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Members Please Introduce Yourselves January 11, 2007 11:05 AM

If you haven't had a chance to, please feel free to post here & introduce yourselves. I'm Paula, this group's owner & founder. I started this group on December 8, which was my last birthday. While I host groups having to deal with the homeless, disabled, and mentally ill already, I felt that it was time to start a group that would help ALL people in poverty or in danger of becoming poor-not just the ones my other groups are dealing with. I feel that we're needed to share with others less fortunate as well as to empower them so they can become more able to stay or get out of poverty. paula  [ send green star]
Please Introduce February 10, 2007 9:35 PM

I am new to this group, and, I have similar group, Angels Against American Poverty. I hope everyone will join me in friendship and we all work together against poverty and related issues. I have been an advocate on such issues for several decades. For several years, I did full-time volunteer work with Legal Aid and other social agencies as well as clients' groups, and, did so locally, regionally, at the state level, and, in a few other states. I became a certified trainer and developed trainings to help clients learn successful communication skills, and, to become advocates also. Since then, I finally got a BSJ and am nearly done with a M.Ed. I hope to establish a pre-college type academy to help teens and adults obtain better communication skills so they can do better in college and/or in seeking gainful employment. There are many US citizens who are having to change jobs and fields, etc. Many have not had to face such change in years. AND, many are returning Veterans! I want to help such people be more prepared to find success, especially low-income persons and young parents. I have "tons" of experience on the topic of this groups, and, from "both sides of the desk" as they say!! Although, I'm in Ohio, eventually I want to help ALL people with such needs!
Peace to all,
~The Angel Power Emporium~

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anonymous  February 21, 2007 2:02 PM

for the invite!!!

Yep, I qualify as poor...

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 February 21, 2007 6:21 PM

Welcome, Kathleen & Mona, as well as all new members. Thanks, Kathleen, for letting us know about the "Angels" group. Maybe the two groups can learn from each other about combatting this problem of poverty including the awareness of it.


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 February 23, 2007 8:51 AM

Thank you for the invite Paula. My name is Anna I would like to find ways to make a difference in this world, so this is a good place to be.


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Thank You Paula for Your Invitation to Join Your Group February 23, 2007 9:27 AM

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anonymous Members Please Introduce Yourselves February 23, 2007 9:59 AM

Thank you so much, Paula, for the invitation. I am Louise B. and I host the Grass Roots Effort To Stop Global Warming.

The poor are going to be hurt the most by global warming. Debbie H., a group member, has made that perfectly clear. I hope we can stay on top of this.

The new governor of NY has already started the ball rolling down hill for the poor. I didn't think he would ever do it, BUT HE DID.

I'm going to send a message to him regarding his decision!  

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anonymous Thanks February 23, 2007 10:07 AM

Halo to all I am Carrie. I hope I can help make a difference here. Namaste  [report anonymous abuse]  [ accepted]
 February 23, 2007 12:30 PM

Hello and thanks for the invite.  I'm CharlieG and I grew up as a welfare kid and grew up in Public housing.  I am the first in my family to finish high school, never mind college, so it's probably no great surprise that I have been surrounded by poverty and its impact throughout my life.  After ending up in the Army during the Viet Nam conflict like most other poor kids, I was able to go to college on the GI Bill.  I always had an instinctive class consciousness and I used this opportunity to study Sociology and Political Science so I could try and get some answers.  Luckily, I had a great group of very smart and progressive professors and I was able to put together the picture of how poverty was not caused by the poor.

Since then, I have spent my life working in community organizing and development to try and empower people.  I am happy to be amongst people also commited to fighting poverty.

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Welcome, Charlie February 23, 2007 4:36 PM

Welcome, Charlie, to the "CHOOP group" as I call it for short. I have always believed that many who are poor are not poor by their own fault & that people who are poor could use a hand. I have become aware in recent years of ill treatment of poor people all over the world & conditions that cause or contribute to poverty-even in the US. Congratulations for completing high school & going to college. I'm glad the US military helped pay for your education.

Thanks for joining our group.


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New Addition February 23, 2007 5:14 PM

Greatings, I want to thank Paula for the invite.  Looks like a great group -- full of caring people.  I feel very honored for the invite.  We are all connected on this planet.  People have responsibilities to help the needy.

Peace and Love to everyone.


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 February 23, 2007 8:42 PM

Hello, I'm Kathy. I want to thank Paula for inviting me to join.I hope I can be a useful member of this group.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Hi Paula and group February 23, 2007 9:26 PM

I am wilma, I host a group called adopt a needy family for christmas, And the coupon connection .

My goal was to help people in need for christmas gifts for their children, After christmas members requested I keep the group open for birthdays and holidays ect.

I am not poor but Not rich either, I am a stay at home mom with a handicapped daughter and a 16 year old son that I homeschool. (try anyway) and I have a 19 year old daughter that does not live with me but has my very first granbaby, ( and number 2 on the way OOOOPPPS)

My husband works full time, And we were approved for ssi dissability But  My daughter gets no money, They say  hubby makes too much (crapola) after bills and groceries we are broke like most other people.

Things that concern me deeply, Include breast cancer I lost a sister at the age of 50.

Senior citizens being neglected and doing without medical care and meds and food.

Children that are abused by idiots that dont deserve them.

And drug and alchahol use by teens especially, But in adults as well.My hubby is a recovering addict alchaholic and my dad was an alchaholic, So I have had my share of its trouble.

My son has many many friends and 9 out of 10 of them are smoking pot or drinking, And It seems there parents are too stupid to notice or just dont care.  It really makes me mad.

My house is the hang out for the mneighborhood, Its not unusual to find at least 6 kids at a time piled in my sons room or sleeping in my floor.

My current mission is to get my youngest 5 year old through her upcoming surgery next week. Surgery on both feet (clubbed feet) numbers 12 and 13 for her.

She will be in the hospital for a week and in a wheelchair for 3 mths. I am dreading this , I dont want to do it, But have no choice.

So if you get a chance whisper a prayer for stephanie on the 27th and the 1st. Those are her surgery dates.

Thank you for inviting me to the group. I look forward to making some new friends. Wilma

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newbie here February 27, 2007 9:25 PM

thanks for the invites i belong to alota groups the world need ppl liked us to let others know about issues in the today society on poverty and ppl surving on  so little to get by for their families ,work,educations i love to be a sponsor to speeches in such issues for this and i also support the dosmectic viloence group ,rape crisisi,kidney foundations,and the cancer society.thanks for inviting me paula. look forward to being a part of the issues in this group.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
THANKS FOR THE INVITE March 07, 2007 2:53 PM

What a coincidence April 10, 2007 8:57 AM

I have an appointment in about an hour to apply for welfare. I owe my landlord two months' rent and have an eviction notice to deal with. I'm still waiting to hear if my claim for employment insurance benefits has been approved. I went to the food bank last week. I almost got my electricity cut off. It's true what they say: Most people, even in the affluence of Western countries, are only a couple of paycheques away from living on the street. What's wrong with this picture?   [ send green star]  [ accepted]
anonymous  May 01, 2007 1:59 PM

Hi. I am Jim.  I spend most of my time behind the scenes providing income to charities.  I give any legitimate nonprofit a completely free way to raise money with no effort.  I basically do everything for them to make them successful.  Many of them are Habitats for Humanity and many other housing and healthcare nonprofits.  I have over 1,500 of the best-known internet merchants on board.  Whenever anybody shops online, these stores send up to 25% of the sale to either an enrolled charity, or a basket of the best charities serving each cause.  I get great satisfaction knowing that I am able to support so many good charities with the income they so vitally need. 

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HI EVERYONE January 04, 2008 11:57 AM

I'm US Citizen. I'm fairly new to Care2 and already signed over 80 petitions online! I have a petition I created with others input called "Stop Slumlords Now". It addresses the unscrupulous rich land and building owners who run down the properties and create slum buildings therefor creating slum areas although many charge luxury apt. rents and extremely high fees. They deprive these rent payers from safety and health issues causing terrible sicknesses, death, depression, and a moral collapse in tenants. They make millions upon millions in profits using renters by luring them into unscrupulous leases without disclosing the full facts on the property or living conditions beforehand as required by the DRE (Dept of Real Estate). They use many young people who find it hard to establish their first credit, aliens, non English speaking folks, disabled, senior citizens, families on mid class income who cannot afford to hire high priced attorneys and to my experience people of all faiths, all monetary classes, colors, creeds have fallen prey and victim to slumlords. The city mostly ignores them and it is rare when a building or landowner is asked to finally fix things around the building forcing tenants to mabe have endured a year or more of terrible strife, upset, disgust, vermon, hospitalization, anguish, terror, and sadness.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
On Slum lords ETC January 04, 2008 12:29 PM

Hello, US C!

I deeply empathize!!!!! Besides having to once suddenly find myself as a single mom (of 4) on welfare living a house that was quickly condemned, I worked with Legal Aid for several years & have remained well-informed on all such related issues. "Oh, HOW can folks think of themselves as moral or religious yet turn their attention AWAY from these situations?!?" Mother is in her late '70s, a retired teacher, & has to deal with mortages to keep a home. Hubby's Mom lives in a tiny "deeply religious" village & must rent (the place is much too rich & doesn't promote inviting poor families to live there). Every time she rents a house, the owners put it up for sale! She is sweet, wonderful lady of 80, AND, is part direct English & part direct Cherokee [Who more deserves a home here?!?], & has over 30 great grandchildren. It's such a shame that for all these two compassionate ladies have contributed to our country, that now they can hardly even keep housed!!! Many towns in their region have no low-income housing ....& is dwindling quickly in most other regions -- while the demands continues to increase!!

And, of course, those are very "mild" stories compared to the majority of situations and conditions that millions of families are forced to endure -- due to greed in power & apathy in the general public!!!!

Am I truly the "oddball" rarity, because when I pray, I pray for EVERYONE?!? Don't most other folks care, seriously, about all other humans???

Peace, Kathleen R                               ~The Angel Power Emporium, Inc~  

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thanks so much April 18, 2008 4:54 PM

Thanks for starting the groups to help us, yes, you can put me at the top of the list right now. I had surgery 3 yrs ago and ended up with severe nerve damage and stemming from that IBS,a major Fistula, Firbro, I already had asthma but now on nebulizer 4 times a day. I have suffered from major depression, or bi polar since 10 yrs old and now is almost out of control, I have been waiting on disability for almost 3 yrs my lawyer is begging now, I have lost EVERYTHING, except my house , which is next. they are letting me keep it since we finally have a petiton for the court date, my lawyer has told them evertime I went in the hosp last time, which was like going home, and coming home was a vacation, the last time I pretty much died due to blood pressure 50 over 40 and my kidneys shutting down , and the put 22 lbs of fluid in me to keep me blood pressure to come up. the said my son stayed all night makeing me breathe to  take the nebulizer aslo. I woke up in icu. I died. But back for a reason. Now I have no ins. , nothing left to sell, no money now or medical help which i only get 3 months out of year. now over and no way to get my meds.So I am buying by the week,now, and take my morphine so i can take some of the pain. And prednizone and my neb. so i can breathe. Already know be back in hosp again. Now why does this have to be. Because my husband is gone to now, i cry everyday as so lonly and in bed as cant be up long and soon will have no phone or internet.  Probably no water after next month. I am sick sick and getting sicker because of stress , and the depression is so bad I am on stronger medicine, thank fully Wal mart has some of my 4 dollar meds but they are not 4 but still much cheaper. I have begged till i can beg no more. Now what do you do, wait and wonder when i will be homeless. Soon.  Cherro. 

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anonymous Hi, All - I'm Karen from Family Foreclosure Prevention... July 23, 2009 12:20 AM

Your stories highlight what is going to be the norm in this country very soon.

What's amazing is, the same stories you told in 2008 are so relevant today, and yet, no one seems to be talking about what the crisis is doing to real people and families. 

Maybe because no one knows what to do to help...

So much crisis all at once, where do you start? 

I think you've hit the nail on the head.  You start with people and their needs.

God Bless

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anonymous No More Freedom Of Speech Against Health Care October 24, 2009 3:17 PM


No More Protesting Government Health Care Ideas

My name is Henry and do you want to come over and play, please visit us...... 

No public option in health bill? Not so fast
Letter from Washington: Proposal that seemed dead showing signs of life.

Dena Bunis
Washington Bureau Chief
The Orange County Register
Comments 12| Recommend 1
I said a couple of months ago that it's dangerous to make predictions when it comes to health care.
Then I proceeded to predict that there would be no public option in whatever health reform bill went to the House and Senate floors.
Note to self: Listen to self. Stop making predictions.

We was senr to care2 to help save the Freedom Of Speach, you are invited to see how in 2007 the poor was to be considered not to have rights in a caging concsept.
, and more issues.........

Please forgive some of my writing, I am dyslectic so for now I have to use the computer to help me.
It needs needs be known that we was sent to car2 because of how we offer our views and we place no copy right on none of our issues at on It is a way to show that within it creation of FASC Concepts it is offered to you for free to open your mind to the WHAT IF ?
We invite you to join a campaign that in its creation of the trickle effect of public awareness that Pay It Forward and The Pay It Forward Foundation, is to show respect of where it all started from and within other concepts of the groups and to care2.
By nov, 1st we will bring 30 000 to our goal of 30 000 000 million people to care2 and your efforts within that group," I will Pay It Forward the respect that is in and for your group & efforts at care2."
As the trickle effect moves forward to november 1st to the D Day, that it will be by of thousands of people that set forward the PAY IT FORWAD at one time to the media, Your group may use Pat It Forward with in this concept, and please use the acknowledgment in the memory of Trevor McKinney the 12 year old child for which he gave to all his love to people he did not even know.
What is taking place as of now, is as we move forward to Nov.1st  the D Day of a campaign to contact every media out let , and { WE WILL} bring 30 000 to our goal of 30 000 000 million people to care2 and your care2 group as well as FASC Concepts.
The trickle effect as you can see is that a small release of goals,that is listed on AOL,YAHOO. and,  as it grows as we near to D Day, it is kind of HACK THE PLANET concept and have fun doing it, stay legal and say to each other are we having fun yet!! { Kind of waking up the next morning}, and finding 30 000 000 emails in your box for a Pay It Forward,{ campaign}. That The PAY IT FORWARD will bring forward international attention.
So join us and lets make some noise and hack the planet have some fun as we move Pay It Forward for D Day.
YOUR group will be most welcomed to join the in for trickle effect until D DAY. It is very important that there is respect to the other groups, in this and we will show the ut most respect for you....

 Like this email we got
Henry M
Mary left a comment on the following article:
Toddler Too Small for Health Insurance
Henry M.: This site you posted is nothing more than Republican spin. Advertising is not allowed in Care2. This site is so false, it's nauseating. To think people still's disgusting.
  my reponce to her,
 Nope sorry,
Dear Mary ,
 I do not belong to any party, I am Cherokee and Dakota Sou ix, Irish and German Jew, so all though it is with in your right to state your mind ,please understand this, we offer you  respect and we as a nation within a nation that for most, harbor no ill well, so please so respect to a people that you have not a clue of who we are.
Henry Massingale

Original Message:
You must all ways show respect the best you can

WE GOT HACKED SEE OUR 1ST SITE FOR Feredal Act Security Card
It is something I wrote at my site,That I do note ask for people to believe in what we say, I ask for you to believe in yourself and say ,what could you do to add to this, your words to protect this and also help make it a law.
Within care2 a group was being formed and it is called { Federal Act Security Card} the term ACT or INACTMENT ,is to bring forward a law before Congress. This ACT becomes a bill and it is voted on of its merit, before it becomes a law.
The creation of a petition for a ACT is to present a concept in to law.
If you was to do a search for the group { Feredal Act Security Card }, you will see that there is not one thing left within that care2 site, and this is because it was hacked. I can not get in until care2 finds the people who did this.
If I left something out please email me.
Henry Massingale
561 734 1376


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 August 19, 2011 6:33 AM

  1. I'am Raymond, I live in Stoke-on-Trent area England, I grew up on the Blurton Area of Stoke-on-Trent, until 1977 when I got married after which I moved to the  Fenton area of the same City, where I live Now.
  2. my Empolyment position is that of a Decorated/Gloss Polisher within the Wedgwood, My interests/ Hoppy's are as reading Housing Law, Music, DVD's sometimes, walking in the countryside, Heathcare Helping tenants and Poor.
  3. when I start to live in Fenton in 1977 I lived in a Council/Public House, it when I had problems with the Council over the Tenancy Agreement, that when I start to read Housing Law, for the Council/Public Tenancy under the Housing Act 1985, as amended 1994 and 2004, I also endup reading the Rent Act 1977, as amended by the Housing Act 1988 and the European Court of Human Rights and Civil Right.
  4. Due to my Right ot Buy in the Housing Act 1985 I now live in a Private House same property but the Property is Paid for, my love for Classic Music has been with me from the age of 10 from when I heard Mario Lanza Sing, this moved me onto another tenor been Gigli.
  5. I love the Football / Soccer in US from the age of 5, even now at the age of 56, I still play today but not as fast has I was when I was in my teens but fast enough to keep myself fit and the correct weight, I have no real support for any Club only my Country England, I am always of the opinion the best team wins.


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