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In my yard ...
14 years ago

 (sapsucker) visited my yard for a few minutes. Also, I have had 2 white-throated sparrows for the last few days. So cute ... the way they "hop and scratch" in search for food. Of course, I throw seeds everywhere in the morning and when I come home from work!

Happy Birding!

I have a sapsucker too
14 years ago
Well, thank you!  We had a new woodpecker at our suet feeder this past week, and I haven't had time to look it up - you just helped me out.  We got a sapsucker.  I hope it has a mate and will bring some baby sapsuckers here too!  My titmice seem to have moved on someplace else for now.  I miss them.
14 years ago

Great to hear!

I still remember a few years back when I noticed that the sapsucker was followed by a hummingbird. The hummi would wait patiently in the tree next to the sapsucker ... and as soon as the sapsucker would go to another tree, the hummi would take his place and try to ger some sap from the hole. I watched them for about an hour!

This morning I had 2 downies on the same pole eating from the suet feeder: one male and one female. They usually don't tolerate each other feeding at the same time ... but today they did! So cute!

And .. totally unrelated to birds ... we had a skunk searching for food in our yard also this morning ... actually it was about 7:40 AM - full daylight! S/he must've been hungry to be out so late ... of couse we feed him/her some peanuts.

Have a happy day!

Great photo...
14 years ago
and fun to hear about the "symbiosis" between the woodpecker and the hummingbird... an interesting pair to imagine.

We have had a pair of hairy woodpeckers visit our suet feeder for several years now, and I'm looking forward to the day when they bring "junior" out and start stuffing him/her full of suet. It's very comical to watch, as the young one always looks so much larger than its parents.

Here's a picture of the female from this winter.

Recently, we've also had downy woodpeckers visiting. I'm happy to see this... and amused as the downies, hairies and whisky jacks all vie for a turn at the suet. They do generally take turns without incident, but always hovering nearby, impatiently.
11 years ago
Hi, we have Waffle Birds in our back yard, and I now have a digital camera I am hoping to be able to take photo's of them at the bird bath.  We do have Doves, Crows, Magpies coming also.   Jennifer.
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