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you can see there are a an exceptional amount of new members, most of which are fake profiles, Eric ad min and techs are working on thi influx of the pesky spammers,  in the mean time, SummerAnnie  has closed this group, to protect members,   I have introduced a "why do you want to join form, "

please report any problems to the admin, via the "site feedback tab" which can be found at the very bottom of every page in the right hand corner, 

it's easy to use, just post as much proof re links / pids as you can, along with your problem,  thanks x wendy k x& kelly cats xxxxxxx

Hello members

This is NOT a petition signing group. Our group does work with shelters, and trap neuter release, and we also rescue strays and ferals here. We post our pics and enjoy ourselves here without the horror stories. This is a safe haven from the usual sad stories. Please leave this group if all you do is sign petitions, and nothing else.


I might also suggest to you that you can join the animal groups that sign these petitions, but if you really want results, CALL your state officials, or send them some snail mail.

Hello Members

I guess you can see that we finally moved on up, just like the Jeffersons. LOL To a deluxe apartment in the sky. LOL Well, to a deluxe apartment in care2 I guess. We will NOW be paid attention to. If we have Problems anyway! Thank you Sandrea. She is our group artist here.

Please read this before entering the group

We welcome you to Cat Lovers. But before entering our cat-friendly group, please read the following to see if this group is for you....

Our group rules are posted above for you to read and observe. If you do not want to observe these rules, then this group is not for you.

Please do not  bring your petitions to this group as we are here to relax and unwind from all that we do.
Many of the cat lovers in this group do rescue work, help hungry, homeless and injured strays and ferals.

We do not accept petitions at this group. We are the hands-on doers here.

While we fully appreciate your enthusiasm in helping cats by signing petitions, we would suggest that you send these sad affairs out through net messaging, and/or post them in groups where they are acceptable. Those of us who sign petitions will find them on our own.

We DO a lot of work helping cats here, but also like to separate ourselves at times from the horrors, and this is why these rules are made for this group.

If you have no cats to chat about, then this is probably not a group for you.

Thank you,

Screamingbelle, Group Owner

Hello cat lovers

Please come to the group to post. When you post at your mail box we are getting a pile of unwanted stuff that comes with your post. All posts with this extra stuff will be removed from the thread. Sometimes you might post one line, but it winds up being 20 lines long with a bunch of crazy stuff attached to it.

Thank you, and enjoy your stay with us.


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