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What is female genital cutting (FGC)?
8 years ago
OMG!!!! why do they have to do this???
8 years ago
Hi Dana,

That is a huge question. The recent research says that it is very old-- GM is much older than any of the cultures it lives in.

The natural assumption would be that it is some kind of male-domination control strategy, but FGM is being linked to male genital mutilation especially in slavery cultures.

My belief is that genital mutilation is a from capitalism that is done within families to subjugate the workers of the families-- the children, and especially women.

Children are terrorized in the most basic way to destroy their self-esteem to make them compliant. In many ways, most cultures practice dominant control over workers for capital benefits. This may be the most ancient example of capital control.

FGM follows the typical abuse problem, in that the abused becomes the abuser-- the women who are mutilated becomes the mutilator, just as children who are sexually molested very often molest their own children.

While genital is found in some of the most ancient existing cultures, especially in Ethiopia/Kenya area where it is about 85%, it is not natural, it is a synthetic add-on to culture. Natural tribes generally work as ideal communities Syngergistically to benefit the whole community, and they respect sex as the most pleasurable benefit of life. Higher mammal communities, such as monkeys, apes, and whales, live to help each other as well.

I believe that gentital mutilation marks the evolutionary departure of humanity from nature-- perhaps this defines the de-evolution, or devolution (from the band, Devo) that continuously brings humanity to the brink of extinction, through war, or global enterprise.

If you are interested in the topic, and I think this topic is key to understanding the sickness which humanity sinks to, then look at the LATEST research, as the topic is gaining ground in therapeutic circles such as in the UN's WHO. It is clearly not a male domination phenomena as we see in so many cultures, though it may have started this way.