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I've never had birds before, but someone gave parakeets to me, and now they have babies.
12 years ago

Kevin and I keep laughing about the whole thing.  According to all the things that I'm reading, this really shouldn't have happened.

  1. They're supposed to need at least two other pairs around before they'll breed.
  2. The nesting box is supposed to be there first, because the female need to sit in the dark for her hormone levels to go up to where they need to be for mating.
  3. They are supposed to have a choice of nexting bos, because they are picky.
  4. The nesting box is supposed to be high in the cage.
  5. The box is supposed to be attached to the outside of the cage with the wire snipped at the opening, because they don't like the crowding.
  6. Their breeding season doesn't start until September (and she laid them in August).
  7. They never laid eggs for the previous owner.

So, we've got one pair that we leave alone all day (with the jazz station on, which is what Kevin blames this whole thing on ).  She laid the first egg on the floor of the cage and I bought a box and shoved it in the corner on the floor of the cage, and stuck the egg in, myself.  There wasn't one problem and they're great parents. 

Here is the address to my Care2 photo album about them:

12 years ago
Nice pictures, they are pretty birds, and with them both being different colors, lets hope they hatch the eggs just to see what colors the babies are. It would be fun also to a have a bird family in the house.
12 years ago
One is for sure going to be at least partially yellow.  I can see it on the feathers that are starting to grow in on the wings and around the tail.  As for the others, we think that one may be white (and blue most likely), but we don't know about the rest...
12 years ago

Well, it was a month ago today that I heard a little noise in the nest box and opened it for the first time to see two naked baby parakeets.

Now, they are getting in and out of the box and look closer to adult parakeets.  Check out the album.

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