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 October 14, 2008 9:10 AM

I did a full write-up with typo correctons of my response to Linda's question.

Here is the Link CLICK

It is helpful to get this kind of "peer review" to strengthen our position, and to make our model more acceptable to society to ultimately effect change -- but it takes away from our goal, which is to create a action research group from this study group.

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 October 14, 2008 8:00 AM

Linda wrote:
So, does this mean we put the factory polluters and oil company executives in mental institutins???

According to the empathy model we have developed here in this group, it would seem so.

If people who are in policy making positions, such as politicians and corporate executives, and they are unable to "feel" the pain they cause others, or even worse -- lie about it -- then they are emphatically defective.

If they are defective, or mentally ill, then they have to be separated from society.  It is unlikely that they can be helped, as the defect appears to be hereditary.

The idea here in this group is that problems stem from un-empathy and manifest themselves as anti-empathy.

Anti-empathic people attack the empathic for exactly two reasons: they are unable to develop resources as they cannot collaborate as they have no empathic neurons, and they are able to attack the empathic because they are unable to feel the pain they cause others.

The concept of unempathic attacking the empathic, or the act of anti-empathy, has been seen over and over since the inception of this group.  As part of anti-empathic strategies, then unempathic pretend to be empathic, and by pretending to be empathic, expect to become leaders in the group.  By doing this they are able to "get empathy," which is really sympathy, and then are able to "comfort" themselves by being controllers of the group, which allows them to be abusive.

The unemnpathic get comfort from abuse they can inflict as controllers because abuse is the only way they can obtain resources; because they are defective they are unable to work productively in workgroups.  It is natural for empathic people to help the helpless, including the unempathic, but the unempathic cannot help but be abusive, and lie, as they lack empathic neurons.  So the empathic ultimately reject them from workgroups, and the unempathic become marginalized.  Once marginalized the unempathic have no access to the resources collaboritivly created by society.  The unempathic have no choice then but to attack, and the only way they can successfully survive the retribution that comes back to them in the form of self-defense by the empathic is to control the entire social structure, and to make laws empowering the exploitation of the empathic.  The unempathic have no choice but to "take over."  Ironically, though not surprising in this model, is the reality that they unempathic have created levels of antipathy within the control structure that marginalize the unempathic as well as the empathic that rebel.   This is what gives us the pyriamidal structure of societal control, with only a tiny pecentage of the unempathic controlling the vast majority of humanity.  And this tiny pecentage is typifided by high intelligence, and they are usually labled "savants."  The less intelligent unempathic have another name: sociopath -- they go to prison.  Paraphrasing Malcolm McDowell in the movie IF, "there is a fine line between the House of Lords and the Old Baily prison.

This describes the basis of capital.  Capital is now failing because its parasitic, abusive, and ultimately suicidal nature is becoming obvious to the empathic, who prior to the creation of the Internet were nearly wholly tricked into trusting the unempathic often by abusers who gained control of our various religions.  It is a well-known that more people have been killed in the name of God than for any other reason, yet religion will always define empathy.

We are reaching the point where un-empathy can be tested for, and with a test, we can assure that that the unempathic, or the emotionally blind, are not given the positions of power that are vehicles for their diseased strategies of resource exploitation.  I suspect that if the unempathic are denied power, then power itself will be come obsolete because empathic people do no seek power.  Also, because greed is controlled in this model, and with it waste, then there will be ample resources for Humanity.

This solution fits the popular concept of empathy, which is really sympathy, where not of the anti-empathic are caused suffering, they are only separated from society.

This is a huge fear of the unempathic, fear of retribution for their stealing and abuse, which is what paranoia is in the empathic model.  This comes from Lewis Mumford's description in Technics and Civilization of the growth of the Nation-State and armies from the paranoia of marginalized hunting groups.

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anonymous  October 11, 2008 4:51 PM

So, does this mean we put the factory polluters and oil company executives in mental institutins??? huh??

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Empathic Standards -- Laws? October 10, 2008 11:02 AM

The natural evolution, as society and science converge, is to recreate for each region the destroyed culture of the "community of knowledge" which includes the "information" of the natural environment, such as all life's DNA.

Society is becoming increasingly natural, and rejecting the synthetic culture that has been overlayed onto it through the process known as "top down didactic framing."

For this process to succeed it has to become law; our society society needs empathic standards to combat the capital controls that have been destroying it and its environment.

These standards need to have some sort of "teeth," as the capital corruption problem is criminal.  However punishment is wholly inappropriate, as punishment is anti-empathic.

Fortunately the realities of evolution are simple; we have developed our empathic abilities to allow us to work together --to collaborate-- to obtain, or make for ourselves, the necessary resources of life.

Resources are the key, and the focus of the standards can easily be throttled to handle the misuses and excesses of resource exploitation in a way that everyone has what they need to survive comfortably, through the taxation of excesses, especially waste.

Criminal punishment is unnecessary in this way, that is cruelty by the state, is unnecessary.  And the evils it creates and perpetuates instantly cease -- in this model.

The truly criminal, those so defective that they need to be handled in such a way that they are separated from society can be handled as mental patients, as it is a pathological defect that causes this criminal behavior.  This specific defect may also be the root cause of resource waste at the high levels of society that is causing so much pain and destruction, and can be handled in this way.

Resource waste is estimated to be at least 90% in human society.  In the United States, 90% of the wealth, and hence resource consumption, is owned by 10% of the population.  In the world this ratio is 99% and 1%, implying that the waste factor may be much higher than 90%.

The creation of laws creating taxes to throttle waste creates for a healing national necessary revenue while ending unnecessary exploitation.

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