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I finally got a new topic idea!
14 years ago
Does anyone remember their first bird feeder? If you come from a family that has alway fed birds that may be difficult. I think they could be fun stories to share. My first bird feeder was one that my Dad and I built in Seattle when I was about 8 (I think). He is a hobby carpenter. We built a pretty standard platform with a house shaped seed bin. Two sides were made of plexiglass so that we could see how much seed we had. We hung it from a tree in the back yard. There were no big windows out there, and we had aplum tree and a cherry tree out there, so the birds didn't really need much in the way of seed. In fact, I think we only bought the first bag of seed, and never did more. My second feeder was in Montana for a high school biology project. We could do anything we wanted so I thought a bird feeder would be easy. NOT! I made a mistake and hung it near the door of my Dad's woodshop. We didn't have much for trees around there. The seed level dropped, but I never saw any birds! Needless to say, I think that I got an F on the project. It is funny to think that I have feeders now after those two bad expericences. I think that is part of the reason that I am always so excited when I see any birds at the feeders, and get even more excited when I see any new ones.
14 years ago
I've never had a bird feeder because of fear of cats, but did have a bird house that I built in girl scouts when I was nine. Someday if I get lucky enough to own some property and have room between me and anyone with cats, I'll have a bunch! Maybe we can get a hummingbird feeder. Cats can't really get to those. Jenn
14 years ago
Ive never actually used a feeder. In England my parents and i used to throw food directly onto the lawns...and wait for the birds to come down. Here in Australia we do this with dinner scraps which the carrawongs and seagulls munch, but we keep a tub of small chese tid-bits which we put onto the doormat in our entryway for the magpies, who will come right onto the doormatand eat from the tub....or we wait for the black faced cuckoo shrikes to be in our yard and throw out 1-2 little tiny bits of cheese to them... theyll swoop down from the carport roof or clothes hoist snatch the piece and fly back again..... The other birds usually eat our grass seeds or plants and bugs..... and come to eat the natural food.... so weve never really bothered with a feeder.
12 years ago
Anyone else remember their first feeder or bird house?
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