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  Actions for Bulls.
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4 years ago

Signed and shared. Thank you Ioana!

4 years ago

done. thanks.

4 years ago

Ioana, I signed the petition against bullfights.

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Portugal Against Unesco's Proposal for Bullfights ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !
4 years ago
Voted. TY Pam.
4 years ago

Yes 23%

No 77%

4 years ago

Thanks, ladies.


Catherine - I didn't get any sort of acknowledgement, either, but I saw that the vote count did go up.

4 years ago

Thanks, Pam-- I voted NO!

4 years ago

i hope it worked. i didn't get a thank you message.

POLL - should bullfighting be declared a cultural heritage of Spain?
4 years ago

The poster of this action has stressed that it's important that we  ONLY VOTE ONCE!


Please vote NO!

4 years ago



Glastonbury Festival Office

28 Northload Street


Somerset BA6 9JJ


e-mail: ,






Tony Moore
Fight Against Animal Cruelty in Europe (FAACE)
29, Shakespeare Street
Tel +44 (0) 1704 535922
Mobile +44 (0) 7795 202 770


4 years ago

Crossposting message from  SocieteAntiFourrure


Chers amis de combat,


Voici une information ci-dessous envoyée par Tony Moore, président de l’association britannique FAACE, partenaire du CRAC Europe de longue date qui lutte contre les sports cruels. Merci pour votre participation ! Et merci à Irène Noël, notre déléguée pour la Suisse pour la traduction !


Bien  à vous

Jean-Pierre Garrigues

Vice-président et trésorier du CRAC Europe



Message de Tony Moore :


S'il vous plaît, aidez-nous à arrêter un simulacre de corrida au festival de Glastonbury dans le Somerset.


Selon les médias britanniques, un simulacre de corrida mis en scène par un torero portugais aura lieu lors du prochain festival de Glastonbury dans une arène nouvellement construite.


Jusqu'à présent, la vie culturelle à Glastonbury était axée sur la musique et l'art, jamais sur la cruauté envers les animaux. Quand bien même le taureau ne sera qu'un animal artificiel, l'objectif est de toute évidence la promotion de la tauromachie,


S'il vous plaît, écrivez aux organisateurs du festival, soit en faisant usage de la lettre type ci-après, soit en envoyant vos propres commentaires.


Exemple :

I am horrified to learn that you are staging a mock bullfight at the occasion of the next Glastonbury music festival. You should be aware that bullfight is a bloody and cruel spectacle. I will do everything possible to prevent you from organizing this mock bullfight and spread the news wherever I can.

4 years ago

I took action and shared.I hope i took action on them all,one i know i was not allowed,but i will start again to make sure i signed and voted everywhere,this cruelty must stop.

4 years ago
Bullfighting in Spain ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !

Bullfighting in Spain ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !

4 years ago

Noted, signed, and shared - thanks, Ioana.

Anne & Pam
4 years ago

Anne & Pam

I made the one blue labbel for all actions for bulls - please use it before the topic will reach 620 replies


it's up to you how to do that you can name topics as they were in FB group or whatever - the blue labbel is for bulls




4 years ago

All done, thanx Anne.

PETITION/Ask for the immediate abolition of bullfights.
4 years ago

Actúa ahora= ACT NOW!!
 Tu nombre=Your Name
Tu apellido=Your Name
Tu correo-e=Your Email
Cód. Postal=Your Post Code Click to accept terms and conditions
Click to send-Firma la peticion


By signing the petition you are sending this letter


To: Mr. D. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, Prime Minister of Spain



You can not torture and kill an animal for sport or tradition. Killing to eat is one thing but killing just for fun is terribly embarrassing. Think for a minute compasión.Es autosinceridad and unnecessary violence. We want to abolish bullfighting and in Catalonia.

More than 3,000 bulls are ritually killed in the arenas of Spain during the season.

In the Middle Ages was "acceptable" but we need to mature. The traditions of this kind are quite violent abuse as a woman or a child. Violence is always the same.
No violence. Of ROOT.

We must show the world that we are a country with a heart. We are people and not beasts.
No animal kills another for fun.

I await your response.




Finally... confirm your signature via the email sent to you!



Thank you!

4 years ago

Thank you,my dearest Anne.

4 years ago

Signed the ones that I hadn't previously done.

Thanks Ioana.

4 years ago

Please visit
You have to click 5 times on the paw.Get a daily reminder to do it.
Thank you.

4 years ago

We do NOT want bullfights in Brazil -signed on February 14

4 years ago

Oh,i just signed the french petition,the picture there is heartbreaking.

4 years ago

Thank you Pam.

4 years ago

Signed, and shared to other sites and groups. Thank you Cristina.

4 years ago

Cristina, I signed the petition.

Por la abolición de las corridas de toros en Sinaloa (Mexico)
4 years ago
Please 'Note' Thank you.
4 years ago

Ecuador's Blood Sports Face Possible Ban!

For generations, young men have tested themselves in Alangasi's annual "Toros Populares" festival, amateur bullfights that have become a rite of passage for its youths. Many venture into the rustic ring to taunt and tarry with the bulls!!

4 years ago

Voted & signed petition...

Thank you for spreading the word about this crucial vote for bulls in Mexico City.Thanks Anne & Cristina!

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4 years ago

Cristina, I signed and sent the message.

4 years ago

Signed, thank you Cristina.

4 years ago

i'm always surprised at how many people go out of their way to express indifference toward animals.

4 years ago

voted, Je Soutiens, merci Anne !!

4 years ago

Anne, I voted I Support.

POLL: Against Bullfighting.
4 years ago



It is unlikely that in the 21st century, the murder of animals as mere entertainment online is still valid.

If you, too, are opposed to bullfighting, support this e-demonstration.!

Please Vote - 'Je Soutiens' (I support)




4 years ago

That's me included on this one !! Signed, thanks Pam.

French petition against abuse of bulls and horses in the bullring.
4 years ago



Many of us have already signed, but there are always new folk who haven't done so yet.....all that's needed is-


First name

Nationality (autre if not French)



City (Ville)

Country (Pays)


Please add your signature to this petition to help stop this suffering in France -



4 years ago

Signed,thanks Pam...that would be terrible!

4 years ago


We Do NOT Want Bullfights in Brazil - "Touradas Aqui NÃO" ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !
We Do NOT Want Bullfights in Brazil - "Touradas Aqui NÃO" ! PLEASE TAKE ACTION ! !

Animals  (tags: animals, AnimalWelfare, bullfighting, Brazil, environment, protection, suffering )

- 1 day ago -
was astonished to find out about the intentions of the Major of Passo Fundo, Rio Grande do Sul, in the extreme south of Brazil. He is promoting the first bullfight ever in Brazil in his city on February 2011.

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4 years ago

All actions taken,thanks Anne!

4 years ago

Thanks, Anne - revolting!


All actions taken - no problems with any email addresses so far.....

4 years ago

had to get rid of secretariat address. wouldn't even let me send it.

4 years ago

Actions taken. Thank you Anne!

4 years ago
Please take three actions against two savage festivals in New Caledonia/Nlle Caledonie


Thank you.

4 years ago

Signed, thank you Anne. (What a horror !)

Yes, rejoined, taking nothing for granted though, as today I had access to the old and the new 'me' - the face and the frog - and that was very confusing, finding messages on the 'face' site but having to log it off to communicate on the 'frog' site??

4 years ago

Anne, I signed the petition. Petition.
4 years ago

Two  annual horrible traditional  festivals :

1= in PAITA "la Fête du Boeuf " Oct/Nov

2= in BOURAIL " la Foire Agricole ) August


With severe animal abuses in which bull are chased and mutilated ( ALIVE CASTRATION in Paita ) ,  rodeos and massacres.

The purpose of this petition is to protest against this traditional  savagery and to ask the rodeos and mutilation cancellation definitely.

Simone had lots of problems and had to rejoin..
4 years ago

      Simone B.



4 years ago

last i heard, simone was having care2 glitch trouble. me too. i can't message or sign petitions. but, every now and then, things go back to normal.

4 years ago

All actions done,is Simone not on care2 anymore,i notice her posts ar coming up anonymous?

4 years ago



PACMA Petition for Firebull - Please Sign!

Animals  (tags: AnimalCrueltycrueltysuffering,animalstorture in the name of tradition ) 
 Pam - 7 minutes ago - 
PACMA - the political activist party in Spain, is collecting signatures against the horrific Firebull "fiesta" in Medinaceli - let's support them to the hilt! PLEASE SIGN THEIR PETITION!
hot!!!  |  2 comments  |
List of Petitions and Actions for the Bulls.
4 years ago

I've posted a list of ongoing actions for bulls here, many will have already done these, but there may be a few new members who haven't seen them all.

Thank you.


4 years ago

Already sent the PETA Jallikattu email.


Cher has posted it also:

4 years ago


4 years ago

Catherine, I signed the letter.

4 years ago

yay. i guess i can finally sign petitions again. man was that frustrating.

4 years ago

Anne, I signed the petition,

4 years ago


Spain inflicts some of the worst cruelty to bulls seen in the world and all in the name of entertainment!

Please sign this petition to help stop these acts of cruelty


Ations from League Against Cruel Sports:
4 years ago




4 years ago

Fortunately that 'clicking site' arrives in my inbox everyday !! And you're right, Pam, it's a lot quicker now - which is great when all must be clicked !!

Quick and easy clicks for the bulls
4 years ago

There seems to be a problem with the link posted below, I think think these 2 are the correct ones:
Quick and easy clicks for the bulls.
4 years ago



Click on the paw print at the left of the page. The site has been updated, and it takes very little time to do the 5 clicks - much less than it took for 2  clicks previously!


We can also click for cats, dogs, horses, etc  - headings are at the top of the page

4 years ago

noted, signed, forwarded


Thank you Pam for creating the topic

Thank you ladies for joining the group  

4 years ago

I think this is the link to my submitted news story -

4 years ago

Thanks Simone. I just submitted it to the Care2 news just in case everyone hasn't read it.

4 years ago

Yay!! Well done Esther, that's a good find. Something positive for the bulls. Let's hope other broadcasters follow this example.

4 years ago

I was wondering if everyone saw this story -

It is a good story for a change.

4 years ago

Thank you for invite. . . .hello all.

Petition signed 21 December. Thank you.

4 years ago
You signed on December 21, 2010. Your signature has been delivered to:
A Coruna Council
Signed other one too,thanks Anne,Pam!
4 years ago

Anne, I already signed the petition on Dec. 21, 2010.

PETITION/Stop the subsidies to A Coruna bullfights!
4 years ago

Petition from GBWB/CAS/LACS/




Stop the subsidies to A Coruna bullfights!

Letter from Saskia Oskam ( CAS )

Since 1991, the A Coruña Council (capital of Galicia, Spain) subsidizes bullfighting events in the city with public money (taxes). Every year, the municipality spends more than € 128.500 to support a cruel festival with animals: bullfighting.

Therefore we ask you to sign our petition to ask the city council of A Coruña to stop all subsidies to bullfighting in this municipality.

The petition is an initiative of CAS International, Galicia Mellor Sen Touradas (Spain) and League Against Cruel Sports (United Kingdom).


Please Sign Here



and ask others to sign as well.

Thank you for your support!

Yours sincerely,

CAS International



All Actions against Bull Torture Pls Post Here.
4 years ago
| Actions for Bulls.



Protesters Hope City Slickers Will Buck Bull Riding Event
Protesters Hope City Slickers Will Buck Bull Riding Event

Animals  (tags: bullriding, rodeos, protests, friends of animals, bulls exploitaed )

- 8 hours ago -
Tomorrow night, Friends of Animals will be outside Madison Square Garden, protesting this weekend's Professional Bull Riders event. They'll be distributing their wonderfully titled flyer: Rodeo, Bull Riding and Other Macho Stories of Domination and

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