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Americans are wearing blinders?
9 years ago
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Blog: Thee American Party
(1 comments) — A Nation Without God Will Surely Fall!Thee American Party is NOT an actual Party. It is an idea, an entity. Our purpose is to bring ALL PARTIES TOGETHER AS ONE! The AMERICAN DREAM TEAM! We ALL want basically the same thing: The Constitution and Bill o...  more

Brother, I think you said it all in a "nut shell". I think many Americans are now wearing "blinders". For all you people who do not know what blinders are, here ye go. Years ago before tractors, "we" used animals to plow and work the ground with. Even though they were animals (horses, mules, even cows), they could "think" and "see" the world around them and would "REACT" to anything that might surprise or startle them. This means that while the farmer was plowing, the animal might veer to the left or right which means that the farmer would not have a nice, straight plowed row ready to plant crops in. Thus was born the “blinders”. These devices were placed on the animals head so that they had no peripheral vision and could only see ONE WAY and that way was straight ahead. In this way the farmer had ALMOST complete control of the animal. Is that what has happened to most Americans? Can we not see left or right or outside the box? Have YOU LET this GOVERNMENT put BLINDERS on YOU? Don’t you care about your children or yourself anymore? Now this Government wants to be able to open OUR PERSONNEL MAIL WITHOUT A WARRANT! THIS IS ILEGAL! AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION! THE BILL OF RIGHTS! UN-AMERICAN! Of course, with OUR BLINDERS ON, I guess we will sit on our butts while we watch another piece of freedom die, put one more knife in the heart of the Constitution, throw the Bill of Rights out the window. Of course, today, while I am typing this, one or more of our soldiers will die, one of OUR OWN, our son, our daughter or a neighbor or a friend or a friend of a friend. And I sit here and ask myself why? Why are they dieing? For the Constitution?, the Bill of Rights? Now that I have taken off my “blinders”, I see why… They ARE NOT SAVING the Constitution or the Bill of Rights, those items are dieing right in front of me at this very moment. Then, I ask myself AGAIN, why are they dieing if not for the Constitution, Bill of Rights or the American way? The dictator is dead? Why are we still there? I can only come to one conclusion and that is this GOVERNMENT! OUR SONS and DAUGHTERS are DIEING FOR A CORRUPT GOVERNMENT!!!!! Now I feel ashamed, of myself and YOU! Why? BECAUSE WE ARE LETTING IT HAPPEN!! I am only one man, I cannot stop this by myself. It takes a majority, more than 50%. That is why we call this a Democracy. It also takes people who are willing to vote! America, this is our/your wake up call! It is time, time to actually get off your duff and do something about it BEFORE it is to late. Darn it, if you do not want to save yourself, please, at least, SAVE OUR CHILDREN!! REGISTER TO VOTE!! Do not “dedicate” yourself to a “party”. We have seen what the party system has done. Internal bickering, party against party. Somewhere, they have forgotten about us! Register has an AMERICAN!! For that is what you are! I, myself, being a Vet, am still willing to lay down my life for America BUT, I WILL NOT FIGHT FOR THIS GOVERNMENT! While I am writing this letter please realize that this is my fight for the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the American way! Now, will you walk beside me? Will you help me save America? If not for yourself, your children and their children? You see, we are ALL SOLDIERS, every single American IS A SOLDIER! Your weapon is YOUR VOTE! If you agree, pass this on, if not, go back to the TV, put your blinders on, also, you might want to add ear plugs so that you do not hear the voices of those that have fallen for you and this country. Let me open your mail, let me tell you how you will live, let me have your children, give me your money so that I can accomplish these things. Maybe next week I will ask you for your soul?? More to come………..
I AM WITH YOU, 110%!
8 years ago
Count me in, Michael! I will march into this battle with you, by your side and proudly so! And, considering you & I live in the same town, it will be easy for us to hook-up! (we really should meet sometime, y'know?) I spent much of my youth with blinders on, mindlessly believing that America and the Constitution were alive and well and always would be. 20 and 25 years ago, I was a Conservative Republican. I was a card-carrying, dues-paying, meeting-attending Reagan Republican, active in my local county party. Then, three events woke me up, in this order: 1) Ruby Ridge 2) Waco 3) Oklahoma City By the time Timothy McVeigh set off the truck bomb at the Alfred P. Murrah building, it was time for ALL Americans to decide where they stood. It was damned-difficult in the wake of Oklahoma City for many people to side with McVeigh. But, all things considered, I have always had only ONE problem with what McVeigh did: He set the bomb off at the wrong time of day. He should have set the truck off at 2:00 AM on a Sunday morning...middle of the night, middle of the weekend, so no one would get hurt. Instead, McVeigh's opportunity to make his statement and be heard was washed away in the river of blood of 168 people. His motives were righteous and pure. His action was inexcusable. He wanted revenge, he wanted Federal blood to atone for the deaths of 88 men, women and children murdered by their government two years prior to the day at the Branch Davidian compound in Waco. As it turned out, only 8 of the 168 dead were Federal employees. Now that we have been saddled with Bush/Cheney for the last almost seven years, things have become far more serious and urgent than they were in 1995. The idea of merging all political parties, and thus having NO political parties, is an idea long overdue. It is my pleasure and honor to join in this effort. Michael, thank you again, sir. Bright Blessings to all!
8 years ago
NEVAH! But most of my skoolmates have blinders. they will believe anything and everything except the truth.
Don't be one of the "sheeple" !
8 years ago

Michael, your post is right on the money! So many Americans believe what they see on TV and read in the media that they no longer can see the forest for the trees. Believing what is fed them instead of researching for themselves. Thus becoming "Sheeple"

Take 911 for instance, I know people who feel that what the govt. has reported is the undeniable truth, or, the war in Iraq. Many Americans still believe the lies that we are fighting for democracy, not oil and world domination.

The American public is now being sold on a war with Iran with the claims that Iran's nuclear program is a threat to the world's security, meanwhile other countries have nuclear capability and use it for electric power. Why is Iran different? Why are they not elegible to have a power source that others have?

I think the Iran issue is another "smoke screen" to cover up the fact Iran sits on one of the largest oil fields in the world and it's actually the reason for war, but that's jmho.

I'm not pro-nuclear, but do believe in the right of others to enhance their lives with the means available to them. Personally, I'd rather see alternative fuel sources used, bio-fuels being the best alternative, such as hemp, but that's another issue!

I agree the American people need to put aside the concept of political parties and unite as one for the survival of our great country, that we need strong leadership to bring us into this new age that will return the USA back to the country our fore-fathers founded.

Take America back for the people is the best for all of Americans, by the people, FOR the people! God bless America!

8 years ago
-Homestar voice- Powuh to tha people!
8 years ago

I was born in 1927, and we moved to Detroit, MI in 1935. When Roosevelt was telling us we would not get involved with Hitler, the factories were cranking out war materials that we were shipping to England. We were helping the Chinese fight off Japan, we were registering all males 18 to 54 for military service and instituting the Draft. Roosevelt kept telling us we would not get involved. Lies Lies Lies. After WW II we spent billions to help Germany, Italy, Russia, and Japan to recover. We kept telling the American citizens that our enemies deserved our help. Somehow I don't think the Axis nations would have done anything for us if we had lost. Over and over we have spent the future of our nation, and keep giving aid to the enemy everywhere on earth. Then we are told we must sacrifice more and more to aid the world. America is bankrupt, and our middle class employees are constantly being downsized as our jobs go oversea's.

So that's why I started campaigning in 2000, to run for President, but I figured Bush had this tied up in 2000, and 2004. Now in 2008 the office of President is wide open, and I don't see any candidate that really cares about the security of our nation. I see Bush pushing this North American Union, and research has shown me more and more treason against our nation's security. As I've tried to point out to many what is happening, citizens insure me that our Constitution protects our nation. Bull, Bit by bit the Amendments are watered down, gun laws, and Public Law 87-297 enacted to give our government the right to confiscate all arms. Of course law abiding citizens will willingly give up all firearms, because they are honest citizens. Suckers, that just can't imagine what treason is in store for us, as we lose all rights under the New North American Union, then on to being invaded by the United Nations troops.

I've been researching these facts since the 1950's as I saw our government giving away our money to buy friends. If we don't stop this before we are disarmed, we will never be able to resist anything our goverment wants to do. WE must fight back. Just search Google for Don Cordell, and you will find my website "2008". I just live on Social Security, I'm about as poor as you can get, yet I must do something to save all the citizens who have on blinders.

Now I just discovered that when George Bush Sr. was Vice President, it was his golf buddy John Hinkley Sr's son John Hinkley Jr. that shot Reagan. That Bush's son Neil was to have had dinner that night with John Hinkley Jr's brother. Gee that would have made Bush president right then, no bothering with elections to become President. What kind of goverment do we have?

Our borders not protected, told we can't throw out illegal aliens, told we have to fight Iraq, Osama bin Laden no where to be found. This whole senario is crooked, and we are the fall guys. If you all don't believe me, and elect me in 2008. All the Republicans and Democrats ARE going to give our nation away. We must not let this happen. Our kids will have no future, as our government becomes communist and takes over ownership of everything for the good of the nation. Search the internet for REX 84, read about  the Executive Orders that give FEMA the right to take over our nation with Martial Law, for the orderly take over of the United Nations troops.

Welcome to the New World Order folks.   

8 years ago
I don't have blinders on, but it's like watching a train wreck. What can I do?  Vote?  I believe it's rigged. If I tell people the constitution is in danger, they don't believe me.  If I mention that the Jews in Germany, did not believe Hitler was anything to worry about until it was to late, it's "oh, that couldn't happen here" Bush keeps ranting about the NWO, I keep thinking that sounds bad to me.  Tell me what I can do.  Short of picking up my old shot gun and going to war what is there.
Service to Country
8 years ago

I served the USA in the little fiasco in S.E.Asia. Came home went to school and in 1974 decided I'd had enough so I immigrated to Canada. I wanted my kids if any to have choices I didn't have. So while in Grad school in US both of my sons where born went to grade school in the US and then because of the nature of what I do they lived all over the world. When the oldest reached 18 he chose American citizenship because contrary to popular opinion Americans really can't have dual citizenship unless the law has changed in the last 10 years. He's married has 3 sons but I guess gender isn't important for war anymore, the other son chose South African. He mariied a 1st generation Chinese American that he met while she was stationed on duty in the middle east. She was a combat medic (11BX for you military types). After they had been married a year  Mr Bush invaded Iraq. Shorten the story she is no longer in the army. I tell all this to provide background in answer to the thread. I think most Americans aren't wearing blinders. Like has been mentioned they just don't know what to do and most are patriotic. Some time along the way your government was hijacked an it is a devide and conquer strategy that's working. 1st hot button issue was the draft then gun control and the fear that causes. Then abortion, the UN etc. What nobody tells anybody is these issues are a lot like the boogyman stories. Every election cycle, the hot button issues are brought out and US citizens get polarized. Then an election occurs and NO promises are kept, then next election same thing. While they have everybody stirred up about xy or z they skip legislation through like the FEMA creation (1979), the WMD of 1996, line ite veto, the patriot act and now this homegrown terrorism stuff. Every president since FDR has manhandled the constitution in a different way but all to the same end. If a bully starts knocking you down 5 times a day and then says well I've changed I'm only going to knock you down 2 times a day you generally accept it but its a net gain of: bully 2 you 0. The USA changed who controlled congress so while there is a shout of lets impeach Bush, Pelossi, who determines what legislation is brought up for a vote has helped push through the Homegrown .., plus this new WI-FI bill. Again Govt 2 Citizens 0. This next election will center around the same old things, probably be too close to call and of course be decided by the electoral college. Since Democrats will control congress and the electoral college vote is based on number of representitives each state has, the President will likely be a Democrat Its only been different a few times in history  I think. The only time that really makes a difference is when the duty of Commander-In-Chief needs to used. What can be done- vote take a friend to vote take lots of friends to vote. Force issues like if you are elected ______. will you guarantee by contract that you will do ____ and then hold them to it. Contracts are enforceable  in the US I think. If they don't get rid of them, Stop voting for a party so that they can be in control because you know if the other guy gets in everybody will have to move to France. Who controls Congress isn't as important as the courage the elected official. Remember filibustering ,vetos etc. Find common ground to come together on and hold the course - if you can be polarized they will, and then its the same old = same old. Remember the definition of stupidity? (Trying to do the same thing the same way under the same conditions and hoping to get a different result?) The polaization is underway I read some of these posts and see tremendous frustration which I think is partially caused because people voted for a party and didn't get the results that were promised. The crap about not enough of a majority is that crap. Out think them. out work them remember those 3 captalized words in the constitution. I think they were put that way for a reason and not as a mistake : WE THE PEOPLE.....

Anyway these are some of an expats thots who still has a vested interest in if nothing else his grandkids. Revolutions are bloody and innocents die and in large numbers. It is possible to ACT within the law and implement change, it just seems harder and you have to be smarter than they are. Thanks for the chance to post was going to do it earlier but felt I needed to understand the undercurrent better.

8 years ago
Sorry to have made that so long but I was looking at the character count at the bottom and didn't realize I had been so long winded.
8 years ago
Last thought on the subject if all else fails everyone coud move to Texas nad vote to sucede from the Union. It is still in their Rights of Statehood granted to them when they joined the Union. (No Bush jokes thank you have already thought of them--- LOL)
Rock On
7 years ago

Isn't the music of Rock and Roll from the last 50 or so years the best thing to have come down to us from above, since 1776? Why is it, that the church and state have yet to understand that? Rock and Roll was kept secret in Revelation 10 as the 7 peals of thunder. You can find in the last advice to John in Revelation 22:10-11, where he was told to let it be, as proof.