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It's 10/10/10 - A Global Day of Action
McKibben is encouraging people to organize their own 10-10-10 events, then at the end of the day, put down their shovels or bike wrenches, pick up their phones, and call their Congressmen to say it's time for leaders to do their share.
The day it today!  Check's registration area for activities going on all day in your area and see what's available for you to participate in, or do something of your own!!!  Take pictures and submit them (via website) to so they can show the world just how much we all care about climate change, and the home we all share; Earth.
New/Second Host



I just wanted to send a quick note to all of you loyal 10:10C2ers to let you know that since I'm always quite busy and don't get to check the group as much as I'd like to---Robert Coleman (yes, that guy I married) has joined me as Host to our lovely group here!



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