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Letter to help Donald please read February 07, 2007 8:45 AM

Here is a letter you can use to help you write letters for Donald,you can add to it or use this one sign your name and re turn address,please take the time to do this,help be our angels and get my son home Thank you so much his mom Joann..  [ send green star]
please copie and send on February 07, 2007 8:49 AM

This is only a draft.. to aid in writting letters...

To Whom it Concerns;

Donald Bradish is a young male whose story I've learned and believe has many conflicting abusing issues within the trial that occured 6 years ago. As a citizen and as a mother I write this letter on his behalf, to encourage your agency and it's authority to take action to protect and defend this young mans constitutional rights.

There are numerous unjust actions of deliberate corruption in our Law Enforcement and Judicial Systems today. Too many of the wrong people are given the authority to abuse everyday good citizens of our own country and a remedy for this is long over-due. I am but one voice of many outraged concerned citizens that have become determined to make a difference in a society that has become over-run by illegal misconduct and/or corruption and crimes of Color of the Law.

It is most difficult to have experienced, witnessed and been forced to accept the wrong-doings of certain legal authorities that have pained us as U.S. citizens to endure. I ask that you take the time to read this letter and please take the appropriate action(s) needed to begin to heal the severe harm it has caused to this innoccent victim and his family.

In understanding the case of Donald, his trial was one of complete prosecution and no defense. There is obvious proof of tampering, neglect of the accused civil and constitutional rights, corruption of our legal system, prejudice, misleading behavior and more, all available to those who seek the truth and justice for Donald. So why does this young man continue to be incarcerated, labeled a murderer, suffering a fate he does not deserve, while it is clear that he is innocent and the actual guilty one(s) are still at large, and never once were suspected or questioned to be the true killers in this crime?

Knowing Donald's family, how they are in so much pain from all this abusive behavior of the law and courts. Seeing his mother endure the torture of trying to prove her sons innoccence, yet no one is listening to her or lending any assistance regarding her son. It leads me to believe that not only does the D.A. involved in this case think he is above the law, but obviously it appears that he is the law in this case and he is getting away with it, as well as the court is condoning his actions of preying on specific innocent victims of his choice! The D.A. has a questionable destructive,prejudice history with this family, it is clear there is "bad blood" among them, it seems that fact alone should have lead the court to appoint a different individual to represent prosecution, to secure a fair hearing for Donald Bradish.

My request is that you please re-open Donald Bradish's case, investigate the D.A., court findings, jurors that quit and jurors that were the replacements, the D.A. with his clear contempt for Donald and his family, including everything that was ignored and abused which actually should have been used in defense to allow Donald justice in a fair trial.  In my opinion, there are several questionable facts regarding Donald's trial, facts that definately should be investigated and severe discipline actions need to be taken to those who grossly committed crimes against Donald.  But most importantly, justice must be served and the innoccent deserves to be protected, defended and freed!

Thank you


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 April 09, 2007 8:24 AM

Here is a response from the gov of CA office regarding the email I sent on Donald's behalf.

I plan on sending them the info. they are requesting ... which is a positive thing I think?

Of course with the help of Joann sending me "all pertinent information, such as: ..........., case/claim number and additional material important for the review process, including your signature."  Which private email will do just fine ok Joann?

Thanks & big hugs of hope & prayer!  ~Tamme~


Subject: Re: Health & Human Services Agency

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