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Introduction Thread for all New Members
9 years ago

Source of Photograph.....

     Hello and Welcome to Race for the Rainforest! Please stop by and say hello.....
Hi HHHeveryone
9 years ago

Thank you for inviting me Monica. I love the Rainforest.

9 years ago
     Welcome All New Members!

     Just pull up a chair and make yourself comfortable. I hope that you enjoy the information here in The Race for the Rainforest Group.

Introducing Myself
7 years ago

Hello everyone. My friends call me Linda. I joined a few days ago but haven't had the chance to get back here and do this introduction. But last night I signed a petition to 'Save the Rainforests along with many other causes I believe in.

I currently live in my hometown in the Visayas region of the Philippines. A little known place called Borongan in the province of Eastern Samar. We have our fair share of rainforests which have been threatened by illegal logging and recently by mining ventures. The only other rainforest I visited was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Oh yes, in my high school days I was at a place in Palawan, close to the Borneo border. But in those days I was not environmentally aware as I am now.

I am a retired physician so I'm afraid any help I can render will be non-physical and limited to daily clicking for sponsor donations and signing petitions.

But I would be very much interested to meet some of our other members. Anyone who cares for the environment is a friend to me.  

7 years ago

     Welcome to the Race for the Rainforest Group!

7 years ago

Wow, such great information, Fred. I just read the thread on rehabilitation of Orangutans and it's awesome. Thank you!

7 years ago


     I am glad that you enjoyed the Article. Welcome to the Group!


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