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11 years ago

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Photo: Weaver Bird
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Hi! I'm Karen and I apologize for being gone so long. I've been very frustrated because my neighbors got cats  & dogs.    My poor birds are slowly going elsewhere to a safer place.  I tell you... I've seen that cat catch hummingbirds which is unbelieveble! But... I was excited today because what looked like a whole family of finches    visited my feeders even in the rain. I was surprised because I thought they'd be gone by this time ( November). Does anybody know if they stay during the winter?   If they do, I might add a little bird house.

Now... Weaver Birds.  I've never seen any. What part of the country do they habitat? Or maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? 

  I know there hasn't been a lot of activity here and I'm equal to anyone else who hasn't been able to get here. I hope that anyone who happens to check this out has some information for me. 

Karen C.

Winter Houses.
11 years ago

Birds need winter houses as well as nesting boxes.  Sadly I had to remove two 90 foot tall fir trees this year.  I have added to my collection of bird houses.  One is a roosting box which has three levels of roosting rods.  Yesterday morning, I observe a number of birds leaving the box. 

roosting boxes
11 years ago
I also made a roosting box, and I open my shed door if it's really cold and they go in there. I made some racks at the top so they don't have to worry about being close to the ground. 
11 years ago

  Sorry I took so long to reply. I took a fall right smack on my face and "bent" my nose! My concussion was what slowed me down.

My apartments on both sides have these hugh pine trees and I think they're nesting in there with all the pine needles and my neighbors boxes in the trees. I finaaly found where they went.


Karen C.  

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