but a Heart's Breath Away

Hi all, 


This is my new ebook. If you know anyone who might be interested, please forward the link to them.


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Peace is but a Heart's Breath Away

Welcome to new members

It's great to see some new members, welcome!


This is the theme of this group (a reminder to myself too):


What would your life look like if __________ (fill in your own favourite block eg fear stuck in comfort zone) didn't hold you back?


You don't have to change anything...unless you want to. If you want to what are the habits you need to get in to that will take you where you want to go?


Please use this group to share your thoughts!


Best wishes,



New blog post Adding insult to injury...maybe

You value what you pay for...maybe

I have been offering free initial coaching sessions for prospective clients. It's fantastic value and gives you a powerful time to actually work on your goals and dreams. I have enjoyed some productive sessions, as have my clients.

Today my client did not turn up for her free session.

I thought about an NLP trainer who recently told me that the only person who did not turn up for a course was the one person who was not paying for it. Perhaps that was it. I have certainly been thinking about withdrawing my offer. It's quite time consuming, after all. Perhaps this person did not appreciate the session because it was free.

Perhaps I could justifiably be upset now...  read more

Fearless Living in Education

Hi, This may be of interest to some of you, if you are involved in education. I am setting up a group called the Positive Teachers Group which will meet every month in Norwich, UK. For those not local to Norwich, there is a blog on its way too!


Here is a link to our new FB page.


Positive Teachers Group


Best wishes,