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Well, it has been a while...
10 years ago

We just bought a house, and last weekend I put up five bird feeders (one sunflower, one thistle, two mixed seed, and one suet) and a large bird bath.

We haven't seen much activity, but I know the former owner had at least a bird bath set up, and the neighbors also have a feeder up.  We don't have any trees in our back yard, but there are lots of trees in the neighborhood.

I've heard some cardinals, seen some sparrows, a chickadee and some robins.

It is going to be fun to see who stops by...

bird feeders
10 years ago
Nice to have you back.
I just put a new window feeder this year. It took a while for the birds to accept it and now I have lots. I just love it. I can now a cup of tea and see my birds at the same time.
10 years ago

How fun!

I just put back up two of the feeders.  We had quite a rain and thunder storm last night, and the ground is soft, so the pole fell over.  It is interesting, I've seen several sparrows, and instead of going to the feeders, they're only eating off the ground.  I did just see a female cardinal at the fallen feeders, and a goldfinch at my thistle feeder this morning, so they're starting to come.

10 years ago

I saw two woodpeckers and a male cardinal this afternoon, as well as several sparrows.  I also saw a male cardinal in the front yard this evening.  I don't know what the deal is, but they've almost all, except the woodpeckers, have preferred to stay on the ground.  I know that one spot is where some seed spilled.  My other thought is that they're more cautious in my back yard because the previous owners had a dog and a cat.  The birds also were feeding on the ground while it was raining, which I also haven't really seen before.

indigo bunting
10 years ago
My favorite is the indigo bunting. It came to my feeder twice last year, but I haven't seen it this year at all. I have lots of woodpeckers and they like peanuts also stripped sunflower seeds. Some birds prefer to eat off the ground but will also come to the feeder. The cardinal is one that prefers eating on the ground, but will come to the feeder and as long as there are bluejays around it's ok, as they make a lot of noise if any cats or dogs are around. I chase cats away when I hear him.
   I did get a new bird this year that I've never seen before and that was the savannah sparrow. I have a really good bird book that I keep right beside me.
10 years ago

Ooh.  We have friends who live in the country and built a large pond on their property.  They have all sorts of feeders, and some indigo buntings that show up regularly.  They are gorgeous!

red breasted grosbeak
10 years ago
I got a nice picture of a male redbreasted grosbeak feeding its young yesterday. The feeder getting to be a center of entertainment for me. I'm so glad I thought this idea up.
I inserted the link below to pictures I took of birds at my feeder. I'll will post the picture of grosbeak later.
10 years ago

  You've got a great setup, as well as taking wonderful pictures!  for sharing them!

10 years ago
I love my new camera. My old one got lost so I got this one which was cheaper but does a much better job getting closer to the subject.
   Here's the picture I promised. I made up a page for you. Link below.
10 years ago

  Those are great photos!  So, that is a female he's feeding?  They look quite different from each other.  They really are neat looking.  And the goldfinches, too! 

You've got a great website.  I was reading your blog, checking out the photos and enjoying all that you're sharing there.  You are a busy lady! 

I saw about 20 cowbirds around the feeders today.  There is something just kind of vicious looking about them.  But it doesn't bother me.  I would feel petty if I were only feeding birds that I thought were pretty.  Cowbirds have to eat, too.  They didn't seem to be keeping the sparrows and finches away, either.

Oh, I saw a finch today that was so red on the top of the head and the breast.  It was really amazing.  I don't think it was a purple finch or a house finch, as the red was really red and distinct.  It probably is one or the other, though, and I'm just misidentifying it.  I hope to see it again soon so I can get another look and maybe a photo.

finches and cowbirds
10 years ago
Thanks. The grosbeak babies all look like the female and then the males gradually change into the male colors. I watched this happen and didn't know this before I saw it happen. Always something to learn with birds.

  The house finch and purple finch are very much alike and I get confused sometimes and have to look in my book. The purple finch is not as bright, but they still confuse me. I think the house finch gets brighter colors in spring same as the goldfinch.

   I don't like cowbirds because they lay their eggs in other birds nests and then the other bird usually ends up losing her own. I try to discourage them but then thats not easy without scaring the rest, so I just put up with them. I guess nature has a reason for this, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

10 years ago

I've been seeing the woodpecker semi regularly, and I have a new regular visitor.  A dove that eats what gets spilled on the ground.  I never see more than one, so I'm assuming it is the same one.

10 years ago

Doves hang around in flocks so it won't be long before you see more. I have a lot of them and they can be a nuisance as they will take over the feeder.
It's really quiet here seems like all the birds have left. They are in the area and my field is totally wild and has been for over twenty years so there is lots of natural food for them or maybe they found a better feeder because I have quit putting put out much because they haven't been eating all of it. I miss them but I guess they have to teach the babies to fend for themselves. I haven't seen the bluebirds either. Still have my hummingbirds and orioles.

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