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Birthday Play-Date...

To all Fruddys.. My birthday party is going on in  "The Feel Good Pond".  Post photos of your Fur-Babys, no matter what kind, even those who have left us, as they are still loved and we'd like to meet them. Come have some fun.

My Birthday

Hello all Members, As it is My Birthday, I think I'm allowed to ask a Favor. Some friends have asked me for help and I am passing it along to you.....Ros, Host of "Bunny Lovers" Group wants to know if there are any Bunny owners here. And remember Bunnies do Not make good Easter presents,. They just end up at her Bunny Shelter. Also, Teresa of "Reptilian Currents" Group has a Frog Event on her Page for April 29th if you are in the Washington area. Bambi G. Host of "Fish Lovers" has a Rally in Baltimore, on April 22nd. Michela, Host of "Orangutans, Men of the Forest" needs members. Last but not least. Let's not forget Tj H. or Terry ,Host of "Tree Lovers". I think it would be Fun to compare the Snakes to the Trees all over the World. Thank you. Well, it is My Birthday. It's not everyday you turn 60. Right? Ya Betcha. LOL..Hugs xo


Please everyone, Welcome my Co-Host Tj H. .. He's the go to guy. ,I know I sure needed help., I'm sure he'll be an Assest to the Group. ,Stop by and say Hello. ,Thanks Vinnie "The Host with the Mostest" best Friends and Members. Dottie sends woofs to Terry. xoxo


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