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11 years ago
Well, you won't be judged in here, but in other groups, especially if they are politically orientated.

11 years ago
Just be prepared to be judged because you are a practicing Christian. There are peole here who will fight for the rights everyone to express themselves until Christianity comes into the conversation.

Then your views are ancient, and oppressive and you need to step into the modern world. It is funny sometimes because a lot of times these same people seem to be supportive of governments in places like Palestine.

It really boggles the mind...

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11 years ago
I am also new to this site and was pleased to find fellow Republicans here, upon group search, did not see many, just lots of "hate", was dismayed in thinking "Where are they"?

The bashing will always be there, but am looking forward to some straight talk, that is REPUBLICAN, born and bred!

Just as my Christianity, "No Way I am not ashamed".

Looking forward to topics and discussions as well a candiates views.

Happy Holidays! Blessings~

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RE Nice to find conservatives
11 years ago

I am actively participating in another place as a  Christian conservative.

We get attacked and insulted regularly.

If I see this site actively participating, I will give as much time as I can here along with my other activities.

Things are coming to crunch time for our party.

11 years ago
I am fairly new to this group and was glad to find it. I
got out of a lot of other liberal groups because I got
tired of getting shot at by people who simply had a
difference of opinion from mine.  If it's tolerance you
want, then it's going to have to work both ways!
Rookie Moderate
11 years ago
Hi there. I'm not Republican, I'm an independent who used to be Democrat, but became disillusioned by all the "progressive" rhetoric that my reps kept spouting, especially since the "Clinton Legacy". I am a moderate who votes his mind & heart, not by party line. I'm presently leaning toward Fred Thompson or John McCain. They seem to be the most moderately conservative candidates who might be able to both handle the War on Terror & deal with a Democratic Congress, something we may have to deal with for a while. I wish that a good Maine politician would get up to National acclaim, but perhaps they are just too sensible to get caught up in the Spin Cycle.
11 years ago
well... I am pretty new here and still trying to learn all of this stuff.  Its nice to find a place for repubs
You asked for participation
11 years ago

I will do what I can to respond but I am not riddled with tons of free time.

I do think it is time to pool some efforts here for the GOP.

I will give what I can by way of participation.

11 years ago
KL slides into a chair in the back and sighs.... just happy  to find some conservatives around this place!
New to group
11 years ago
Hello everyone, I am new to this group and was really happy when I stumbled on it while searching Care2. I have sent an invite to my brother who is a die hard Republican and retired Naval Officer. Keep up the great work . Your group is very informative. Thanks so much.
Hey, Buck, Jasmin, Joze....
11 years ago
Thank you for the input, and all the advice! I really appreciate it!
I have not been able to be in here near as much as I'd like to, and I see there are some new members who deserve to be welcomed warmly! SO,

I had started to work full time so I found a great co-host, and then she started to work full time as well..... and there you go, we don't mean to neglect you!

We definately have many more important things to do than sending virtual flowers to each other... so..... I have began another new thread to discuss ideas on the new presidential election.... look out for this one!


Fellow Republicans
11 years ago
I think it would be a good idea if we were on each others friend list. I've actually found a surprisingly good number of Conservatives on care2, and have sent them introductions and friend invitations. Few of them have answered, much less accepted the invitations. I fear that most of them get fed up with the liberal majority and become non-active or completely leave care2. This doesn't seem to be the best place for Conservative activities. There are plenty of Conservative sites out there, including Yahoo groups, several of which I am a member.

Oh, by the way, if anyone has read my profile, you'd know that mt idol and role model is Conservative writer, Michelle Malkin. I've recently started a Yahoo group about her. If anyone here is intersted, the URL is
Hoped to get more
11 years ago
I hoped to get more out of this care2 site than just some russian chic sending me virtual flowers and angels every week, but I also recognize that I will get out of it what I put into it. So, I'm just showing my face here to say that yes, I am also a proud republican and am looking forward to the day when our party is not defamed as much as it is by so many hypocritical people claiming to be democrats who CARE. The fact is that evreybody cares, or they wouldn't be here. It is actions that speak louder than words , and so I hope that we don't self censor, but speak our minds, as the dems are so fond of speaking theirs. In the end, the truth will win out. Stand tall and firm republicans, and realize that all is far from lost as long as we speak from our hearts, and ignore the unpleasantries thrown at us from the firebrand dems.
11 years ago

Conservatives are most definitely the minority here. We are also treated as such for the most part. It is almost funny when you watch some groups that are predominantly liberal, censor and block us from their groups. They say they want freedom of speech, they say they are against suppressing a minority, yet a lot of us watched them systematically try to shut any conservative view out from this site.
They only wanted to see like minded opinions and news. And they called us fascists LOL. It was almost comical.
I also saw some conservatives on this site who would do the same thing. I believe conservatism is small government and big on individual freedoms. Nothing shows this more than when a group controlled by conservatives here let's people say whatever they wish without censor.
So, you want opinions on how to run this group, let anyone join, and don't delete squat. If you get caught up in a mistake in one of your posts and someone points it out, own up to it, don't delete them. That is cowardly. Sam H. used to do it all the time in his ROD group. That is the quickest way to lose all your credibility around here.
Everyone is going to be wrong sometime, and if they say they are not, then you know they are full of it. It seems a lot of people try to get out their frustrations on conservatives around here. This is the avenue to act tough, and get the anger out. I just let them. I am not angry at them for being who they are, but they are angry at people they decide to label as a "Bush Lover."
Advertise the group, let everyone in, don't delete anything except posts that violate the CoC. And most importantly, don't delete a post for something that you practice as well, like small name calling, or a little bit of poking and prodding.

It's common sense...

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11 years ago
I'm glad to see this group on Care2. When I first became a Care2 member - why I joined, I'm still not sure - there were two types of people I did not expect to see: Conservatives and meat eaters. I'm surprised and delighted to see there are a good number of both.

Thank you for this group. I hope to see lots of activity.
everyone is welcome
11 years ago
Hello, You are most definately welcome.
I take it that you were invited by Lena, whom I trust to make good decisions.
 I look forward to having some interesting discussions with you!
Contrary to what some might say, we do not kick anyone out because they have a different opinion than ours.
We do get upset at and tired of those who keep being insulting and rude in their posts.
I honestly feel we can respect everyone as individuals and have debates without the personal assaults.
You sound as if you feel the same way!

12 years ago

   Thank you very much for the invite Lena.  Others may not wish for me here as I am for the outright impeachment of Bush.  At the same time as another gal said I do not vote Dem. or Repub. -it depends on the candidate.  I will not get rude or do what we all witnessed before when it got out of hand.  I believe you know this of me Lena.

   Yet if an independ. voter is not welcome here along with the above then let me know.  In our Impeachment group, I allow anyone in.  The more with any and all opinions are welcome.  It's best to put it all out on the table from all angles. 

   Thanks.              Robin W

Hey, Lena....
12 years ago
Look, I made a boo-boo and spelled Participate as particiate!
I can be such a moroon!!!!!!
12 years ago

Cynthia! Welcome! Val has done an excellent job with this group and its members are the best!!! All of 'em!

Val -

Keep site
12 years ago
I'm new here and don't know really what is going on. I say keep the group, if liberals don't like it they do have serveral groups they can join. We have freedom of speech and can say whatever we want, if the demoncrats threathen us, pray for them! Thanks for letting me join!
Thanks, Jessica!
12 years ago
I think the group's worth is determined by the members for the most part, and I am seeing some new and old faces here.

All of which I am very grateful for. 

With you guys in here, we couldn't help but have a perfect group!   

We would welcome any of your friends you feel a desire to invite in to join,  and encourage all members to particiate in our conversations, as well! 

12 years ago
Proud to be part of this group!
12 years ago
I think this group is perfect in every way! Glad to be a part of it and enjoy reading all the opinions in here!
12 years ago

Hello Anton! I am so happy you found us.  Even with the 5000+ members, we are are still the minority on this very liberal website... Please feel welcome to stimulate discussion and let's rock and roll and gear up for the 08 elections.

I have a meeting to go to right now, but I'll be back!

Cheryl and Val!!!


12 years ago
I am very pleased to see more new faces in here!
Yes, there are a lot of members and I feel most of them like to just read along and keep track of things quietly.

Can't say I blame them as far as the repurcussions end up going for many of us verbal and outgoing Republicans!

I am upset at Arnold, as well, Lena!
He needed to really step up to base many times and just wimped out!
Not like our Terminator, there is it????
12 years ago
I have heard it said  by Tranny's that they were little girls trapped in a mans body....

Well I am a "Red State'r" trapped in a "Blue county" (and state for that matter)
 Bummer huh?

12 years ago

Lena, I am in Michigan right now.  For the reps, I am leaning Republican, but I don't think I can bring myself to vote for the Republican gubernatorial candidate.  I don't care much for the incumbent, either.  It is a tough choice. 

As far as the Sunnis and Shiites, I would love to be optimistic, and say that they will find peace, but I am realistic, too.  I mean, look at the latest of the violence over there.  91 dead that we know about.  This isn't the US "fault" really, it is a matter of them not willing to come to terms with each other and accept each others' right to exist.  

with so many members...
12 years ago
Hi I just joined here, because I could not believe there was more than 3 conservative members on Care2 network... your site states over 5000!

I could not believe it so I joined it. LOL Where is everyone?

12 years ago

Cheryl! Good to see you!!! What state are you in? It does not matter political lean here to be able to debate or discuss politics so don't worry about that. Val is an excellent host and in many cases reminds me of Jeffrey.

I am still studying mine LOL. Right now I am pisssed off at Arnold...

The Sunni and Shi'i I don't think will ever have peace. Personally, I will be glad for them to get their country back under their own sovereignty so we can get militarily out of there... I would like to see more progress with Saddam's trial as well. It is taking too long and how many of the judges who are hearing his trial have been killed already? I would hate to see him escape...

12 years ago

Hi, Lena, thanks for the invitation. 

I am not technically a Republican, nor am I affiliated with any political party, but I have voted Republican in the past, and will do so again in this upcoming election (the Congressman who represents our area is very good, has been in the House since 1986, and is a Republican). 

As far as getting the war under control, I hope so, though sectarian violence between Sunnis and Shiites is spiking for some reason.  This needs to be addressed immediately.   

12 years ago

Hi Eddie! So glad to see you here! I hope that things are well for you in Iraq. I would just like to tell you thank you for all that you do. You are the best! It would be great to hear your voice on the upcoming elections and what kind of President you think the American people should elect especially with all that is going on in the Middle East and the world...

Semper Fi!

Where did you do your boot camp? Oceanside or Parris? I am just curious because my son is currently a DI @ Parris Island. He did his boot at Oceanside in 92. He has a year and a half left of this current MOS and then he is deployable again. I sure hope that we can get this war under control and get you all home before long.

12 years ago

Hi all and thanks for the invite.

My name is Cpl eddie of the U.S.M.C. and nice to meet you all.  Take care and thanks again.

13 years ago

I would prefer not to have to delete anything!

People who decide to post something can be responsible enough, I think, to think about what they are saying and how and why.

It can and should be fun, stimulating, educational and interesting to have debates and discussions.

It should not be a barrage of insulting and bashing and name calling rants thrown back and forth.

And, of course, I believe all our wonderful members understand that.

Love to all!

Hey Val
13 years ago
I think that things are great the way they are. Deleting in this group should be used sparingly if at all. However, since the group is the "Official Republican Party Site", disrupters or bashers shouldn't be surprised if they get a warning or two prior to being deleted. Jeffrey is strict against it in AP, but American Politics is for all Politics. This group is for us Republicans exclusivley. Know what I mean?
Hey, Guys!!!
13 years ago

i can understand how Mile feels, really!

All the garbage the liberals try to throw at us, instead of really having discussions and sharing thoughts, views, facts and debating like intelligent humans.

Most of their psyco-babble made no sense at all!

They were everywhere!

However, Mike, it would be nice to see a picture, a design, a pet's face or something besides the "infamous blue head" eh?!

Whaddya think Mike?
13 years ago

13 years ago
How about RED?
Looks like Mike
13 years ago
might prefer that in blue.
This might be of use then
13 years ago

It would be easier than having to re-duct tape all the time...

13 years ago
Me too... Its been  a while..... I had to take a break form care2 because my head was going to explode from all the liberal nonsense... I have to keep duct tape by my keyboard so that I can wrap my head before coming to care2. That way if my head does explode at least I will have all the pieces....
13 years ago

I remember this site!

I used to post here a long time ago...


Hello Valerie
13 years ago

This is the first I have had time to drop in and visit.  I left some time ago due to abusive posts.  I also dropped a couple of people off of my friends list because I was so tired of receiving terrible hate messages against our president.  I had requested these 'friends' not to send me this 'stuff' because I am a Republican and support President Bush.  Even if I had been a Democrat I think I would have voted for him.  I am looking forward to reading more threads.  Thank you for being here and setting ground rules.


Hello, John...
13 years ago

This post did not contain the terrible abusive and nasty language as the one which I had to delete!

It will stay, however, are you interested in discussing different views and attempting to understand them, or just in putting us down and treating us as if we don't have our own very capable minds?

New Rules / Free Speech Zone
13 years ago

"Free Speech Zone"

What do you think of that?

Now we only have free speech in restricted "zones".

Amerika...was beautiful...before the terrorists took over the Whitehouse.

You won't like this so I fear it will be censored.

All dictators have to do this...

I love you anyway because you don't understand what you are doing.

May God forgive you as you press the "delete" button.


                                               An American Citizen

13 years ago

This is great! I got out of the "REAL" Republican group.

Too much silliness. You never knew what side of the bed those two moderators were going to get up on.


Thank you, Sam!
13 years ago

We have a good Sam, guys, Please welcome him!

I haven't heard from him yet, but I already hope this is just the beginning of a new friendship!

Gladly, thanks for hosting the site
13 years ago

It takes courage to stand up to these alleged liberals. You know who I am talking about, the crowd that criticises with no solutions. The side that claims free speech until you utter something they do not like then, they call you a neo-con, paleo-con, et ceterra.

I love the shock and awe campaign being done against PeTA right now. The christian, the NRA, and other lobbying groups. Now talk about whining. That crowd can whine louder than anyone. But they are at the root of the problem with the "alleged" liberal agenda.

The Hollywood crowd or malignant narcissist infamous group are prime examples. Look at Shaun Penn in New Orleans with his flat bottom boat. First, he puts the boat in without the plug. Then he restarts and drains the boat. Second, he has his media team in the boat for coverage. Third, when he finds someone to rescue, guess what? No room in the boat.

Me, me , now, now has to end and it is people with solutions that resolve problems. Not just those that have the inability to overcome adolescent egocentrism.

Thanks for OUR site and I will participate,


13 years ago
I just wanted to make that perfectly clear
I despised Nixon
13 years ago
Please don't hold that against me.
13 years ago

OK, OK,  My Bad...

You took me seriously....
13 years ago
I'm sorry.  But really, we could actually have that conversation here, and not just some idiotic farce of that conversation.

Howver, I have to honstly ask that you not take that suggestion seriously.  It would be too flattering to them.

13 years ago

I said I would take everything into consideration, but I have to ask ...

Why copy what THEY put in their group?

here's a suggestion....
13 years ago
This site is intended to assess and discuss the political positions adopted by the Party and how they measure against our core values. Views and actions of members and hosts are their own and may not reflect those of the RNC.

13 years ago
This is the ORIGINAL OFFICIAL Republican Site!!!
Hey Ya'll
13 years ago

Welcome back, I have not seen some of you for awhile!

Hey I really want to know how you want the rules in this group to go! I want real honest and intelligent discussions, however, we know we also need respect and civility! I want all to give their honored opinions, ok!?


13 years ago
13 years ago

13 years ago

(it does work...I gues I just had a *death8 episode...)

Is it safe to post here?
13 years ago
Just kidding....Hi Val!

I just wanted to reiterate something which has caused me to be thrown out of the Republican Party (they are the "official site" you know)



and since I am such a shyt disturber, you will have to throw me out of here now i guess....

Hey Val...
13 years ago

I like the changes, and it is not bad what you had before, because we do know what went on, and you kept this group safe from total chaos!


13 years ago
Members, please participate for me!
13 years ago
| Hot!

This is not MY group, it's all of ours.

I want to know how you really feel about the rules.

Everyone who was here when thay were being hammered down knows all the hell we faced being the ONLY republican group at the time, in a predomininately Liberal site, so I hope you know why they got so strict.

However, after taking heat from dictators and oppressors, I have decided to re-consider what needs to be posted as the rules anbd guidelines here. It's not the same anymore, and most of the newer people have NO CLUE what went on.

So, Please net message me or put your suggestions in here as to what you feel should stay, needs changing or rephrasing and how you would like to see it done.

I will take all members opinions and suggestions into serious consideration.

Fair enough?


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