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Someone had a blue jay question a while back, and we never did come up with an answer.
12 years ago

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CONGRATULATIONS!! December 23, 2005 11:48 PM
That's wonderful!
Can someone help me? Do blue jays migrate? I live in So. Oregon and had a wonderful little blue jay community until about November--then they just disappeared. The sparrows and finches and the others are around (including a hawk that swoops down and grabs the birds!). I'd appreciate any information for my education about these exciting animals.
Karen C.
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 December 24, 2005 6:49 AM

Karen: I too love Blue Jays! They are one of my very favorite! I think they probably do migrate further south than Oregon! Of course here in Northern Florida we get them all year around, so I am just guessing!

By the way, congratulations for the award! 

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 December 26, 2005 4:05 PM

I love the blue jays! Right now I have some in the yard eating dogfood. They do leave here for a while in the summer than come back in the fall and stay all winter. Just seems to be the hot weather that drives them into the woods or maybe there's so much food for them they don't need me! Peace, Rage

Happy 2006 everyone!

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12 years ago

I have blue jays in my yard all winter. I do see flocks flying by in the spring or fall, going north or south.

Looking on the net, I found this:

"Although the migration of Blue Jays is an obvious phenomenon, with thousands moving past some points along the coast, much about it remains a mystery. Some jays are present throughout the winter in all parts of the range. Which jays move and which stay put? Although young jays may be more likely to migrate than adults, many adults do migrate. Some individual jays may migrate south in one year, stay north the next winter, and then migrate south again the next year."


Migration Status

12 years ago
Oh, well done, Elena! 
12 years ago


Our blue jays know us well: if there are no penuts or food for them on the platform, they come to the window and call us! They are so cute!

Blue Jays
12 years ago

I can hear them calling outside as I type this question. 

I have at least two regular Blue Jays that have lost all of the feathers on their heads.  Has anyone else seen this?  Do you know what has caused it?  Other than being bald, they act normally.

12 years ago
I also have blue jays that are bald. I think it's either the parents who are moulting or the babies getting new feathers. It's hard to tell. Probably the parents after all the work they've been doing.
    I'm watching my baby orioles change from gold to the lovely orange color. Some still have the gold breasts. Maybe these are the females.
12 years ago

I always attribute that to molting in the fall. I've had quite a few bold ones in the backyard as well! Every year about the same time.

This is what I've found:

click here.

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