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Easy/Fun Fundraisers for Small Organizations
12 years ago
| Blue Label
I know it isn't a personal finance issue, but a lot of us donate to charity, which DOES affect our budgets. If you give regularly to your kids' scout troop, basketball team, or a shelter, consider a different way to help, when money gets tight, so you don't have to stop giving. Use this thread to post easy and/or fun ways to give to charities without spending much or any of your own money. For Example: raised a surprising amount of money for my little group. Considering there were very few of us, I was pleasantly surprised. Individuals don't have to register, and you just have to give them the name, phone number and address of the non-profit, school or church/synagogue (did I spell that right?) that you want to raise money for, so they can make sure it is actually legitimate, and so they can send the money. The Elephant Sanctuary apparently raised a thousand dollars over the last few months just by people using Goodsearch to search the net. Try it! Now, I goodsearch for Please check out www.Polaris It will change your life. I also wanted to bring everyone's attention to Teachers without Borders. It's an incredible organization, similar to one a lot of us are already familiar with: Doctors without Borders. Check out their webpage, by searching for it on Goodsearch, and it'll donate a penny to the cause! It's pretty awesome! Click to Donate: has almost every click to donate site on the web! Kind of a one-stop deal.
Easy, easy, easy: Raffle!
12 years ago
Raffles are probably the easiest fundraiser you can possibly do. If you're interested in never having to buy another roll of wrapping paper for your kid's school again, offer to instead organize a fundraiser for the PTA (PTO, PTSA, etc). Get together with another few parents and: 1) Go to a Party store and buy a huge roll of raffle tickets. 2) Go to a bookstore and buy a popular DVD. 3) Attend a football game or some other event, and sell tickets at the concession stand. 4) Have someone announce the winner. 5) Hand winner prize. 6) Hand organization money. 7) Go home knowing you did some good today. Some other tips: Most local restaurants and car maintence shops would be delighted to donate a gift certificate for a raffle, if the proceeds go to a good cause. It's in their best interest to do so. A free car wash, oil change or spaghetti dinner will bring customers back, and they can write it off their taxes. Use these gift certificates as prizes for raffles, or as thank yous to the organization's clients, etc, so you don't have to spend money from the treasury (or your own pocket) for these things. Don't charge very much for raffle tickets, and give a discount for buying a whole bunch of them. (Example: 50 cents each, or three for $1.) After all, you don't care how many raffle tickets someone ends up with. So they're more likely to buy a ton of them if they're cheap, and you'll end up making more money that way. Also, you're more likely to get 15 people to give you $1 than you are to get one person to give you $15.

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