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Some Peaceful Ground Rules. November 03, 2006 6:03 PM

I think it is key that we all agree from the onset that we will respect each other's feelings concerning thier core religious values. 

We should be able to keep a respect for each other beliefs and allow the individual to change what ever beliefs the learning experience of Humanism and the earth sciences will bring them.

We should be careful of this and of peoples core political affiliations and the emotions that could be stirred by improper aggression.

I would like to keep this a totally peaceful group with out religious or political bickering going on.

I know some people are going to have reservations about issues such as blasphamy. I'll ask you if God would want you to get invovled in something that could stop war and apply monies to the poor of this world. If properly applied the Human race could come together to save our natural resources for healing and cherishing life, instead of for killing.

One of the points of Humanism is that we must all agree that certain scientific advacements and discoveries have made some of the beliefs of our ancestors outdated. If you believe we didn't evolve that is fine.

We only ask that you keep an open mind and apply reasonable responses in your posts on any life science threads.

To me this is going to be a experiment in human nature. In order for this to work we must bring together people from all religions, governments, and and walks of life. The key really is getting in touch with our sense of right and wrong. We all have that inside us and need to apply it in every decision we make in life.

I am a ordained Humanist Minister. There are three Humanist Manifestos. I perscribe to the third and have other things I have personal added; the number one rule: religious tolerance. I do not have all the answers, concerning Humanism, but if I don't have the answer I can try and get it for you. 

I'd would really like to have an effect on how our world enjoys life. Everyone here can have an effect too. It is just a matter of each of us trying to spread this word to each of our political or religious leaders. Please help me get this off the ground.  Love all you guys,  Ty

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