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13 years ago
| Blue Label
Let's see how this turns out, eh?
Hey Val
13 years ago
I think it will be a good thing. There is so much going on now that we certainly have a lot of issues to catch up and keep up with.
Great job, Lena!
13 years ago

I do wish to thank you for the idea, You deserve a lot of credit for that, and what a wonderful Co-host you are!

BTW, I really trust your judgement, you can close threads as you see fit!

Open to Public
11 years ago
I am certainly happy that you opened it to the public.  I want to mention a book that I just started reading, the preface was really good(which is all I have finished) but I am into the first chapter.  Anyway, it is called America Alone and it is very good and at the same time really thought provoking!  Well, I guess that is what makes it good.   Anyway, I just thought that I would mention it in case anyone has read it.  If you get the chance, you really should look at it.  I will tell more as I read more, perhaps even taking back my recommendation, but as of now, I don't see that happening.

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