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Jeremys case... January 17, 2007 3:46 AM

October 7th 2006 - Jeremy was transported to the county Sheriff Dept. by Deputy Satel for questioning as a witness to a fire around 5:30 a.m.  Somehow during this time, Deputy Michael Hammonn became involved with Jeremy in a verbal confrontation, Jeremy wanted to know if he was being arrested, Hammonn was intimidating, acting superior purposely to anger my son, they were swearing at each other, until Hammonn with unneccesary force hand-cuffed, shackled and personally took all my sons belongings from his pockets!  He then took my son and attached his hand-cuffs to a secure place on a wall in a room and left my son alone.  Jeremy was intoxicated, under the influence of something? He had stumbled and fell to his knees, it was difficult to stand as he struggled to do so to relieve the intense pain on his wrists, when he scrapped his right shin.  After some time Hammonn came back in, unhooked the cuffs and drug my son back into a jail cell

Steve Kellen the State Fire Investigator for our area, who we've known for nearly 12 yrs and consider him a friend, was called regarding the arson, he called me approx. 10:30 a.m. to come get Jeremy.  Kellen & I spoke for about an hour regarding Jeremy, his memory etc., he informed me that Jeremy was intoxicated a little, he thought they were arresting him, so there was a bit of a problem and he was in jail.  I then wanted to get my son, we walked out to where the main area was into a small room where there was a young female at the Operator Switch board, a big male deputy seated at a table in front of a monitor.  Noticing my sons belongings next to him on the table, I asked if they were my sons?  Deputy replied sharply "I don't know whose they are!"  I then got close enough to see the monitor, and saw Jeremy in the lower right hand corner of the screen, and the jailer getting him out of there. 

When Jeremy came out he was rubbing his wrists, walking unsteady and slow, he leaned against the file cabinets. I saw his wrists, they were bright red, swollen and indented by the cuffs all the way around each wrists.  I asked what happened, all my son said was "can we go home now?"  I said "yep, that's why I'm here".  As we were walking out, the big deputy says "hey, don't forget these" as I turned around I recognized the officer, since he finally made eye contact with me, and he handed me the items that were on the table, the same ones I asked about earlier

At home Jeremy told me what had happened that morning for those hours he was there. I wanted to take pictures of his wrists, ankles and shin, but he wouldn't let me, he was mad at that deputy and had said something about Steve was nice tho and he wished he could just talk to him. I witnessed the wound on his shin, the red, swelling & bruising of his wrists & ankles.

October 9th 2006 - approx. 8:15 a.m. after my other 2 boys went to school, Jeremy soon came in through the back door, surprising me!  He appeared very disorientated, confused, unstable standing, slurring or mumbling as he spoke, he was wearing sweat shorts, a wife-beater t-shirt, short ankle socks and my rubber clogs (Crocs)  all very unusual dress for this chilly time of year, especially wearing my clogs, this was not normal at all for my son to do. There were several small scratches on his head, with some blood and he was smeared with mud in many places, there was a smell, however I couldn't tell what it was, and with his present state of mind I could tell that he was beligerent, terrified of something and very moody.. 

He spoke of asians in a car with guns chasing him to kill him, the fear in his eyes, the expression on his face all told me that he believed what he was saying.  All that day I tried several times to get him to wash up or change his clothes or both!  He ignored me everytime, until he got irritated with me and asked "why?"  when I showed him the mud & blood on his shirt, it seemed he did not even see it, he thought he was fine, looked fine etc., we did visit a couple friends, so they also saw Jeremy that morning... later another dear friend and his 14 yr old son came over to visit when we were back home. 2 more witnesses who observed my sons appearance & behavior.

Around 3:00 p.m. Jeremy was showing very negative characteristics, rude, mean, angry, insulting, threatening etc.,  at the same time, he would try to walk, he couldn't stand straight, he leaned to one side as he stumbled trying to walk. Feeling the tension, I began to ask Jeremy what he was on, what did he take?  He mumbled a little grumpy, then I realized he had gotten into my medication, when I asked him, he got very upset, he called me names and I told him to get out of my house, he went into a violent rage, stormed through the house to the front door pulling down the TV, DVD's, lights etc., I was right behind him, he tried to turn to come back in the house at the front door, but I pushed him down and locked the door. He fell down several times, struggling to stand back up, he was acting out of his mind.. Never have I seen my kid this way, he was not saying anything, just filled with anger and rage.  We heard glass breaking, then a louder crash of shattering glass that I knew was the back storm door.

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 January 17, 2007 4:34 AM

He had thrown a clay pot at the window and busted it.  I'm sure I saw Jeremy cut his face, as I saw the blood begin to flow when I saw his hand near his cheek, then with a finger he smeared blood across his other cheek.  This is when I had to call 911, telling the operator that my son had taken an overdose of xanax, he was out of control, breaking up my house & car, and he is cutting himself with broken glass. 

I opened the window, telling Jeremy I called 911, I was not pressing charges, but please cooperate and stop what he was doing?  He started wobbling over to the window I was at, with my 14 yr old God son behind me watching too.  When he got right up to the screen of the window, his face was clinched like stone, his eyes were not in focus or looking straight at me, saying not a word, he took a big piece of glass placing it on the right side of his throat, I was crying telling him to stop, why are you doing this, when a deputy said "show me your hands!" which Jeremy dropped the glass and cooperated. Ambulance was called, several paramedics and another officer came, Deputy Wellnitz. 

Jeremy was taken to ER where the attending physician, Dr Lastine administered treatment to his wounds.  Many tests were done, urine, blood & breath.  Quickest results came back testing positive for THC and HIGH LEVELS of BENZODIAZAPHRINE and .14 alcohol.  The Dr. then tried to place my son with several inpatient facilities, none had beds available, so he put Jeremy on a 72 hr hold for detox process & sent him to a local treatment center, New Life Treatment in Woodstock, MN.  Two times I called the ER trying to stress the fact that I know my son is suicidal right now, that if anything happens to him I will hold all involved responsible, each call seemed to be useless as no one would tell me anything. (my son is 26 yrs old).

October 10th 2006 - Approx. 3:00 a.m. the phone rang, woke me up by the time I got to it, they'd hung up. Just that quick a car pulled in my driveway, I went to the front door, opened it and saw a Sheriff car, Steve Kellen and Deputy Derrick Wellnitz got out & came into my house. Dogs were barking woke up my youngest 16 yr old son, while he put his dog in his room, I put the other in mine.  I was talking to Steve, when I saw Wellnitz had my 16 yr old cornered at the bottom of the steps questioning him about Jeremy and drugs??? I saw my sons face, he had just woke up to this?  I told Wellnitz he couldn't do that, my son had nothing to do with what his brother did, I got mad and said drugs have nothing to do with this anyway. My son came and stood behind me and Steve.  Wellnitz lays a search warrant on top of the TV and tells me to sign, I asked what are you looking for & Steve asked if I knew what shoes Jeremy was wearing earlier?  I told him yes, the clogs were right there so I grabbed them, Steve asked if they could take them and again I said yes.. that was all they wanted so then I signed the search warrant.  Wellnitz smelled one of my clogs and then stuck it in my face to smell.

Later I found out that they were out to see Jeremy just before they came here at 3:00 a.m. (not even 9 hrs into his detox process) they served him with a search warrant, took all his clothes had a few questions my son doesn't remember then left there to come to my house.  A woman feeling sorry for my son found a big T-shirt for him to wear.

Later that morning I took some clothes & deoderant to the treatment center for my son. The 1st one to greet me was a woman, secretary I think? Who knew nothing, so made me tell her why I was there.  Due to my anxiety disorder, I tend to cry uncontrollably, body trembles & I do hypervenilate somewhat.  She backed off from me, asking if I was drinking?  I said "what? I seldom ever drink" then I explained how my middle son was just in a bad car accident not but a week before this, now my oldest son took an overdose of xanax 1mg and tried to kill himself in front of me. She stated that I was acting all jittery like I was on something?  Trying to control myself, failing obviously she got an Administrator for me to talk with. He was very nice & understanding, he reassured me that my son would be taken care of, that later that day he was going to be evaluated, I also told this man that my son was suicidal and severly depressed and that I would hold all involved responsible if he hurts himself or anyone else, he told me also that Dr Lastine did try to place Jeremy in about 8 facilities yet none had room for him.  I left deoderant, a jacket, a pair of shorts, 2 boxers, 2 prs of socks, 2 T-shirts and a pair of pants for Jeremy.

7:30 p.m. on the 10th, Kellen again calls me from the Sheriff Dept. asking me to come down to talk to them.  When I got there he leads me back into the Dept. into the same converence room as before.  Wellnitz came in and Kellen had a tape recorder. The 1st thing Wellnitz told me was that he had been at this job for 13 yrs, he has worked with a lot of mentally ill people and my son was not mentally ill.  This statement outraged me, I asked him who gave him his psych degree that qualifies him to diagnose my son? I told Wellnitz that I am labeled mentally ill, I take medications for it, depression & anxiety caused by physically disabilities, which labels me mental.  Wellnitz came off as an intimidating redneck to me who could care less about me or my son.

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 January 17, 2007 5:36 AM

Kellen stopped our confrontation, changed the subject and turned on the tape recorder.  With a folder containing pictures of the arson and attempted arson, they showed them with explainations.  They began to ask me questions about Jeremy, Steve was alright, he has and always was pleasant to talk to, Kellen treats people like human beings, no better or worse than they are, he shows no intimidation, he is just a real guy who treats people like real people. However Wellnitz took over the questioning asking where my kid gets his clothes, his shoes, the IPOD etc., knowing this guy is hung up & obsessed with "drug conspiracies etc." he was obviously accussing Jeremy of using, running or dealing drugs.  He even so much as brought up my friends/family of 32 yrs trying to involve them in this situation.

I got up and began to pace the floor, angry that I'm being taped, Wellnitz is way off track and trying to make something out of nothing to do with what my son was being accussed of, Jeremy doesn't even have a running car, how ludicris was Wellnitz's questioning!  Due to this deputy, I began going into a panic attack, crying, shaking, unable to sit, hypervenilating but still saying what was on my mind.. I told them this was messed up, they were trying to use me against my own son and it was wrong, I would not do it!  Steve then turned off the tape recorder.  Wellnitz was telling me he wanted to help Jeremy, he even told Jeremy this, but Jeremy asked why he wanted to help him, and Wellnitz just said because I do.. Jeremy told him he did not trust him.  After hearing that, I told Wellnitz "good, cause I don't trust you either".

Both Kellen & Wellnitz was telling me that Jeremy was not cooperating, he was lying etc., but they were breaking him down, they thought he was at about rock bottom, so he probably will talk soon.  Wellnitz also seemed to take great pleasure in telling me that they had Jeremy in jail right there, right now.  This news increased my anxiety, the tears etc., I had to get out of there.. Steve walked me out, had a cig. with me and talked briefly..  He told me that Wellnitz was just doing his job, that's they way cops are, he also said that he couldn't believe how they were talking & treating Jeremy and me that night either, but he wouldn't say no more than that, I could tell he didn't like what was going on, but he told me too, that when he told the cops that he knew me and my boys, that we were friends and he thought a lot of me, he started to get wierd looks and some remarks about it.  Kellen told me that "they" thought he would just drop this whole thing, because he knew me.

October 11th 2006 - Jeremy was again "interrogated" this time he was made to stand between 2 big, burley, redneck deputies while they questioned him, Steve Kellen was present with the tape recorder also.  For a long time, Officers Matthews & Wellnitz were drilling my son with insinuations, accusations & strong intimidations, they taunted, cussed & confused my son, they argued with him, tried to be his friend then cuss him, these men put words in my sons mouth over & over again, they would not accept that he was unable to remember details of the 48 hrs he was overdosing, drinking and smoking pot.  They wanted a full confession with details, which Jeremy honestly could not give them.  This so-called "interview" has transcripts available from the tape recordings of Steve Kellen.

I saw my son in jail the 1st time on the 15th visiting day. It is then that I found out what "they" did to him on the 10th when they took him out of treatment.  Jeremy said that he felt still very high & relaxed when Wellnitz took him from treatment to the Sheriff Dept. in Pipestone, he said he had no idea what was going on.  When he got there, he was taken into the "converence room" where Steve Kellen with tape recorder & Wellnitz began to question him, this too is all on transcripts from the Fire Investigator.  Obviously it was an emotional roller coaster for my son, by the transcripts it is simple to see when emotions were obvious.  Towards the end of this "interview" the tape recorder is shut of TWICE, with only the last time recording the time.  It is important to remember this, because Jeremy says that this is when Officer Wellnitz became frustrated because Jeremy was not confessing like he wanted him to, they had just lied to my son about me & his little brothers, making Jeremy feel like he'd lost us, we hated him etc. both Kellen & Wellnitz knew they touched a soft spot in my son, they had him sobbing deeply hurt.  Wellnitz put Jeremy into a cell equiped with cameras and left him there all alone.

No way could my son have been clear in his mind & clean in his body from over 30 Xanax plus.. Inside that cell he was hating himself, still crying he tried to pull out stitches on his face, the thought of losing us was unbearable to him, he violently began to punch himself in the face where his stitched wound was, making it bleed & bruised.. When I asked him why he did that? He said that he wanted to make sure he never forgets what he done to me, he wanted to punish himself.  Very seldom have my sons & I ever been in a serious argument/fight with each other, my sons are good boys, well mannered, polite & they respect & love their momma.  We do not hurt one another! 

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 January 17, 2007 6:43 AM

Finally the deputy got Jeremy out & back into the "converence room" where they began to question him again.  When my son remained consistant with what he'd told them before, Wellnitz angry, ending the interview he then threw Jeremy into Solitary Confinement.


  1. October 7thI could only obtain 1 available Report filed for that morning by Deputy Satel.  In his report tho brief, he states that Jeremy was "questioned than released".  Which I know for a fact, that Satel's Report is incomplete & FALSE.
  2. Deputy Michael Hammonn DID IN FACT demonstrate several violations to Minnesota Laws, Rules & Statutes, in addition, he is guilty of denying Jeremy his Civil Rights1.) Hammonn filed NO WRIT/REPORT regarding his involvement & confrontation with Jeremy.  2.) Hammonn obviously used inappropriate & unneccesary force of restraints.  3.) Hammonn clearly was guilty of a form of "TORTURE" when he attached Jeremys cuffs to a secure place on a wall in a room then left him alone to stumble, fall & injure himself further from the restraints.  4.) Hammonn took Jeremy's personal belongings out of his pockets (illegal to do unless the individual is under an arrest) taunted him then locked him in a jail cell. Even after Jeremy continued asking if he was under arrest, Hammonn neglected to read MIRANDA RIGHTS to my son & he intentionally ignored responsibility to FILE A REPORT.
  3. October 10th: It was wrong that Wellnitz & Kellen were able to mess with Jeremys' mind once he was placed in a Treatment process with a 72 hr hold for Detox.   
  4. Serving a Search Warrant, questioning & taking  clothes, shoes etc. only approx. 9 hrs into Jeremy's Detox process. (thank goodness a women found him a t-shirt to wear).
  5. Less than 24 hrs. Wellnitz took responsibility for declaring Jeremy to be "sobered up" (stated in his Report filed) so he picked Jeremy up, transported him back to Pipestone Sheriff Dept. to be questioned.
  6. Jeremy states what Wellnitz did during the time of being "interrogated" the "TORTURE" he went through while still strongly under the influence, feeling bad, sad that he may have lost me & his brothers etc. Wellnitz is GUILTY of "Color of Law" violations against my son.  In no way Jeremy was clear in his mind or body to be subjected to such coersion, corruption, INTERROGATION, accusations and such lies about his mom & brothers.
  7. Wellnitz is Guilty of watching on camera & allowing my son to break down, beat himself bruised & bloody.. then "interrogating him all over again.  Not hearing what he wanted, Wellnitz locks Jeremy in Solitary Confinement.  ALL THIS when Jeremy was suppose to be under a physician care, 72 hr. hold for detox and a concerned mothers demand her son be on a suicide watch.  Severe VIOLATIONS of my sons Constitutional, CIVIL RIGHTS.
  8. Wellnitz is Guilty of misconduct, abuse of authority & other violations against the Minnesota Laws, Rules & Statutes.
  9. Pipestone County Sheriff Dan Delaney DID receive a COMPLAINT from me regarding these 2 Officers & their misconduct.  I have proof of email sent to him, as well as proof of his response to me sent directly after I left the jail from visiting Jeremy.  Where at the jail the Sheriff confronted me telling me he got my emails, he said I was totally off base, that I didn't have my facts right, I didn't even have names correct.  I told him that according to my documentations, they're right, he then turned and looked at me seriously & told me "WATCH OUT Tamme, you just Watch Out".
  10. The Sheriff's email reply to me states briefly that he investigated my complaint and found that his officers acted accordingly to the departmental proceedures.
  11. Now my son after serving jail time was released & awaits word of his pre-sentencing investigation, which is on the 17th today!  Offered in court & accepted by Prosecution & Judge was a Plea of 120 days in jail, Treatment, Restitution, Fines & 5-10 yrs probation with that time in prison hanging over his head.  So I will have to tell you what happens today??  My son is scared and so am I.. our understanding is that IF the probation office does not think that Jeremy needs treatment, he will have to go to prison?  Not sure if that right, but this is how my son believe

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 January 17, 2007 7:14 AM

I realize that is a heck of a long story, hope most of you aren't too bored?    just so you know neither my son nor I have never once tried to fight the criminal charges, Jeremy understands that he seriously needs help, he feels so bad for what he did here, to me etc., what happened, scared the heck out of him as much if not more than me!  He said he didn't like "that guy he was then", and he wants help to figure out what is wrong inside, fixing himself & hopefully starting a new beginning in his life.  He admits to a drinking problem, he admits to feeling really bad, depressed he thinks?  But he doesn't understand really what he feels, he just wants help! 

I've sent so many emails to officials, agencies etc. from Govt. to State... recieved few replies, most just giving me the runaround, others passing the buck to others and so on.. Just this past Sunday I emailed the FBI Tip Hotline, receiving a phone response within a few hrs., the gentleman I spoke to encouraged me to continue with my plight against the corruption in my town, but to remember to keep the "criminal" issue seperate from the "civil" issue... which I'm possibly having a tough time doing, so he referred me to go to the local FBI office for my area. Expressing my concern for local people sticking together in corruption, he reassured me  that FBI is a completely different & totally seperate from any State or County agencies etc. and that they indeed are there to help with situations such as my sons & my concerns regarding the mistreatment of my son while he was in such a vulnerable condition & state of mind.

Now I'm working on getting things organized & ready to present to the FBI closest to me.  I'll be traveling to meet them soon I hope, so I'll definately keep everyone updated.  Hopefully, this is the way that I will be heard?  Maybe this is how the bad cops get what they deserve finally around here?  Then again, who knows?  I've been let down, like many of you so much that we don't let our hopes get too far up there anymore, we just hold onto faith & the hope our faith give us in life.

I do think it is strange however, that at 1st the prosecuter Damiane Sandy refused to plea bargain, he wanted at least 10 yrs for Jeremy in prison, he told the Public Defender for my son that he didn't believe Jeremy needed Mental or Substance abuse Treatment, my son said he saw those words scribbled on his Defenders papers while they were meeting.  After 2 entire weeks of my constant emailing of numerous contacts I found on the web etc., something must have happened cause out of the blue comes the offer of a Plea Bargain, No prison time, 120 days in jail (time served) inpatient Treatment, 5-10 yrs probation with prison hanging over his head.

The prosecutor refused to allow the felony charges be reduced after 10 yrs., but agreed to the rest.  The judge ordered a pre-sentencing investigation, he questioned my son on the stand, prosecutor asked 1 question "Jeremy do you believe this plea is in your best interest?" and then from what I understood from the Defender was that the investigation was to determine restitution, fines & placement in a Treatment Facility.  As you know, Jeremy understands it all quite differently, we have no documentation to say otherwise so we have been waiting for today when he meets with a gal from the probation office regarding the investigation.  Guess we will find out soon enough what will happen next in Jeremys case...

  for reading (sorry there's so much, I can be windy at times of passion    believe it or not I left some things out. It could have been lengthier... lol)  Any suggestions???  Please post a reply to this topic?? Lend me your thoughts since you've already given me your ears, (or eyes?) 

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Tough times for you (hug) January 17, 2007 8:10 AM

This sounds like a very difficult time for you and your son and my heart goes out to you both, that said-I think you need to continue emailing and calling and talking to anyone and everyone who will listen-contact the national media it is easy to do and see if they would be interested in doing a story on his plight-sometimes bringing national attention is the best way to force corruption out into the public eye.  Just a thought-if you need someone to talk to you can contact me :)  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 January 17, 2007 8:16 AM

Hi TW!

I want to thank you for sharing Jeremy's story with us. I know none of this is easy for you BUT, you are a very strong, courageous woman! I admire the dedication you have to your children.If all Mothers would stand up & actively try to change the things that have hurt their children, we would have a country full of mad Mom's & a huge voice to back up everything we are committed to accomplishing.

As well as Jeremy's story, we appreciate you sharing the information you have obtained about the FBI, their resources & public information. I don't think most people think about the FBI in this capacity. Through your generosity, we know different now!

Take good care of TW & please give Jeremy a hug for us & tell him we are working very hard to make changes so he or other young people in your area won't go through that again!

God bless! *rose*

Linda B, co-host

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hi January 17, 2007 10:30 AM

Great TW now we can write letters for your boy where do you want us to start we are ready to help you all we can love Joann  [ send green star]
hi January 17, 2007 10:32 AM

Great TW now we can write letters for your boy where do you want us to start we are ready to help you all we can love Joann  [ send green star]
 January 22, 2007 4:59 AM

That's the problem, I don't know where or who we could write to at this point because the case isn't over?  Jeremy met with a Probation official, who set up a psych. evaluation, which he spent nearly 2 hrs. doing, (and anyone who has been through those, know they aren't easy on ya).  He goes back again tomorrow to fill out the questionaire they give you, pages & pages of questions, personal and otherwise, same questions asked over & over but differently phrased...

Then he has to have a chemical evaluation, which they will check out substance abuse (alcohol, drugs) From these tests or evaluations, the Probation office will then decide whether or not my son needs treatment??  Which you guys, family, friends & me all know he desperately needs a chance in treatment..  BUT IF they don't think he needs it... they plan on sending him to prison.. this doesn't make sense to me, especially when he served the 120 days??  But that's how they are running this deal now.

Jeremy said that it was hard for him at the psych. evaluation, talking to this guy he didn't know.. yet he said that the guy felt his feelings as he was telling him of some of his experiences of pain & anger..  The lengthy questionaire he has to fill out is tricky not to mention time consuming & boring... but that will also help a lot with the mental evaluation.  Knowing that questionaire has been around for a very long time, there must be something about it that sincerely helps to diagnose an individual.

Right now the only one I can think of to write would be the judge? If thats the case, then his infor. is below.. but are we sure that this is the right contact?  Does anyone have any other ideas of who else might be of assistance that we could write?  Let me know please, if any of you have any good ideas please?   cause right now I'm at a stand still.. don't want to do anything to mess up my sons case, making it tougher for him.. I don't want to go to the FBI until Jeremy is out of this county and hopefully in treatment???  But of course they are taking their sweet ass time.  All these evaluations were promised to him in October of 2006, the Probation office didn't receive a letter requesting them to contact Jeremy until January 9th of this year!  (I saw the letter)

Remember the infamous Prosecuting Attny Damien Sandy, does not think my son needs treatment, he thinks that Jeremy is just going to burn the town down if free... (Jeremy read the side notes the Prosecutor wrote to his Public Defender).  The judge at this point I doubt knows anything about the misconduct and abuse issues yet?  He just knows the criminal aspect..

What I do need help with is keeping the "criminal" and "civil" issues seperated.  Which to me is tough, cause it all involves the criminal issue, and the FBI gentleman that called me was very kind with his advise but he did stress that fact!  Did I tell you guys that when I emailed the FBI Hotline Tip last Sunday, an agent called me within a couple hrs?  Pretty fast response (considering all the people I've contacted already over this in the last 4 months). 

So I think that anyone & everyone should at least TRY the FBI with your situations of corruption, email or call, they do respond quickly & they assure you that they are NOT connected to any State, County or township, they are a seperate division all together of the Federal Government and it is important to them to break down on Law Enforcement misconduct, corruption etc.

Wow!!  Can anyone else tell that my head has too much to think about?  LOL...  THANK YOU FOR SHOWING ME LOVE & SUPPORT... It really means alot to me and I greatly appreciate it!! 

~Tamme~Courtesy of

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 January 22, 2007 5:23 AM


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Local Paper articles January 22, 2007 5:58 AM

Fire breaks out on Main Street

Fire breaks out on Main Street

An early morning fire has destroyed a portion of a downtown business block. The fire occurred in the building situated between Henriksen Eye Clinic and Horner Chiropractic Clinic. The location was not used as a store front.

Pipestone Fire Department Chief Mark Otter said that firefighters reached the scene at approximately 5:50 a.m., but the fire had been burning for some time. However, Otter on Saturday morning couldn't fix a time when the fire actually started.

Otter said the state fire marshall was headed on his way Saturday morning to Pipestone to examine the fire scene. 
Posted: Sat, October 07, 2006


Main St. building deemed hazardous

By Duane Winn
The Pipestone City Council on Monday approved a resolution to categorize a recently burned down building on Main St. as a public hazard.
The vacant storefront, located on 216 West Main St., burned down on Saturday, Oct. 7. The fire was deemed as deliberately set, and a suspect has been arrested in connection with the fire.
The building was inspected by the city building inspector for damage, and it was termed a hazard for the following reasons:
• Interior walls and rafters were burnt and later collapsed. Exterior block walls have significant damage and are partially collapsed.
• Bearing walls collapsed with remaining walls in poor condition.
• Windows were boarded up with plywood. Sills are weathered and rotting.
• The metal roof collapsed.
• Exterior walls have partially or totally collapsed.
• The interior of the building is entirely destroyed.
• The concrete floor is severely cracked.
• Building is entirely or partially collapsed, and the debris left in an unsecured pile. Block walls are crumbling and falling to the ground.
Charred wood and pigeon feces are present.
Councilman Jaimie Sumption said he recently surveyed the damage which convinced him that the building was hazardous.
The owner, Charles H. Wilson, or any other persons claiming any right to the building, have 20 days once the resolution was adopted to repair or raze the building.
If corrective action isn't taken, according to the resolution, the city of Pipestone will raze or remove the building and then assess the costs against the real estate.
City Administrator/Attorney Jeff Jones said that Historic Pipestone Inc. has asked the city to preserve the building's archway which faces Main St. Jones said the city would try to comply with this request.

Posted: Tue, October 17, 2006


Arson suspect nabbed

By Tonia Goertz
Jeremy Branson Waddell of Pipestone is being held in the Pipestone County Jail on charges of arson in the second degree for the blaze on October 7 that destroyed the former auto repair garage at 216 W. Main.
Waddell is also facing charges of attempted arson in the first degree for attempting to set fire to a storage shed in the yard of a neighbor.
Waddell made his initial appearance on October 12, and he was back in court Tuesday October 17 for his second appearance. Bail in this case was set at $20,000.
According to Sheriff Dan Delaney, "In this case, there appears to be no motive other than the desire to set fire to structures. The accused is not a property owner, and appears to have no financial motivation."
Delaney explained that the Minnesota Fire Marshall and the Pipestone Deputy working closely together had identified Waddell at the scene. Evidence at the scene and gathered through interviews generated enough proof to bring charges against Waddell.
Delaney expressed that he "is glad that we have this person in custody as these types of crimes usually don't stop unless the person is caught."
Waddell will be back in court on October 31 for his Omnibus hearing.
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 January 22, 2007 6:15 AM

Remember they did have Jeremy at the Sheriff Dept. on the 7th from approximately 5:50 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. when I was there to pick him up & bring him home.  Deputy Michael Hamman during those hours verbally & physically abused his authority regarding my son, he hand-cuffed, shackled, took his belongings, tortured him, by attaching the cuffs securely up on a wall, leaving him alone where he stumbled and fell, struggling to stand to relieve the intense pain & pressure on his wrists from the cuffs, later throwing him into a jail cell.. all without Miranda Rights being read, all without any report filed regarding this incident between Hamman & Jeremy

The one & ONLY report filed at all from that morning was from a different deputy, it was not even 1/2 a page long and in it he states that Jeremy was questioned then released...  which was BS!  This report says nothing about the condition he was in or how his behavior was.  So it's clearly obvious that this deputy along with the Fire Investigator and anyone else on duty that morning are equally as guilty of misconduct and/or corruption for NOT REPORTING THE INCIDENT between Jeremy & Hamman, they allowed it to happen which makes them guilty as well of corruption.

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hello January 22, 2007 9:59 AM

Hello TW I get mad evertime I read your sons case,I have been praying for him and you dear friend I think I will send letter to the Judge maybe it will help,I will be here for you sister and we will keep fighting. Joann  [ send green star]
 January 24, 2007 4:12 AM

Joann, you are so dear... Thanks for sharing my anger & frustration with these people.. Jeremy is making his appointments at the Mental Health clinic, next he has to apply for State Medical help to pay for all this plus treatment IF they choose to place him there??  He is becoming familar now with the gentlemen they chose to work with him, he has come to like him, which is great!!  I was so hoping that a totally new person would be much better for Jeremy to talk to, open up etc., and so far so good!

The next evaluations will be for chemical or substance abuse, alcohol & drugs. So it is still a "waiting game".  But even tho it's tough on my boy, all the waiting etc., he is doing well and hangin' in there.  What is difficult is just not knowing what they will do with you, he is like in "limbo" and we all know that does not feel good at all and sooner or later it gets tough to deal with.  I personally feel they are just thinking Jeremy will eventually mess up again if they keep prolonging what should have been done months ago to get him help!  Then again that could be just my mistrust and suspicion of the corrupt deputies in this town?

I have an 18 yr old here too that I'm trying to get a party arranged for May to celebrate his graduation from school and his entering into college next year.  My 1st graduation of my sons, I'm so excited and happy... but boy it can be a little sad too, just knowing your babies are growing up and they will too be out on their own in this screwed up world..  One thing tho, I don't think my boys don't need me anymore, because each of them have told me they do and will always need me, which is cool they even say that to me...  So we do get appreciated and rewarded as parents, even if or when we feel like we may have failed them somehow, someway??

It's faith that pulls me through, it's love of family, friends that help me stay somewhat sane!  But it's special angels in our lives, like you Joann who really brings comfort & understanding.. family & friends sometimes don't say things just to keep one from pain or anger, plus they are personally involved.  Joann you reached out to me and as a total stranger touched my heart to let me know I was not alone, and "someone" is listening!  Thank you Joann .. God bless you my friend, my sister... I love you!  Take care all, sorry I haven't been posting a lot, but problems with my arthritis & this cold winter are unescapable, some days are better than others, but please never think that my thoughts aren't with you guys, because I do think of you often and I do read some posts...  just wait until my hands work better and I'll let you know... in length no doubt LOL ;)


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TO MY FRIEND January 24, 2007 4:28 PM

TW Iam so glad to have found you allso, you came at just the right time in my life.You have helped me to get back up and keep going,you helped me to move forward and not to give up no matter what,and I thank you for that and all you have brought to people,you where sent from God sister.I truely care what happens to you and your son,and will fight along side you any day.Together we will all see justice for the ones we love,and hold each other up. Joann  [ send green star]
 January 31, 2007 5:23 AM

Dearest Joann;  funny but I can say the same thing about you and how you've affected my life & heart...  It is so rare that we find just one person in our lives that we can call a true friend, I've been very blessed as I have several, and you are definately one of my favorites!!  The way we click and understand one another is awesome & quite unique, there is no doubt in my mind that the good Lord sent us to each other, for comfort, strength and what we can learn from one another as well as all the beautiful people in this terrific group you've created...  We all need someone, and I'm so thankful I have you, ALL OF YOU!!!

Courtesy Of

Always & Forever  ~Tamme~

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UPDATE January 31, 2007 5:33 AM

Jeremy has been making all his appointments with the Mental Health Councelor and Probation... however, they are still letting him know it is a Presentencing Investigation... which I don't understand?  Beings the plea was 120 days (already done served) etc., so it is still very possible they will do him dirty an send him to prison and not treatment.  So the waiting game continues for us, my son is scared to go out of the house most the time, he is nervous, moody and his hope for help is fading...  Can't blame the poor kid, he has been waiting since Oct., begging for help and they just pussy foot around and delay this and that... I don't trust the deputies or Sheriff for that matter...  Get this!  My 18 yr old, Joey hangs out with the Sheriff's nephew and they let him drive around because they all know he won't get picked up... they've even tried to get stopped, but no deputies will pick up the Sheriff's nephew, now aint that a bummer?  Talk about corruption?  Not only does the Sheriff allow his crack head brother to continue on, but it's his entire family who get favored and treated special ... We also found out that Deputy Wellnitz use to be a cop in Minneapolis, rumor has it he molested a 14 yr old girl, he didn't get into trouble or anything, but he had to leave there...  So Pipestone got this loser pervert now, wish I knew how to find out more on him???  But I realize that cops stick together and so much of their BS gets swept under the tables and lost...  It makes me so mad tho, when you know that the law enforcement breaks more serious crime than anyone and they get away with it!!!!  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
hello January 31, 2007 11:45 AM

TW I dont like the way the cops or court is working your boys case I think we need to let people there no other people are watching his case and we want to see Justice for your son.Please give your boy a hug from me and tell him we are praying for him,allso dont let him go any where by him self he needs to have wittnesss with him at all times Love you all JoAnn...  [ send green star]
hello January 31, 2007 11:46 AM

TW I dont like the way the cops or court is working your boys case I think we need to let people there no other people are watching his case and we want to see Justice for your son.Please give your boy a hug from me and tell him we are praying for him,allso dont let him go any where by him self he needs to have wittnesss with him at all times Love you all JoAnn...  [ send green star]
 February 01, 2007 2:32 AM

Yeah hun, I am a thinking that I'll put in a call to the FBI office today, just to see what I can do or if they can do anything?  This crap is getting to us, I figure it can't hurt to just talk to someone?  without starting anything yet right?  I was thinking also, that maybe the deputies are out of this now?  maybe not tho too??  I'm so fearfull for Jeremy that I'm afraid to start anything right now as he is home with us... but then this "limbo" and/or "waiting game" is BS too...  Who likes to be on pins & needles?  or walking on egg shells?  It would tend to bug anyone I would think not knowing their future, not being able to plan any kind of future for yourself and so on... 

Thanks Joann for all your care & support to me & my son, you are a Godsend, one that I cherish and respect!  It really is a good feeling to type what is in me one day and have your tender, intelligent words of concern speak out to me the next...  again Thank you!

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 February 08, 2007 5:22 AM

Update on my son, little but some good news??  He has completed his drug/alcohol evaluation and his psych evaluation.. He did get to Social Service to obtain medical assistance, where they have now lead him to believe he will be going to treatment, hopefully to a facility in South Dakota, one that I personally know about from way back in my late teens, when I was working at a half way house in Sioux Falls, one of my duties was to transport guys to this treatment center occassionally, and back then I was impressed with it, now 25 plus years later, it still is there and going strong, so it must be a good place!?  However, we still have to get a court date and go to court for Jeremy's sentencing hearing.

I have hesitated on taking any further action regarding the misconduct & abuse of the 2 deputies, simply because I am fearful of some retaliation towards Jeremy at this kind of fragile stage of his sentencing.  I have all the documentation ready as far as that goes, I've taken many copies of what I documented on my email regarding my sons experiences through this ordeal, so I'm hoping there is enough to cause enough doubt in the law enforcement here to be investigated by the FBI??

Joey my middle son will soon graduate and be off to college, so retaliation on him will not be an issue, there will just be my youngest son & I at home, that will be easier for me to handle... just to know cops and the way they work, I'm expecting some forms of "pay backs" from them once the heat begins to get too hot on them..  I'd be foolish not to think they would try something dirty in retaliation.  Like the rest of you, my top priority is the safety and well-being of my children.  I'm not scared or worried for me at all, mostly because I'm older, more experienced and better known in this town as being a fighter for my own rights.  I've been accused of knowing how to work the system... well, that is a good thing to me, if we do not know the system, how it works then how are we to fight for anything just?

In any case, my promise is to keep you updated and informed regarding Jeremy, keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming his way, he does and will need them, he still has quite a long, hard road in front of him.  10 years in prison will hang over his head, with probation being the tool of obedience... so the future is still going to hold temptations and so on for my son, at least for the next 10 years.

So far, he is still at home, waiting for the sentencing hearing now that the investigation is over.  So we will have to wait AGAIN to see what happens then?  Jeremy knows about how I have you guys, and he smiles each time when I mention what you say about him, let me tell you when that boy smiles, he can light up a room and if by chance we get him to laugh these days?  his laughter can lift your spirits up, just because he has that quality about him and everyone comments on his cute laugh or giggles...  My boy is scared, even tho he tries hard to not show it, he is confused and frustrated as well, but to remember when I was his age, so was I...  only difference is that I had him then, and that fact is what kept me going strong & determined.

Again THANKS for all your thoughts & prayers, they are greatly appreciated!

Courtesy of 

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hi February 08, 2007 10:13 AM

Hi TW so glad they are starting to move ahead with your son,I am praying so hard for him,allso have my church praying for all of you.Tell Jeremy we are all behind him 100%,he will make it,and we will be here for him love and hugs Joann  [ send green star]
TW February 08, 2007 5:26 PM

Hi TW!! I have to join Joann in thanking you for letting us know how things are going for Jeremy & you! It means a great deal to both of us!

Linda B, co-host

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 February 09, 2007 9:32 AM

I just hung up from speaking to the FBI in Minnesota, my local area.  In short... it appears I'm wrong again, or something?  The FBI do not know of the state laws and/or rules.  He tells me to contact my sons attorney and discuss it with him, I told him the Public Defender does know about all of what happened and has told me to wait until the criminal proceedings are over with, that civil matters cannot be confused with criminal, and I need to wait until his trial is over...

The FBI agent told me something should have been done at the time of the incidents of concern.  He also said that the deputies probably did act within Departmental Proceedures and that the big picture is that my son needed help and he is getting it at the states expense!!  Regardless of what these deputies did or didn't do to my son.  He also defended police, saying that the cards are always stacked against them etc., OMG!!!  What in the heck?  This was one of the nicest gentlemen I've spoke to, however confusing and disturbing as it may seem... of course I don't agree with him, but my mind is stuck at this time... I'll need to think about this one now...

He encouraged me to be nice, polite and non confrontational and approach our county Sheriff AGAIN with my concern over his deputies actions and behavior regarding the incidents that I feel are wrong and need to be addressed.

  1. the confrontation, abuse with hand cuffs, shackles and misconduct when Jeremy was just considered a witness on the 1st date they had him at the jail, when no miranda rights were read, he was abused, basically tortured hanging from a wall, put in jail, his belongings taken away and NO REPORT was filed or is available regarding any of that!
  2. During the 72 hour hold detox process that was ordered by a physican, how another deputy took it upon himself to claim my son "sobered up" so he takes him from the treatment center to the jail for questioning... whereas there was coersion, torturous emotional abuse, and Jeremy was thrown into a cell where he beat himself violently in self hatred and self destruction.  AGAIN no report on that!

I am fit to be tied right at this moment, need to think about this phone call I just had with the FBI and calm down.  He did admit that there were a few bad apples, but the majority of law enforcement have "the cards stacked against them"... whatever that means?  In any case, he was trying to make me understand and accept that regardless of what anyone did to Jeremy, basically the end justifies the means...  meaning at the states expense he gets the help he needs, and I should just ignore and forget the misconduct and gross abuse of the deputies during all that happened in October...

I'm upset to say the least, trying to make a difference and feeling like the so-called cards are definately stacked against me in this fight and ALL OF US AS U.S. CITIZENS... this is to me, a slap in the face of our Constitutional and civil rights! 

I'll get back later when I can calm down... right now I might need a good cry of helpless frustration...

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Iam here for you February 09, 2007 9:44 AM

TW Iam so sorry about this I dont know what we have to do to get the cops FBI ect to stand up and do what is write by us,I dont care what your son did they had no right to treat him the way they did. There are more bad cops than good I dont care what they say. We will keep fighting till we see justice. I cried when I read your post,I want to help so much. I was going to call the FBI but know I can see they are not going to do any thing.I will pray for you and we will keep going ,give your boy a hug and let him no GOD is on our side and he will help us if we believe and have faith JoAnn  [ send green star]
 February 10, 2007 5:20 AM

Thank you Joann, please know that I am ok and so are my sons..  Jeremy just seems numb in ways, like "a matter of fact" attitude just to help me from being too upset.. he has basically just accepted it... saying no one cares... that is what they do!!!  and just let it go, forget about it, nothing we can do anyway... 

My opinion from all this NOW, is that it's becoming very clear that with such acts as the Patriot Act, Big Brother etc., the Government, Supreme court and more are all practicing the evils of "Martial Law" & "Policed States"...  The very words that came from my son last night convinced me that he has been "programmed" just like so many generations born after mine or most of us!  "That's the way it is, there is nothing we can do about it"...  so what will happen when the "Baby Boomers" and individuals who agree with us are all gone or too tired to fight?  It seems we are the majority of who believes it right & wrong enough to fight for it!  But individuals like my son, they've been trained basically to the point they see no hope in fighting a losing battle these days, because they won't win... 

It sickens the deeps of my soul to realize how our systems have been so manipulated to work for the legal system, corrupt law enforcement, D.A.'s and so on, but most definately not for the public, not for citizens of our great nation!  It seems more important for our systems to win and look good while doing it, all the while subjecting guilty and many innocent to torturous behavior to obtain legal confessions to convict whoever.. guilty or innocent... just so the law saves face?  The big picture of all this crap is a horrific reality, one that I believe most people just don't see or want to see? 

Martial law and Policed states were predicted to happen, and I'm starting to believe that it's been happening so gradually for so long now, that the majority of individuals have come to accept IT the way IT is!??

Joann, my dear friend, don't worry about me, I tend to bounce back eventually... my logic nature, will come up with another avenue sooner or later... I've struggled most all my life, why should it get easy now?  :)  luv ya for feeling where I'm at tho, a comfort to me of course, but something you shouldn't need to add to the heavy personal burden you carry ... We may be suppose to lay down and let this misconduct walk over us, but neither of us are willing to do that, so there has to be another way? and we will find it...

Thanks everyone ... Thank you Joann... I send much appreciation & tons of bear hugs!  ~Tamme~

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 March 08, 2007 11:11 AM

Update for Jeremy was sent by his Public Defender on February 23, 2007 with the notification that he has a Sentencing Hearing set for March 13, 2007.

My astranged middle sister's birthday is Feb. 23rd and my mom's birthday is March 13th... coincidence?  so in any case, just thought you'd all like to hear that finally things are moving, still like a turtle... ;)  but moving... 

further updates will follow when they occur, I promise!   Thanks for all the prayers and positive thoughts ... love & hugs Always


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hello March 08, 2007 12:45 PM

Hi TW summers b-day is sat the 10 we are having her party at my church on sunday and I will have all my members pray for him,and will pray on the 13 for him,hang in there and give him a hug for me JoAnn..  [ send green star]
 March 09, 2007 2:45 AM

As always, thank you my friends!!!!   [ send green star]  [ accepted]
 March 18, 2007 6:42 AM

Sentencing hearing was on the 13th, for the 1st time I started to like the so-called Public Defender... he seemed more on Jeremy's side than ever before...  he was very polite to both my son & I that day, naturally his case was last to be called...

The Judge seemed a bit bewildered or confused over the crime & punishment, that the jail time was done, etc., he just acted like this was a strange plea bargain or something?  The prosecuter, he was obviously angry, you could plainly see that on his face!  Of course, he was the one who said my son didn't need any help, that he was ok and that he would start the whole town on fire if he got out of jail... (remember?).

Well now with a few others involved, professionals who examined Jeremy, spoke to him and tested or evaluated him for alcohol, drug abuse and mental issues of depression and so on...  so the prosecuter more or less had to eat his words... the judge and prosecuter just kept repeated to Jeremy asking "you know how lucky you are?"  and   "you know you're getting a good deal here!"...

So now we get to wait for whenever they decide to place him in a Treatment facility...  that was cool tho, the Public defender reminded the court that Jeremy had been asking for this help since day 1 of this entire thing....  then there was a disagreement on the restitution, they want an outrageous, EXTREME amount for the old condemned bldg. that burnt, they say there was expensive machinery in there and even in the newspaper, the pics shown there show no machinery or anything really at all in that bldg. and the pics were taken at the scene when firetrucks etc., were there.

We were also instructed to go talk to the Sheriff about the return of my son's property they have as evidence.  Danny Delaney was nice enough to both Jeremy & I, almost too nice!  He stared at me, and I him, cause you know that he don't bother me and can't fluster me...  I reminded him also of the clean clothes they took thinking those were evidence... wanting them found and returned to Jeremy too... he says, "I'll see what I can do about that".  Kind of sarcastic but not??  I don't know, just don't trust him anymore??  then as we were leaving, who comes quickly walking past us?  Deputy Hamann of course, smiling (which I've never seen before) he says to us "Hi, how ya doing?"  and we just say ok and leave, both of us saying to each other "that was him!"

It's wierd how it is, I don't trust them as I said... and I wouldn't be surprised if they are up to something?  The court seems unsure of my son's sentence, the cops don't like how this all come out,  everyone says how lucky my son is...  BUT is he really?  What about the crap the deputies did to him?  What about the illegal removal from a 72 hr hold?  They get away with their crimes and all my work didn't do anything!

Jeremy says tho, maybe my work wasn't unheard, maybe someone did come down on the Sheriff and his dept.?  How would we know?  and maybe that's why they are so kiss butt nice all of a sudden?  Yeah, my son is lucky alright, but at least 3 or 4 of the Sheriff Deputies are luckier they got away with their misconduct, including the good Sheriff himself!

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