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Baby bird in the yard.
9 years ago

Look at what I found in the front yard, early yesterday evening:


We found a friend


I was checking the plants that I put in the window box, and I saw a funny little fluffy thing.  I walked over carefully, and found this baby sparrow.  It is close to being able to fly but isn't quite there yet (Having seen the baby parakeets grow up was a real help in judging the age of the baby and how much longer until it would able to fly).  The parents were around and very upset.  So I got the box, and I thought I'd put in some sunflower seed from my bird feeder, to entice the parents.  I called an after hours vet, and while I waited for the call back, I put the box at the far end of the yard while I sat on the step to watch it.  The parents landed on the box several times, but didn't want to get in, since it was on the ground.  So Kevin found me a larger box and I put the baby and seed in it, and put it as high as I could in a tree in the front yard, jamming it down between several branches.  The parents were not happy with me messing around, but when I moved away from the box, they jumped into the box several times, caring for the baby.


Then The vet called back, and when I explained the situation, she was very pleased.  She said that if the parents stayed, and actually got in the box to care for the baby, that it is about the best outcome we could hope for.  Anyway, the weather is good, warm, and no rain is forecast, so the cardboard box and the baby should be safe.


Keep your fingers crossed that the little guy makes it.


It rained a little last night, and I don't want to bother them by putting up the ladder and looking in the box, so I'm not sure how he's doing, but I think he's ok.

9 years ago

Go baby bird. The box is still in the tree despite the wind and rain.

9 years ago

I hope the baby bird makes it. My daughter and I had a similar experience of a baby bird that was a little older, but couldn't fly quite yet. It was being chased by a cat when we went into our front yard and the parents were trying to ward off the cat. My daughter finally picked up the bird and put it in a tree nearby. Although the cat wasn't too happy, the parents seemed to accept and take care to the little bird. A few days later, all three were gone, hopefully the little one had learned to fly.

9 years ago

How cool!  I'll bet it did learn to fly.  Those wing feathers grow in fast, and they just need the time for the feathers to get long enough, and the muscles to get strong.

9 years ago

 Whoo hoo! We went to move the box today. I was thinking if the baby is as close to flight as I think, it would be good to actually turn the box more on its side, so that it could get out to fly. There was no little bird in there! There were several poops, so it was in there for a while, and was being fed enough to make some waste. The sunflower seeds were all down to shells. There was also no feathers or blood, or battering of the box, so no sign that there was an attack by other birds, cats, squirrels, etc. As far as we know, it made it!

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