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Oligarchs admit to aspergers... June 04, 2010 7:16 AM

... in their "Nixonian" sort of way  (see below).

It has been an amazing few weeks for Empathy!  It began with the discovery of a link between paranoia and hate on the wikipedia as the culmination of research attempting to show various forms of viral adaption of hate by studying nefarious strategies by the dominant political force on the Wikipedia: the Libertarians.  (In short, Libertarians, who are capitalist, are attempting to disguise themselves as Anarchists; the most extreme part of this movement is the "ancap," or anarcho-capitalist group.  And they are mean!)

By researching  (and jovially jabbing) the "ancaps," I was able to find a link between paranoia and hate.  I found text showing a conversation between "ancaps" describing fear by them that the world has "ingrained" hate for them.  Nobody has every heard of them, showing the absurdity of their fear.  Their fear is paranoia, and it is causing their viciousness against critical inquiry into any anarchist topics, and not just anarcho-capitalism.  This is sweeping psychological breakthrough that strengthens the Humanist understanding for bias.  It is so sweeping that it creates a single model for both normal and abnormal psychological approaches to hate: a unified model for hate.

I covered this in an article on OpEdNews that got positive comments, but also showed the stress that I was experiencing during the conflict.

As I geared up to protect my rights of individual expression (the "ancaps" where deleting ALL my contributions, even edits unrelated to anarchy or capital), my temporary Census worker job got hot and heavy.

After a week of attempting to do the impossible (ask any former census worker; it was a completely retarded operation with no use of computers), my very nice boss was fired, and I was put under control of the most anti-empathic manager I had ever experienced in many years as a productive worker.

She announced to the workgroup that she had trained 17 new workers, and the as soon as we made two clerical errors, we would be written up and fired.  She also invited us to leave if we "intended" to insert errors into the census questionnaires.

Let me mention that the forms where hopeless complicated, and their layout was more of a Jackson Pollock abstract than well-constructed paperwork, and this you can confirm.

Seeing a real-life version of the "ancaps'" hate, and realizing that I was only two errors away from termination, I successfully drew all of her hate onto me by becoming the self-appointed protector of the workers.

As part of her strategy to eliminate me, to her the most evil person alive, she set me up in such a way that she could prove that I was deliberately ignoring her commands and inserting errors.

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Part 2 June 04, 2010 7:16 AM

I will attempt to describe the set-up with brevity: when you found an error in addressing (there were many) you had to create a new questionarie; there is a blank on the cover for the new address, and we had previously hand written addresses there, but there was also a line on page three for the new address.  Based on previous experience, I had been using the blank space on the first page, but was shown my error, so put the new addresses on the line on page three.  But, if the old and new questionaires got seperated, there was no way to reconnect them, as there was NO linking information on the first page!  So I also lightly penciled the original address on the first page so to save the managers incase the two questionaires got seperated.

As part of a tirade of insults by her (in a resturant with many witnesses), she proceeded to show my "mistake."  I told her I had penciled it on the first page, but I had also written the address on the third page.  When I showed her the writing on the third page, she said I had just written it in.  I denied that, and showed here that I could not have, as I used two completely different pencils on the different days; the text on the questionnaire was written with a light pencil, and I as holding a heavy pencil.  She said that was irrellevant, so I showed her documents that I had updated that day to show the difference.

It seems she made a mistake, and not checked the third page, but her answers were quick, and I suspect that she set me knowing she would lie about my writing on the third page.  But she could not have predicted that I would use a different pencil, so she lost that round: she unquestionably set me up -- corruption.

Seeing my opportunity to implement my learning from the paranoid "ancaps" on the Wikipedia, I immediately gave her the benefit of the doubt, and showed her that is nearly impossible not to make small errors on these forms.  I then told her that historically, upper-level management (or the oligarchs) maintain control by getting lower-level workers to fight each other, or as I said to her, "to cut each-others' throats."

At that very instant, all became good.  This obviously experienced predator suddenly became my friend -- not that I would ever trust her, but the paranoia/hate model was instantly implemented with pure success on its first try, even before the initiating research was fully documented!  No that is fast work, serendipity.  It gives the world a route for change that implements modern material with old-school forgiveness!

Obviously, the next step is to understand the paranoia creation process; one can easily say that Hitler created fear in the Germans about Jews as part of his genocide plans ending hate for Germans who may have "stood by" during this process.  (Actually, the death camps were not known till the end of the war, not even by the Nazi high command according to Rommel's diaries.)

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Part 3 June 04, 2010 7:20 AM

But perhaps most important was heads-up by Anne V. about a video on YouTube about empathy.  The clip was interesting in that it took the neurolgical material that we have been using describing high-level empathy as the work of empathic neurons (spindle and mirror cells), and twisted around to say such silly things such as "there is no empathy in heaven."  From the religeous pespective "God is love," and as love is equivalent to empathy, there has to be empathy in heaven.  One could view this perversion as the product of a psychotic mind, or as something more nefarious: a strategy to reverse the understanding of empathic neurology for the benefit of the anti-empathic.  Predators who, lacking empathic constructs, will defiantely be shut down when the neurological truths finally are implemented into legal systems: the corrupt judges, lawyers, politicians, general, dentists, doctors, educators.. even abstract artists!

The conversation on the forum turned in such a way that it topped off such an excellent for empathy.  Self-admitted oligarchs supported the video as it supports their control over the "common people," who as they clearly state in the discussion forum, "are too stupid to lead their own lives!"

I covered the oligarchy issues on an article also on OpEdNews, and I got great support for the article there.
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 June 04, 2010 10:41 AM

Empathy is the enemy of oligarchy because it is also what allows one to experience another's pain.  If one gives orders to harm others, they can only be done when others who receive them have no empathy for those who will experience the consequences.  The question of love and emapthy is equally important to our understanding of ourselves as living creatures.  It is connected to intimacy, for after all, one can also experience another's pleasure and joy.

The question of anarcho-capitalist libertarians I always looked at as rather oxymoronic too.  They are generally as a group interested in removing the ability of others to restrict their own greed and ability to predate others.  Their concept of a contract society is very much like the conditions that most experienced during the European middle ages in which serfs, too, actually were contract bound to manors, and we know the consequences of unequal bargaining power.  This is why I call such selfish libertarianism neo-feudalism or feudalism 2.0.

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Thanks for the input, David June 06, 2010 12:02 PM

Right now I am working "out of" two wiki documents:

* the extension of this group, which is the empathy model
* capital structure (cheat sheet)

This writing, along with its links, caps off both of these wikis.

Thankfully I have both, because, in my opinion, hammering oigarchs mercilessly is bias, no matter how much they may deserve it.  Even forgiving them is bias, as not all oligarchs are necessarily anti-empathic; some may be normal people in the wrong place.  I myself was for a short time convinced to be oligarchic by a White-power type racist when I was in HS.  Later he was identified to me as a Libertarian by long-time a common friend who is NY old-school Jewish Liberal.

But as a "capital component," have at it!  My respondent on YouTube is still defining it for us (as I write) in terms of mental illness!

While oligarchy accurately shows the power of the layered model that I adapted from the IP network stack, that a specific social layer can be predicted based on missing humaneness in humans (loosely defined) gives the model power, but it does not define the model.  That high-level social layer can manifest itself in many ways, such as KKK-type biased violence, which would not be a typical oligarchical strategy (though leveraging it for some nefarious purpose might be).

But on the other hand, the model predicts similar oligarchic manifestations in different regions, specifically Asia and Europe.  Oligarchy started in Athens, Greece, though the Athenians wanted to kill its founders, Plato, Socrates, and Aristotle!  The Asian version would be Confucianism, I think, and gave us the hated human capital exam system deceptively called "No Child Left Behind" here.

I term oligarchy "neoism" in the Capital Structure cheat sheet, because of the use of the prefix "neo" to describe so much hate: neo-nazi, neo-liberal.

As it happens, Neoism is also the brilliant anti-art offshoot of Dadaism, and so hilariously, yet seriously and successfully, parodies our oligarchy-based social structure as "a prefix and suffix with nothing in between."

The part where I turned-around the totally anti-worker "straw boss" at the Census is pure therapy and definitely belongs with Empathy, as in the paranoia/hate relationship material from the Wikipedia that I used to develop the therapeutic strategy.

What is so wicked brilliant about the Wikipedia material is that is both abnormal and normal -- it can easily be applied anywhere anytime with instant results!  It does not matter where the paranoia came from, that mitigating paranoia seems, from this experience, to be the essential social strategy for implementing empathy!


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