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Please note-
7 years ago

4 State Settles $3.25 Million Lawsuit Over Timothy Souders Death in Prison
US Politics & Gov't (tags: Timothy joe souders, Theresa vaughn, prison abuse, torture US, abuse, constitution, dishonesty, crime, ethics, freedoms )

- 23 minutes ago -

A $3.25 million lawsuit settlement in no way makes up for the death of her son in a Michigan prison, Theresa Vaughn said, nor will it stop her campaign to improve prison conditions

Restore the Republic
7 years ago

Here is link to a site that has groups in all 50 States.,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

It has a great chance to organize people in their own communities.

General Strike
7 years ago

This doesn't seem like a bad idea for a General Strike on 9-11-08 from an OEN article:

Somehow we all have to find a way to tie all these different movement sI see out there together,

7 years ago

Hi Michael W.  

... when an event or something is fresh "NEWS" to me,  I feel strongly others should have the right to know, so they too can see it, read it, note it (in their open-minds) and think for themselves... for me, just because I post a story/news does not always mean I am for or against the article (sometimes I post news just because it is disturbing, shocking etc., and it's interesting to see if others agree or not?)

Go to my page please, if you'd like to know what I'm about, what I believe and so on...  yet with CNN2 News, it's only right that people have all views available and all news that is available (independent and/or local).

Your words are appreciated, noted into my open-mind.. (I'm not so vain to think another opinion/view couldn't change my own )

take care & blessings...

7 years ago

from - Mary D.

Alert: America is Abusing Childrens lives!   Focus:  Children Action Request Petition Location:  California, United States


Supporters of Juvenile Inmate Djinn Buckingham Sell His Artwork to Raise Money for Attorney's Fee - Associated Content
Society & Culture 
At the age of twelve, Djinn Buckingham was arrested and convicted for the house fire, and death of his cousin Sierra. He was charged with criminal homicide, one count of arson, six counts of irritated assault and six counts of reckless endangerment. His ...

California: Repeal Law Jailing Children for Life (Human Rights Watch, 14-1-2008)
Society & Culture 

Sentencing children to life without parole means they will die in prison, without the possibility of a second chance at life. Elizabeth Calvin, children's rights advocate at Human Rights Watch ...
7 years ago

Tamme I have posted and reposted under different tacks this USS liberty issue it gets 40 posts and dies. Its a huge black spot in modern American history The US used the Gulf of Tonkein manufactured attack to creat Vietnam but Johnson and the US press chose to ignore this issue. I haven't watched the video posted, streaming doesn't work over here right now, but these men were butchered by Israelis, contrary to Wiki the US Flag was prominently flying Israeli pictures show it, radio traffic moitored at Diego Garcia showed they knew without a dubt who the were killing and there was no "in the excitement of war" bullshit. The Israelis had just masacred an entire town in Egypt every man,woman and child and were affraid news would get out since USS liberty was an American spy vessel supposed to be working with Isralies against Syria and Russia. While I'm on my soap box let me carry this 1 step further. Who do people think invented the modern day suicide bomber? it was Israel when they were fighting the British. Whew glad thats out of my system.

Ons waag Vrede

7 years ago
School of the Americas - Video
Eleven were arrested and are facing six months imprisonment for "trespass."< The individual being interviewed in this clip is a CIA employee named Duane Clarridge During the slaughter in Central America during the 1980s
"Under Attack by Unknown Forces" Would the US allow its citizens to be attacked and killed by a foreign power and then cover up the facts?< It would - and it has.
The US military has a long tradition of using its soldiers as medical guinea pigs...
A Soldier's View - VIDEO
Common sense and patriotism This video ends up with a pitch for Ron Paul, but that was not my reason for selecting it. For all its problems, the US military is a great reservoir of decency, courage, and true patriotism.
Bill Maher - and many others - need to get off their high horses and address the most important question of our time. We know that 3,000+ innocent people were murdered on 9-11-01 and we know that those murders were used to justify the invasion of two sove
7 years ago
The Politics of Withdrawal
Senators Obama and Clinton, issued press releases critical of Gates´ position and reiterated their calls for ending the Iraq war. But the reality is, political primary rhetoric aside, that either a President Obama or a President Clinton would find themse
Heads in the Sand
In fact, the RSK owes its present Serb majority to acts of genocide and ethnic cleansing, and even Northern Mitrovica's present population is based on the refusal of the Serbs there, with the connivance of UN forces on the bridge, to allow Albanians back
When History Repeats Itself 9/11, WTC, Pentagon Debunked - YouTube -
  video 9/11 Debunkers Ready To Get Microchipped, Ready for NAU? - YouTube -
  video Obama Tries to Head Off Clinton Comeback in Wisconsin
«Her supporting NAFTA didn't give jobs to the American people,» Obama said while campaigning in Wisconsin on Friday. «Her supporting a bankruptcy bill made it harder for people to get out of debt that didn't help them with the bills that were stacking
7 years ago
Masses Protest NAFTA in Mexico
As in an earlier epoch of capitalist growth with the genocidal and barbaric slave trade--that resulted in the massacre of tens of millions of Africans--laborers today are also treated as disposable commodities.
Mexican Campaign Against NAFTA Finds Its Focus
Mexican campaign against NAFTA is finding a focus. One of the best attended sessions of the recent Mexico Social Forum was on the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP), a so-called "NAFTA-plus" closed-doors agreement stirring concern throughout Canada
Foes Raise Ruckus Over U.S.-Canada-Mexico Deal
Security and Prosperity Partnership, a sweeping endeavour that Ottawa maintains is merely about fighting terrorism and harmonizing the trade regulations of Canada, the U.S. and Mexico, but which opponents characterize as the corporate-driven "deep integra
Is A North American Union Between the US, Canada & Mexico In the Works?
North American Union has been around for many years, but it became a serious possibility when the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (SPP) was formed by the Bush Administration in 2005.
'Amero' Taking Down the Dollar?
Observers predict that this "union," or "partnership," will not only dissolve U.S. sovereignty but destroy our domestic shipping industries, redistribute our middle-class wealth and eliminate what we now consider border security. Will America be the next
7 years ago
Democrats' Attacks On Business Heat Up - WSJ.Com
One factor in the endorsement is the North American Free Trade Agreement, signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1993 and blamed by many unions for sending jobs to Mexico. Sen. Obama has increasingly hit Mrs. Clinton on Nafta.
Goodyear Profit Tops Forecast, Shares Jump
In North America, its largest unit, sales revenue rose 9.9 percent to $2.28 billion. Year-earlier results were hurt by the strike. In the European Union, sales revenue rose 5.4 percent to $1.42 billion, supported by price increases, a focus on more
Obama Tries to Head Off Clinton Comeback in Wisconsin - International Herald Tribune
But it was Obama who collected a key endorsement Friday from the Service Employees International Union, a powerful political force with 1.9 million Clinton Obamamembers. At the same time the Illinois senator criticized his rival for supporting legislation
9/11: The “Perfect Opportunity” for North American Integration
On February 12, 2008, the Canadian newspaper, the Financial Post, published an opinion piece by Michael Hart, of Carleton University, entitled, "Canada Blew It," in which he blamed the "slow" approach to North American integration on Canada's policies
Service Employees' Union Officially Endorses Obama - The Boston Globe
"Her supporting NAFTA didn't give jobs to the American people," Obama said of the North American Free Trade Agreement implemented while Bill Clinton was in the White House. "Hollering at Republicans and engaging in petty, partisan politics didn't help
7 years ago
Imposing the New World Order
Government isn't the problem. Misguided policy is, and Thatcher and Volker excelled at it with one mutual aim - benefit their banks and Big Oil interests by cutting taxes and spending, reducing social services, privatizing and deregulating business, and...
The New World Order, An Overview

There is a worldwide conspiracy being orchestrated by an extremely powerful and influential group of genetically-related individuals (at least at the highest echelons) which include many of the world's wealthiest people, top political leaders, and corporate...
YouTube - New World Order
  video Transformed UN Proposed to Create 'New World Order' - World Politics, World - Independent.Co.Uk
Gordon Brown has begun secret talks with other world leaders on far-reaching reform of the United Nations Security Council as part of a drive to create a "new world order" and "global society".
7 years ago

Water water everywhere but not a drop to drink???

Spring Lizard Needs to Be on Endangered List, Limited Population and Habitat

Can't Have a Baby? Possible Cause, Falling Sperm Count in Men Caused By Pollution, Poison

WATER POLLUTION Exposure to Mercury Includes Death, Mental Retardation, Cerebral Palsy, Deafness, Blindness, and Severe Motor Im

Snakehead Fish Found in Another Lake, Officials To Drain Lake

Bush Is Funding War Not Human Needs. It's Beyond Time Congress for Their Priorities Straight.

7 years ago

Hello guys sorry I've not been around much lately... I am so overwhelmed keeping up with things for Timothy...

8:04 AM

This is the link to note the story... all these story's are different.

This report is blowing away all the Department of corrections lies...

Thank-you for your support.

Prison Health Care Provider Called Lacking


US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Timothy souders, Theresa Vaughn, Justice needed, Accountablity, Michigan, Correctional Medicl Services, corruption, abuse, dishonesty, ethics, cover-up, constitution, politics, government, lies, torture, healthcare, housing )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 55 minutes ago -
Investigators said fixing the lack of coverage from medical providers and improving their productivity are the most pressing problems for the Michigan Department of Corrections.Investigators also said many patients are waiting to be seen, yet many shifts were not being filled.

7 years ago
Hehehehehe, Good one Michael! I myself do not check out Hillary because I am not interested in her politics, and it isn't because she is a woman (I think??) Sharp eyes!! I think you need to change your picture to an Eagle!!
The US Flag
7 years ago

Why hasn't anyone noticed/commented on the fact that on the flag prominently displayed behind Hilary Clinton, the stars are upside down and each looks like a pentagram? A good picture is here. 

News to note
7 years ago
| Blue Label

A Goverment of Liars Must Be Brought Down
Hummm, look at the end of this link, three 6's????

The Use and Abuse of Executive Orders and Other Presidential Directives

Want to Prevent a Depression? Impeach Dick Cheney!

Cheney Wants Surveillance Law Expanded

War, the Costs in Soldiers, Civilians Killed, Wounded, Petition to Bring Them Home

The Electric Cars Are Here, Renault, Nissan Plan Electric-Car, Toyota Motor Corp

Marijuana Policy Project Will Donate $20,000 to Rudy Giuliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney