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How to post a You Tube Video in a comment in a groups-topics.

This is fortunately very simpel.


Copy the http link that yo see above  the You Tube video that you want to share.


Past it in the comment field of your group.


Like this :


As you see that the link started with HTTPS.


Remove the S !!!!!!


Then type.

video:and past the above link without the S.




Press on the button "preview"

And see !!!!


And then post it of course !!

How to post petition links in the topics.

If you see a petition or info and you think that it would be a good message for one of the topics , do not sign it immediately  , but copy first the HTTP link above in your browser.


**** Why copy it first before signing ?****

When you sign it before copying , then there is a chance that all your private information is in the link you copied.

Your name , street  , emailaddress etc. is than filled in the fields when we open the link.


Search in which topic you will place the link and look first if the subject isn't already posted with that link.

Sometimes the subject name is already in the topic but is it a petition from another petition-site. You can see that in the name of the link.


**** It always hapens that the same petition is placed twice , thats not so bad.   But if the whole topic is filled with petitions that already are posted , it will give annoyance.  ****


Paste the link in the ' Reply to Topic field ' , and press the PREVIEW button.


**** Why is it important to preview before posting the link/message ?

 Only in the preview you can see whether a link is clickable = blue , or not !! ****


A clickable link is convenient for the members and saves time !!

There are several reasons why a link is not blue = clickable.

1. The HTTP contains an S.  HTTPS

The S means security and most of the time a link with the S will not be showing clickable in the topic fields of C2.

Click on the button EDIT and remove the S from the HTTP link.

Click again on preview and you will see that the link is clickable.


How to post pictures on Care2 NR 1

 photo twinkie6-1024x682_zps097845fd.jpg


There are 3 ways to post pictures on Care2.  Not all the posting possibilities  - such as Topics , your own personal Page or the pages from your friends , an Avatar on your Page etc.- are standard.  Therefore I write her all the 3 possibilities.


1. Every computers has standard a picture program. Sometimes it's a part of the Library , sometime a part of the Documents , or it is 'Pictures' stand alone.

If you did not use it before , search for it  , open it and make a map  - in the top is a button NEW MAP - and call it for example ' Care2 Pictures'.*
Than right-click on the picture above , a menu will open , click on 'picture save as' ( Not on Copy) and normally your picture program on the computer will open.  Search for your Care2 picture map , open it , (you can rename the name of the picture  ) and click on save.

It's recommended that you make more maps in your picture program because you need it also to make albums on your Care2 Photo-album. Make for every subject a map , it reduce your search time later.

You can do this procedure on every picture on internet and make so a nice archive with pictures you can use in comments or for your avatar on Care2.  To make your Avatar on Care2  , go to your Page  , than To My Page Options left above , click on Edit Profile , and follow the instructions.  It will take awhile before your Avatar shows up.


It IS possible with drag and drop from you computer Picture Map to place pictures in the messages field in the Topics , BUT , a lot of time the pictures do not show up or disappear after a time. I explain a better way below.

Hot-linking is forbidden !!!     What is hot-linking ?

Hot linking is , as you copy a picture from a website with right-clicking on Copy and place that direct in a massage field on Care2 by clicking on Paste.  This applies for each picture you find on internet , also the pictures in the free image websites.

This is because a lot of pictures contain a virus. And that virus infected not only your own computer but also the computers from other Care2 members.  It's not a joke !! My virus-scanner warn me a lot of times when I open a Page from an member that are a long time on Care2. xsdThey have pages that are infected by the pictures of their friends. If you don't know and you copy such a picture and Paste it in a message you infect that Topic to.


So , ALWAYS place a picture FIRST in your Picture Album or another album. Than you  avoids virusses and copyright promlems. 



Season's Greetings 2013/2014

The hosts Anneke, Jan and Monika (RC & Lenicka are absent) wish all members of our group 





A HAPPY 2013 !!!



Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings



       Photobucket Monika  , Anneke ,  RC  and   Lenička

                wish you all a


Merry   Christmas  and

   Season's Greetings.

We hope you have a nice time!



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