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Tips for Cheap/Free Fun!
12 years ago
| Blue Label
For more free entertainment go to your local library and check out videos, dvds, books, cds, and more. For free gardening help and seeds, soil tests, and rewards for kids see your local extension office about their 4 H gardening project. Also they give one free "work book" per year in my state. This year my middle daughter did gardening as my eldest did child developement. Rural residents may be able to participate in the 4 H poultry chain where they give your child free chickens to raise as long as your child gives back 1/4 of the chickens at full growth of the chickens. Your family will end up with enough chickens and eggs for a year free....Plus your child could enter these same chickens into the fair and maybe get a dollar or two prize money! And last but not least...this teaches WONDERFUL values and gives children a sense of accomplishment. There are numerous wonderful programs like this everywhere if you look. Most are small and unique to the community they serve. You will have to be diligent to find them. Another way to pass time if your alone and have plenty of time to spare is to visit residents at the nursing homes. It can be very educational and rewarding to speak to old folks. I used to volunteer every day for an entire summer as I turned 12. I loved listening to their stories...and man did they have stories! Plus this has the added benefit of letting the aged in our communities serve a relate their life experiences, and to feel needed. It costs nothing and does so much! There are a million homschooling links on the web.... if you google it your sure to get something until you have money for better educational supplies.
12 years ago
I forgot to give C2 member Dody B. credit for all the tips I just posted!
More from Dody
12 years ago
If you NEED tv to keep the kids quiet but don't want to pay for cable television. Go to : This has Japaneese cartoons and soap operas. Yes they are subtitled, but my 6 year old and 5 year old still watch it!
Nona C and Laura S give Free Puzzle Sites!
12 years ago
You can play free Jigsaw puzzles here... Nona C. More free puzzles: Laura S. free puzzles lots of freeware puzzles and assted games.
12 years ago
I know I've said it before, but exercise saves you money in SO MANY WAYS! Instead of going out on a date, stay in, turn down the lights, kick off your shoes and dance to a fun playlist. That way, you're already home when you're ready to start snuggling! Movie tickets around here are $9.50 each. I'd much rather stay home and slow dance with my husband. And he gets points for being romantic!
12 years ago
Dust off that old monopoly box in the closet.
12 years ago
Fun things to do...

I like to crochet and sew.  I also like making jam although it is quite messy.

My kids like board games, puzzles, even school work. 

We rent free movies from the college library I attend. 

Collages made of junk male and flour paste is great too.

We have made bird feeders from suete (animal fat) and left over the sesame seeds...I got a gallon tub for less than 5 bucks.  So of course I have too much to use....

The kids like to make all sorts of drawings, but use a slate to draw on...saves me money on all the note books and pens they would burn through.

I've already mentioned paper dolls, hats, and airplanes right?

playing frre games like Silk Road and Dofus online is fun too...hey I'm not a complete luddite.

Playing runny, gin, spades, and hearts...not to mention go fish and old maid is fun.

Playing musical chairs, ring around the roses, teddy bear teddy bear turn around, jump rope, or nature walk with the kids.  I have ten plenty of nature to walk in.
12 years ago is great for kids of all ages. You can create or adopt up to 4 vertual pets, feed them, play games and all kinds of other kool stuff. It is also one of the most kid safe places on the web. I once tried to email my son from there and it wouldn't let me because I had written "pass" and accidently put a spsce after the p. They have a zero tolerance rule.when it comes to policing their site. 
Some cheap, free fun
11 years ago
If you've never volunteered for an animal shelter, give it a try. Not only are you doing a service, but it can be a blast. Who cares if you're only doing the "fun" jobs? Every job has to be done! Sure, they need people to wash the food dishes and scoop the poop. But if you want some free fun, go walk the dogs and play with the kitties! You'll never find a more appreciative animal than one who doesn't have a home yet.

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