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7 years ago

I have read so much on the topic and each time I am horrified.  I can not fathom why females would do the cutting and I know it is a cultural thing, but hurting those little girls is just plain wrong


Hey everybody
7 years ago

My name is Michelle or im a 27 year old college student.

Re: [End FGM (female genital mutilation)] Please INTRODUCE YOURSELF WHEN YOU JOIN!
7 years ago
The group is pretty quiet. There was an exodus of radical feminists from the group because I, the moderator, am male. Most of those members are no longer on Care2. I see FGM as the sad part of the history of humanity, rather than an attack against women by men. On Jan 25, 2008 10:01 AM, Care2 Groups: End FGM (female genital mutilation) Mailing List wrote: > 7:00 AM > Hello everyone. I am Tsega from Ethiopia. > > I hope it's not late to make a difference!!! > > peace and love > > > 21 messages in this topic | post > via the web | start > a topic via the web > Group Links > home | announcements | > discussions | > host shares | member > shares | > members | email > preferences > > To stop receiving discussion posts from End FGM (female genital > mutilation), visit: > > or email to: > > new topic email: > owner email: > > Tsega G. > Care2 Groups > *Care2 groups offers tools for keeping in touch with those who share your > interests including:* > > - host announcements > - member discussions > - rss content > - group shares > > *To learn more go to C2C Groups * > Popular Groups > *ALL THINGS MAGICKAL* > (78 members) > *# A Fish Named Ed - Inner Child Work #* > (136 members) ****Melting > Pot Of People**** > (72 members) *Schapelle > Corby: The Truth behind the Lies* > (99 members) *We are the wolves* > (40 members) More Popular Groups » > Share, Learn, Connect and Make a Difference with Care2 Groups! > > > > > ------------------------------ > To stop receiving this newsletter, visit: > > > or send a blank email message to: > > >, Inc. > 275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 300 > Redwood City, CA 94065 > > -- Empathy Photography Technology
7 years ago
Hello everyone. I am Tsega from Ethiopia.

I hope it's not late to make a difference!!!

peace and love
8 years ago

hi everyone !!!!!

my name is dana

8 years ago
Hi Christy,
Thank you for joining the group.

When I started learning about FGM, I worked from the assumption of "male domination" as part of the capital exploitation structure. The
issues are complex, it is not only a women's issue.

It far predates any of the controlling cultures in the areas were it is practiced, and it seems linked to the very oldest formation families-- I call it family capital as it is designed to keep the female workers in family from leaving by destroying their sexuality and their self-esteem.

Also it is inhereited abuse, like most abuse.  It is done mostly because it has been done.  And it has been done so long that I believe that it has actually been able to affect the evolution of the minds of the areas that practice this-- I do not see how it could not.

The cutting itself is invariably done by the women, though I have seen pictures of men holding the girls.

There is a man in prison in Georgia who has been convicted of FGM.  I believe that he may be innocent, as only women historically do the cutting.

I have seen so many witch hunts that I can believe that the very same type people who burned the witches as abuse against women could today use the opposite strategy --that of politically correctness-- to attack men in the same way women were attacked.

The solution is to roll back the clock of time to the point just before the first greedy families started creating property-- developing capital.

We can take back all the benefits of society, and abandon the sicknesses.  Buddhism is an attempt to do this.

I hope this helps understand the universality of this problem.  Going out and hurting based on gender is as wrong for gaining capital, as FGM does, as it is for getting revenge.  As far as I can see, all men from the FGM regions oppose it.
just saying hello
8 years ago
i am for every womens rights. we heve every right to be a women in every way shape and form. this just makes me so mad that people can do this and get away with it. what right do they have to say that you are less of a women if you do not get this done. i have tryed to put the abuse from men behind me, but things like this make it so hard to. these girls do not know better that is the way they live, there is a better life out there were they do not have to worry about waking up one mornning being held down and attacked. i wish get everyone of the women that have or have to go threw this out of that kind of life.
I want to love you
8 years ago
I am not a male. I was just trying to give an example of why you shouldn't be so picky about the gender of members. I am also concerned about the child soldiers issue, and would join your group--or stay in this one if you are appending it.
8 years ago
frankly, J

I can't figure out what you are saying, except for the last sentence.

Are you saying that a circumcision left you a woman, and that you don't want me to discriminate because if it?

My interest comes from trauma recovery, which is a topic related to empathy, and I moderate an empathy group as well.

There is a closely related child trauma issue in Africa due to war; that is the child soldier issue. I believe that both these problems should be treated together.

I am in the future change this group to study both topics simultaneously.
The problem that we are seeing here I believe has nothing to do with gender issues or differences, it is simply a mental illness issue. The weakness of the Internet is that it keeps us from seeing problems in the future the way we usually do, by looking into a person's eyes.
On the other hand, that may be a strength of the Interent, as it is very easy to move on after a conflict caused by psychosis, or what I call anti-empathy.

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John V.
8 years ago
What if I were to tell you that the reason I care about genital mutilation is because I was male once? That had it not been for a jacked-up circumcision I would be your bouncing boy that you long for out of this pool of feminism that makes you feel strangely inept or unmasculine? You shouldn't discriminate; ask for specifics. There are men who are like women, women who are like men. Take a closer look at what I stand for and not my gender please, I will be grateful for your lack of predjudice. What makes you care about this subject--if you don't mind my asking?
8 years ago
Welcome to the group !!

There has not been too much activity here.  We need research and writing for sure, the actual realities of why this exists is not too well understood.

Some feel it is cultural problem, I feel it is a strange trait associated with families, and how familie are corrputed by concepts of property.

We also need more men to join the group.

Count Me In to Help!!!
8 years ago
I am greatly concerned and horrified at this barbaric practice. I could hardly rest yesterday as I was laying down to sleep thinking about this, after viewing this site and the RIC (Routine Infant Circumcision) Group site. I WILL contribute, and I will do everything I can to see that this atrocity ends forever!!!!! I am a great Ideas Person and have been able to come up with creative solutions for other issues. I'm a writer, and plan to study Journalism at San Jose State University. Hopefully my new-found skills when I learn them will help me better serve my causes. I thank you for putting this issue bluntly in front of the people. I wish us luck. Your friend, Khira.
8 years ago

Greetings to all.

I am a graduate of Cultural Anthropology and Applied Councelling. I have worked in cross-cultural councelling and am painfully familiar with these practices and the ongoing justifications for them.

I hope I can contribute in some meaningful way to your endeavor. I am an avid human rights advocate. I look forward to working with you.

Greetings From Lauren
8 years ago

Greetings and Blessed Be all gentle beings and ACTivist souls!

My name is Lauren Stone.  

I have been an ACTivist for 25+ years. My primary focus is Mothering/parenting issues, which include human rights. I have spent many years promoting/teaching/supporting  homebirth, babywearing, extended breastfeeding, women's rights and GENITAL INGETRITY for both males and females.

So, that's ME in a 'nut shell'. If you check my page there are a number of anti-mutilation petions to sign.

BB, Lauren

8 years ago
Welcome Serene
Greetings to all!
8 years ago

Hello, It is positive to see a group of dedicated people here who care about educating others & who are working to end the barbaric practice of FGM. Peace ~S
8 years ago
Empathy is the answer, not sympathy

The biggest player in the game right now, and the most powerful, is UNESCO of the United Nations.

They have a group of therapists who are specializing in inflicted child trauma and rehabilitation.

They also, if you don't know, have an army.  And they do get tough, and  often without telling everybody.  I do know that they have stopped terror in various places including Bosina the old fashioned way.

Also, in this group, we are not separating ostracization as we see it in Africa as done to children from ostracization here in this discussion.  I have seen this happen far too many times here on Care2 and the rest of the world, especially with respect to gender, for me not to mention it as I am perceiving the first signs of it now.

Gender equality is gender equality, which if you have not yet grocked, is gender equality.

8 years ago
I am so glad you joined Jeanete and Brent...I too hope we can get together on this topic and make it come to light, and see if we can diffuse this problem, I feel for those poor girls whom have to be tortured this way! Let's think long and hard about how we can make the public aware and to attract those whom have the finances to be able to do something about this horrible, tragic ordeal these young females have to encounter!!  Hugs to you both   Robin 
8 years ago
Thanks for inviting me Robin!! I like Jeanete's idea of getting this on Oprah (other talk shows as well) This needs to be highly publicised. I don't know what we as a group can do here other than work to find ways to expand awareness around the globe. I'm here to do what I can. First, I have to hop over to the petition thread and sign it. Thanks again.
8 years ago
Great to see you here.  I was orignally planning to study the topic in conjunction with the child soldier crisis as they both are huge problems for children in Africa.

I decided to study the nature of science, or the science of nature, that makes us good people: empathy.  I wound up back in the same region studying the plight of elephants, so this area of topic cannot be avoided.

While all these problems have huge impacts, the FGM problem is the most complex.

There are several distinct layers to the problem: child abuse (passed on from generation to generation); gender discrimination; cultural and religious corrpution; national corruption; sexual terror (added to the abuse; and a concept that is difficult to understand: family captial.

This is how I describe family captial: from what I have read, a major reason FGM persists is that families use it to keep the girls in the family as workers, to prevent them from running off with someone they may love.

This approach is different from all the other ways of looking at it, and may be useful in looking at all family relationships wthe world round.

8 years ago
Hi, I'm Jeanete. Thanks for the invite Robin. Looks like a really great group of people. I think we can construct some real change. Oprah is big into these issues, we should all brainstorm on how we can put together some sort of show idea for her. Then all email her with said idea. Maybe we can send enough emails that her show people will have to notice us.
8 years ago
Hello I am new to this group!!
8 years ago
Hello everyone, I am new to this group, all petitions are signed, I have invited all my friends and family to join, I hope we get more responses so we can put a stop to this horrible, tragic disgusting ordeal happening to these females, I am so sorry this is going on,   Robin  
9 years ago

Hola everyone

I am Simon, and you can see what I am about by reading my profile, and especially the goals of the groups that I host or cohost.

I might return here sometimes, but I don't promise to, so maybe you want to remove me from the group? I don't really understand that, but I accept it if you do.

Peace and solidarity,

from Simon

9 years ago
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