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SpiritWeb.Org and the Internet Wayback Machine
14 years ago
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SpiritWeb.Org has now been extinct since 2002. However, by using the Internet Wayback machine, it is possible to view many,many archived pages of SpiritWeb. I've just spent a few hours browsing through these- Rene did a gigantic amount of work on this site. Internet Archive: Wayback Machine: SpiritWeb: Introduction Channelings; Lightwork Healing Out of Body Reincarnation Meditation UFO Sightings and Phenomena Light Technology Veda and Dharma Yoga Paths Theosophy Mysticism Astrology Book Library (rare books, out of print books)
~To The Fire~
14 years ago
13 years ago
when I return from vacation
13 years ago
I really want to think of ways to activate this group!! Ideas are welcome!Until then, I'll see you all in about a week..
13 years ago
Indeed, I been using the machine to look back at SWC fondly.
Hi, Kuroma!
13 years ago
It IS an amazing device, isn't it! Kind of like a benevolent time warp..
MORE pages on SpiritWeb via Wayback Machine-56,062!!!
13 years ago*/* Searched for all pages on Results 1 - 10 of about 56062*hh_/ ~47 pages between Jan 25, 1999 and Feb 11, 2005*hh_/ ~2 pages between Jun 10, 2000 and Sep 30, 2000 1 page from Aug 12, 2004 1 page from Nov 01, 2000 1 page from Feb 08, 2002 1 page from Feb 15, 2002 1 page from Feb 15, 2002 1 page from Feb 15, 2002 1 page from Feb 15, 2002 1 page from Feb 15, 2002
note-search results can show up to 30 pages, not just 10 per page
13 years ago
Find the Chat Archives?
12 years ago
Does anyone have the archives of the chat sessions?

12 years ago
Alas, Tom, there were no chat archives saved! I do miss them!!

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