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This was a very old post February 27, 2010 9:49 AM

Something must be wrong with my email settings as I did not see this until now.

I have worked in an autism school, and frankly, there is no such thing as autism; it is simply a convenient category for many retarded people. There is a technical definition, but that is not a disease, so rather not discuss it.

The misconception is that mental isolation caused by a lack of emotional communication, or empathic, neurons is autism; it is not, it is aspergers. But from what I learned, most doctors cannot make a correct diagnosis in this field in five tries. So I now ignore all labels, and simply talk about the isolation caused by missing empathic neurons.

People missing empathic neurons tend be mean; as children they torture small animals, and unlike cats, do seem to do it for joy and not for necessary food. As they grow up, their cruelty expands unless they are controlled through behavioral therapy -- which is the only use for behavioral therapy.

You wrote: "I can show you 6 people currently in my home to refute that statement. Someone needs to catch up on research, and maybe get to know some actual people on the spectrum before throwing out supposed factoids."

If you work in a mental illness home; no you can't. You would be jailed for do so -- so get your factoids straight yourself!

you wrote: "I, for one, am an Empath, "

OK, you are saying you are psychic. Science sees this as impossible. I say your are deluded.

Using the above information that I have given you, I think it would be easy to see how I see self-proclaimed psychics as people who see emotional communication that most of us take for granted as some kind of magical gift, as they themselves lack empathic neurons. I would say that you yourself have issues with your empathic neurons. If this is true, I think that the people who hired you to work with these sick kids made a dangerous mistake.

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Reopening this because I just saw it, and had to. December 29, 2009 5:06 PM

Holy cow.  Everyone has empathy except people with Asperger's and Autism?  I can show you 6 people currently in my home to refute that statement.  Someone needs to catch up on research, and maybe get to know some actual people on the spectrum before throwing out supposed factoids.

I, for one, am an Empath, and came to this site from Google looking for shielding techniques, because while I have shields, they're nowhere Near good enough for the kids in this house right now.  Only one of the kids in this house can be accused of lacking empathy, and that's only if you don't know him well (also the Autistic one).  He has great empathy, if he registers there's something wrong.  It's not that people on the spectrum lack it, they don't know how to process it.  The Autism Spectrum disorders are social disorders, after all.  How can you process something you don't understand?

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox now, it just hit a nerve.

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 February 12, 2007 12:26 PM

Gaea has received 19 new, 561 total stars from Care2 membersGaea has been awarded 28 butterflies for taking action at Care2 Gaea R.  Is really upset w/ me for calling "Jadai a liar," because he is "after all a true empath" (Gaea)

I think that he is in fact very damaging, but I don't have the time or resources to go into his work to strengthen my argument.  But his statement that empathy is rare becasue of physiological limitations is, to me, highy cynical and very damaging.  I believe that he, along with the rest of the "psychics" are misleading people for personal gain. 

In other words, the concept of a rare and special "empath" is antithetical to the idea that all people and many if not most animals have the ability to communicate empathically. 

Thinking about it, I now realize that this idea of a rare empathy is also damaging to arguments to help animals, and therefore has no place on an animal site.

But, in the name of free speech and lively discourse I am relenting and reopening this thread.  Hopefully I can bring some light to these institutionalized superstitions.

Here is her email in full:

I was shocked to read your calling Jadai a liar,,he IS after all a true empath and has spent his life examining IMPpath and provding materials to help us find our way in a world that seems hopelessly foreign.  He has a scientfc background- is a Phd.  The saddest is that you in one fell blow dismissed a lfetme of good works and denied the opportunity to the Empaths an opprtunity to find out more for themseves. maybe  you will at least leave up website link so they can read about him and his selfless giving of these tools and take the Empath test that is at the My Silent Echo website. he is an awesome lightbearer on this world of darkness~ he surely opened the door to a whole new world for myself and many others.. luv to you---light on your know any scientist would be hard pressed to tangibly prove that an atom exists...

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 February 11, 2007 9:36 AM

Jad Alexander says

An Empath is a person who was born with unique variations in the central nervous system. This means how the brain is configured and how the nervous system works in the body.

This is pure lie.  We are ALL empathic, except if we have a disease called aspergers or autism.

Please read:

I am closing the thread, its causing me too much stress.

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 February 11, 2007 9:11 AM

John  are you familiar with the work of Jad Alexander, specifically The Book Of Storms ?  [ send green star]
 February 11, 2007 7:26 AM

"psychic ablities"

I have to make a call here.

The most important benefit of science in empathy is not so much that it tells us what need to know, because we already know that we are ALL empathic, except in the rare cases of aspergers disease and autism.

Empathy is something that I want to develop in the world, and what I think the purpose for the group is.  Marina said it best: Peace

The most important benefit of the science of empathy is that is PROVES that we are right:

It proves it in court-- proving that the judges are anti-empathic; it proves it in congress, ending suffering for both animals and people.

By saying you are a man of science, and saying that you are psychic means that you are mixing and matching.  This is your right, and I would never take that away from you.

I have personally been imprisioned by the State of Texas in Dallas for fighting for the right to free speech: the First Amendment.

But, you are weakening our case by introducing non-science.  To create the benefits we are all here for, we have to stand on science-- "on the shoulders of giants," as scientists say.

This is especially important because science is now on the side of the human, and against the machine.  This is the power of the recent neural discoveries, and also the past few decades of social science.

For that reason I have to draw the line. 

I am personally 100% certain that you can form for yourself a very successful group that could work on "psychic" empathy ideas.  I would not be in that group because I fully disagree with both the premise and the purpose psychic faith.

I believe in a spiritual science, what I call spiritual Darwinism.  That is the premise of the group, that is what will make it powerful, and that is how we will help animals and people the world round.

I hope you can take this for what it is worth, and that you can understand why I want to focus the discussion specifically on Art and Science from the societal and academic perspective.

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 February 11, 2007 6:50 AM

Dude,you thinking Telepathic,not Clairempathy. They are 2 different ESP senses.  [ send green star]
 February 11, 2007 6:46 AM

People fear what they can't proove with science,or it threatens their faith. Psychic Empath Do use feels to feel emotions and and sensing good and bad things.

I am man of science too,but can't ignor my psychic ablities. I there are a lot of things that can;t be explain and always be mystery.

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Empathy Terms & Skills February 10, 2007 7:56 PM

Empathy is the highest form of the senses: it is perception at the emotional, spiritual and mental level. Empathy may be the true “sixth sense”. For highly intuitive, empathic people, shielding oneself from negative energy is a critically important life skill. By simply “absorbing” excess negative energy you can become severely ill, I call it “empathy sickness”. I think that we each develop and (to a more or less extent) utilize a personal "armor". Often, we must be vigilant to "filter" and redirect (manage) the energy of all input & experiences; while other times, more positive, balanced life-currents (that we share) may flow through smoothly.

Another part of the spectrum is the power of shared empathy. By openly feeling, sensing, empathizing and sharing another person’s (or any being’s) fear or pain (for example); we have the ability to ease the burden of others by helping to “carry the load”, so to speak. We may also hide our own pain as not to burden others. It is difficult to explain…

My life experience has been empathy, since day one. There is a certain understanding of how others feel in life at the most basic, visceral, sensory level. There is also an (obvious to me) feeling of how everything I think do in life impacts others. Ever walked through a room without seeing a face, yet felt waves of particular sadness, anger, joy, etc…, then could look around (or not) and connect those sensations to the correct people? The same way we can “feel” the suffering of people thousand of miles away. I’ve never tried to express this in writing; in verbal discussion, most people ‘don’t get it’. It’s not something we talk about amongst co-workers – not without the potential of being labeled as crazy. (At least not at with a bunch of left-brained scientists!) I apply and use my left-brain skills and style for life and work; but the right-brained, intuitive condition is my natural state of being. This includes compassion and empathy. Very powerful.

These are only my opinions and a few terms that I use. Everyone is different and has his/her own experiences. John, thanks for providing this forum for expression and discussion. I’ve only read part of your paper, so far, and am impressed with the complexity of knowledge. It’s great to relate, share and learn at this level with empathy as the theme. With much gratitude,
Peace ~S

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 February 10, 2007 1:24 PM

What is empath to you?

There is no such thing as an empath except in science fiction.  Most people, and many animals, have empathic abilities.  Empathy is emotional communication.

Are you Clairempathy?

Empathy is not telepathy, empathy requires things like eye contact and imagination.  Telepathy is about doing things that will never be proven because we don't have radio transceivers in our minds.

Do you shield yourself from negative people?

That is what my radical empathy paper is about.  They hurt you by controlling you.  They use the formulae that is provided by the control structure: cops, judges, gangsters, lawyers, all the unsavory people

What about mediumship?

That is communication with the dead.  I am not sure why you keep bringing this stuff up.

Empathy is thought of as "walking in another's shoes," for instance.  It is about compassion, not mind reading.

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empath vs. empath-- psychic debate February 10, 2007 1:07 PM

What is empath to you?

Are you Clairempathy?

Do you shield yourself from negative people?

What about mediumship?

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