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8 years ago

I keep seeing 111, or222, or 333 or 444, or 555 or 666 all the time do any of you?

10 years ago

hey Ace of Spades I haven't seen frothy in a long long time. a bunch of us now chat at mountain chat.

sunpoet/tiig ig

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ACE_OF_SPADES aka The Bubble Boy
10 years ago

Oh wow, you don't understand how much I cried when I found this... I found you all again. sorta makes me feel sad on the inside for being such an ass from time to time online.

I apologize to those that need me to too. I welcome those into my heart that did not know me. I thank those that were there for me. I wish the best to those that need a hug.

SWC was a lot to me when I needed it. I was sad to see it go.

This is Ace_of_Spades... I had a few other names, but Raven was the one that showed me the site and I continued to go because of the discussions. Made friends. made enemies... made some lols. Now I make tears, for it is more the memory returning of everything about Stonehenge...

oh and is frothy around? I miss frothers...

10 years ago

I was in the very early days of spiritweb I'm not sure any willl remember me but I sure remember spiritweb and miss it. I hung out as Yammy. I miss Bard, Aurora, and that whole crew. Hope all are doing well in the new year!

10 years ago

LOL! occasionally I still show here

10 years ago

Hi Merecat

I remember you

Tiig ig here

Nice to see you!

10 years ago

hi all..i was merecat back in the day, 20 yrs old or somthing like that and totally mesmerised by it all. totally addictive and always so mysterious, spiritweb, where posts came from our hearts and the rooms were sometimes full of clatter and bizzarest of goings on, and sometimes were calm and sometimes were hilarious, and sometimes just wierd and sometimes transendental...but always mysterious.remember Marrianna..and the spider things....and ganga and the coolest poetry space...remember well everyone else...! so anyway, hi everyone, cool to see you! X

Hi Two Doves!
10 years ago

And welcome!   Very good to see you here!

Please also consider joining the new Spiritweb group at see Announcement/Invitation, which has the link for it-  it now has seventeen members, give or take.. and it's only a day old, but growing fast.

The reason why I'm recommending it is because there already seems to be a lot more life and interaction there between members... plus, each member can have his or her own profile page, start a blog, start a group.... upload photos, music, files and videos... 
There's "sort of" a chat like feature called universal chat, but I've got my eyes out for some sort of open source chat function.

At any rate, this group, here on care2, is not going to vanish- and many former spiritweb members keep on finding it! So here it stays

10 years ago

hi! everyone twodoves here~Avisitor/pete showed me the way to this new space how wonderful to catch up with you all~have a great day!!!

Hi Harmony
10 years ago

Hello Harmony, Yes it was a search engine, but I'm not sure if it was Google or Yahoo. Hope you get support, I think it would be very popular.

Hello Ian and others *S*

10 years ago

Hi Avisitor/Pete!   Welcome! Glad you found your way in here. Google search?

I think we're now enough in here such that we could start our own place (hopefully).   Am wondering about (a free service for creating communities).

Hello folks
10 years ago

Hello folks,

As my beloved Pinwall at Rainbowarts seems to have been closed down, without explanation, I went searching for an alternative and found you lot. I sure hope we can get the old SWC up and running again. Oh somehow my nic didn't show...I was Avisitor at SWC, All Pathways and at Rainbow Arts. Nice to see some old nics appearing here again

My Former SWC Name
10 years ago

Hi all it's me ian from SWC I now goto this site which most folks who went to SWC go to.. It was created by someone from SWC called Scatha

In the chat I linked IAN is me

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Catching up
11 years ago

Would love to catch up with anyone, especially Amethyst, sammi, and Lyra. I hope everyone's doing well .

***starfilled hugs***


Hi, Ravanne!! :-)
11 years ago

And welcome!

I think most of this group's members have found their way here via search! 

Any members in particular you're anxious to connect with?

Hi everyone
11 years ago
Hi everyone, it's ravanne~! I had heard about spiritweb closing, but lately have gotten to be missing some of my old friends, so did a search and here I am. Hope to hear from people.
11 years ago

Sounds Great Harmony!

Tiig ig / Sunpoet

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Kim, Shadow, Thomas, SunPoet.. :-)
11 years ago

Hi!! What fun! We're starting to get enough members here to maybe start thinking about developing an SWC sort of chat, what do you all think?

11 years ago

WOW....I've been looking to re-hook up with peeps from SWC! I am so happy to have found this site! *biggest grin*

I use dto be Mouse/CelticFire/CelticRainbowFire...I am now Arachne at a different site.

Many Thanks to LadyHarmony for providing this set there anything in the works to open up something similar to SWC again?

I will be checking back regularly...I would be willing to help with setting up a chat; not certain how I can help, but willing to try!

Going to eplore the other rooms -- CRF

11 years ago

I read some of the older post on the first site.

Don't recall much.

Glad to see this mirror site is up.

11 years ago

Greetings ALL my long lost friends of SWC.  I miss the old chat room.  Glad to re-unite on this message board.     LOVE AND LIGHT ALL.                                             (p.s.--- I was known as DrDoom42 ---)

11 years ago

Hiya Gandolf

nice to see you.

I used to be called keithv, sunpoet and tiig ig in swc

I hope all is well :0)

11 years ago
Yeshua Hamaschiah sends salutations and admonition from heaven. He is returning soon. Make your garments white by receiving the blood of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God **by faith** (cloth yourself in the righteousness of Christ). All who call upon the name of the LORD shall be saved. To those who are left behind after the soul harvest/rapture event--those who endure to the end shall be saved. Do not accept/receive the mark of the beast! Turn to Jesus, and be saved. "I am coming very, very soon." Read Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21 for more information on surviving the tribulation. Read the gospel of John in the bible for more on entering into true relationship with Jesus.
11 years ago
Wow, welcome Gandolph! So good to see you! LOL, this is so to the spirit of this quiet group- we just putter along, here, quietly collecting members of our old family... people still search for SpiritWeb... this group seems to have its own sense of timing, its own rhythm, its own wavelength.. I figure that once we've collected enough folks here we can see who knows programming and how to do a certain old-fashioned type of chat, such as SpiritWeb had... So, Gandolph, what're you up to these days?
11 years ago
Hello Sage! I remember you as well. I met Lani in 98 I think it was. Lyra was another that I remember. and Praire something, I think she lives in the Louisville KY. area. It's good to hear from you Sage! thanks for your reply.
Re: [SpiritWeb Org] Your NickName in the former SpiritWeb.Org?
11 years ago
Namaste, Gandolph, I am Sage and was sage back in the old days of the 90's. I remember you as you always have a slight twist to your communication. I met with Lani out in California in 1996. It would be great to have SWC back on line. later, sage -- Sage Davis 505-603-0598 "Be genuine, practice excellence" -------------- Original message -------------- From: "Care2 Groups: SpiritWeb Org Mailing List" Namaste! 6:31 PM Hello to all my fellow spirits from SWC !! I used to be Gandolph back in the days before SWC shut down. Lady Harmony, Sophia, EaTrom, Legs, Dancer, Lani and BluBear, and so many more. I was an old timer as well. God Bless you all. I hope to hear from as many of you as possible. I'm sorry if I forgot to mention any of you. it's not intentional. Love to you all. A great ball of Golden White Light surrounds Gandolph and it suddenly dissappears. Gandolph is gone but, everyone who has seen the light has been Blessed with Love.*G* 41 messages in this topic | post via the web | start a topic via the web Group Links home | announcements | discussions | host shares | members | email preferences To stop receiving discussion posts from SpiritWeb Org, visit: or email to: new topic email: owner email: Scott C. Care2 GroupsCare2 groups offers tools for keeping in touch with those who share your interests including: host announcements member discussions rss content group shares To learn more go to C2C Groups Popular GroupsPets Galore (272 members) Book Junkies (189 members) Understanding Judaism (52 members) Workers' Rights Support Group (103 members) ~FALLEN ECHOS~ (88 members) More Popular Groups » Share, Learn, Connect and Make a Difference with Care2 Groups! To stop receiving this newsletter, visit: or send a blank email message to:, Inc. 275 Shoreline Drive, Suite 300 Redwood City, CA 94065
11 years ago
Hello to all my fellow spirits from SWC !! I used to be Gandolph back in the days before SWC shut down. Lady Harmony, Sophia, EaTrom, Legs, Dancer, Lani and BluBear, and so many more. I was an old timer as well. God Bless you all. I hope to hear from as many of you as possible.  I'm sorry if I forgot to mention any of you. it's not intentional. Love to you all.  A great ball of Golden White Light surrounds Gandolph and it suddenly dissappears. Gandolph is gone but, everyone who has seen the light has been Blessed with Love.*G*
11 years ago

Do you have 'Iron Walkers' or 'Perchance's' e-mail by any chance please?

11 years ago

Do you  have  Iron walkers   or perchances  e-mail  by any chance please?

former name on SWC
11 years ago

Thanks Harmony

I have since (since SWC folded) moved numerous times,

in a long divorce process, taken on personal "energy work" projects.....  it will be so good to reconnect with those of like

spirit - as I need like minded souls with me strongly now.


Loretta, yes!
11 years ago
It was simply terrible the day that SWC ended. I just remember going through all kinds of effort to collect as many email addresses as I could, trying to keep everyone together who wanted to. Sad, very sad. There's never been anything quite like it since, in my experience.
11 years ago


I used ls61 on SWC.... if anyone remembers me...

It crushed me when that site folded

Looking for Perchance or Ironwalker
11 years ago


I am Looking for Perchance or Ironwalker any one  know of them or their e-mail much appreciated please...

just refreshing this topic, here
11 years ago
so we can get re-acquainted with each other and know what our spiritweb names were..
Hi, Lyra!
12 years ago
Send me your email again, would ya? You never replied to my network message some months ago (so that I could send it to Sophia).. (((((HUG)))))) and hello to Manas!! Delighted to hear from you!! Harmony
LYRA here!!
12 years ago

Hi you most wonderful people, LYRA here and so happy to read all these familiar names, wowowow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still got the starblankey, one never knows when you need it, and Manas is here with me too! 8 happy years of living together! Thanks Spiritweb!!

hugs and love to all

Hi John, and welcome!
12 years ago
I remember both nicknames Magus and Metatron! Good to see you here!
Awe man I cant believe some of you folks are still alive
12 years ago

Spirit Web Chat was one of my very first places i ever spent any time on way back in like 97 or something back when i had a p-90 processor and 28k dialup. LOL

I don't know if anyone remembers me but I chatted at stonehenge mostly for about 6 months to a year . When I first started chatting at SWC my nick name was Magus and then I started using the nickname Metatron until SWB took that name from me and wouldnt let me use it anymore. After that I never went back.

I was the guy who was all into the Golden Dawn and Esoteric studies.

Anyways if any of you guys remember me let me know. I remember lots of you guys .

Ps . YOu guys remember BEAM TEAM??? I still keep in touch with him.

12 years ago

Hello and Namaste'! I am EaTrom, have always been and hopefully always will be. I was one of the oldest members of SWC way back in the mid 90's. Now I hang out sometimes at RainbowArts and now I have here as well.

Greetings to all my old and new friends!

Hi, 999! (The Original)
12 years ago
Good to see you here! and welcome
12 years ago
I went by 999, but someone seems to have taken my name. So I'll now go by TheOriginal999
13 years ago
FatherTime....hasn't changed much, but I can't get that name anywhere...apparently there are more than one of me....
13 years ago
*bows*  Sir Steps, AT your service  *g*
Hi, Chayuta!
13 years ago
Good to see you again! Bit by bit, this group's coming together- it sure has its own time about doing this Were you one of the Giza-ites in SWC? or....
13 years ago

Halito Everyone from Chayuta (aka) Lady_greentree (aka) Badmoonrising, depending on my mood of course.

Miss everyone!


Chayuta (aka) Rocky, usually at home and at work

13 years ago

  Great to have u here with us!!!

Welcome, (*(*(FaireMaiden)*)*)
13 years ago
And what a treat to see you in here! So what've you been up to these days?
13 years ago
I be the FaireMaiden... here, there, and everywhere!!!
13 years ago

Wish you all      I look forward to get to know u!!!


13 years ago
Hi, Dancer!! A very warm !! How've you been?
13 years ago

Hiya all...*S Nice to see so many people here. My old nic at swc was dancer.

(*(*(Aloha, Lani!)*)*)
13 years ago
Am absolutely tickled pink to see you in here! And now, seeing both you and Darkblade in here, I can at last have an "Attitude of Bratitude!" hurrah!
Lani there and Lani here *grins*
13 years ago
Wow, what a great idea.

14 years ago
Hey, Ruth! Glad to see you!! Seems as if we're all drifting in here bit by bit! hurrah!
da bird is back!
14 years ago
(((((((Harmony))))))) (((((((Steps)))))))))) (((((((((Ellspeth))))))))))) and ((((((((everyone else I haven't met yet)))))))))

This place already is starting to feel like home.

My nic at SWC started out as wdove .... and I can't remember if I ever changed it there or not, but go by whytedove now or just dove mostly.

L & L x2

(That's Love & Light, Laughter & Lunacy in case you were wondering )
my spiritweb nickname
14 years ago
... I was siri
I'd like to see more!
14 years ago

This is a thread, with 25 members here, that should be longer.  Come on folks *s*  Yeah, I'm back...... again  *g* 



14 years ago
Please don't shut up!  I enjoy reading everyone's posts.

14 years ago

I liked the articles on walk ins and star seeds.  Very interesting and also The Order of Melchizidek. (Hope I spelled that properly.)

Just throwing my world weary two pence in there. (Maybe I should just shut up? LOL)

A big welcome to everyone.  I've been most remiss in not welcoming folks and I do apologise for that..

Love and Light,


14 years ago
I can't forget The Mission of the One Star by Alloya.  It really affected me, and one of her close friends happened to be one of my favorite dj's who I was fortunate enough to meet!  
14 years ago

There were so many good ones!  I especially loved Ronna Herman's chanels of Arkangel Micheal. 
A Warm welcome, Evelyne!
14 years ago

And yes indeed, those articles in SpiritWeb were amazing! Those first ones I read were by Lyssa Royal (spelling?) channeling about the Fifth Dimension and/or the next evolutionary step for the human race. Which ones did you like to read? ((((warm hugs)))) Harmony
14 years ago
I honestly don't remember what mine was!  I never joined the chats, I would just spend my nights reading the wonderful articles; it was a great time of growth for me!  Now I wish I had chatted with others....

14 years ago
This IS a treat and a joy Am so happy to see you both in here!
15 years ago
Steps~ short for "steps lightly on mother earth" I friends! Blessings and well-wishings to all~
I had a very ingenious nickname...
15 years ago
Easy to recall... Ellspeth. *wondering if I throw a door stop to the US, will it hit wildfire?*...hmmmm....
Your NickName in the former SpiritWeb.Org?
15 years ago
| Hot!
I started off as "harmony23" in SpiritWeb which metamorphosed into "LadyHarmony". I really wanted just "Harmony", but it had been taken already by a musician dude.

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