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Pagan Gods and Goddesses February 07, 2007 11:59 AM

Celtic Goddessess BELIAMA Goddess of Craft, Light, Forging and Fire. The wife of Belenus. Identified with the Roman Goddess Minerva. EPONA Goddess of Mules, Horses and Cavalrymen. Her cult was adopted by the Roman Army. She is usually shown lying upon or sitting sidesaddle upon a horse. Sometimes surrounded by horses. Other symbol "Cornucopia" the Horn of Plenty she may have also been linked with Fertility or the Goddess of Corn. NONTOSVELTA Consort of the God Succellus. ROSMERTA Goddess of Wealth and Fertility. Her symbol a stick with two snakes links her to Mercury, she is by many thought to be his wife. Also linked with "Cornucopia", identifing her as a Fertility Goddess, and also links her with Epona. Blessed Be Tony Raven Phoenix  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Celtic Gods February 18, 2007 12:24 PM

God of light and the Sun, AKA the Shinning One. He was also
assosciated with looking after the welfare of sheep and cattle. The Feast of Beltane means "The Fire of Bel". Later associated with the Greek God Apollo.

CERNUNNUS (aka Hu Gadarn)
God of Animals, Fertility, Life, Wealth and the Underworld. Usualy depicted carring a purse full of coins and shown with Stag's
antlers. The Horned God born at the Winter soltice, marries the Moon Goddess at Betane and dies at the Summer soltice. Identified in Britain as Herne the Hunter. This is reported to be the only wriiten name for the Celtic Horned God, but variations cam be found on potery, carvings, sculpture and in most other mediums. He may
have been known to the Druids as Hu Gadarn, but this is only speculative. But with this name he was responsiblefor teaching songs and poems to aid the memory. Under the name Hu Gadarn he save the earth from a great flood.

God of scholras and of eloquence. He is a hero God. He invented
the runic language of the Druids, the Ogham Staves.Shown as an
Old, Bald man dressed in a Lion's skin and with Golden chains coming from his tongue. These are attached to the ears of his followers to impart wisdom to them. Known in Ireland as Ogma

God of the Agriculture and the guardian of Forest's, he also ferries the dead into the afterlife. Often shown with a dog at his side and a huge hammer. His consort is Nontosvelta, her symbol a Raven. Giving a connection with the Irish Morrigan. This links him with the Norse God Thor and the Egyptian God Anubis.

"The Thunderer". His symbols The Wheel of Life and a Lightening
Flash. Identified with the Norse God Thor and the Roman Jupiter.

The God of War, Wealth and Fertility. His name means "Tribe".
Identified with the Roman God Mars.
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Egyptian Goddesses February 18, 2007 12:28 PM

Goddess of Pleasure, Music, Joy and Dance Shown as a woman with the
head of a cat, wearing one gold earing.

The sky Goddess, the patron of Joy and of Love. Shown with a cows
head with a gold disk between her ears.

Wife of Osiris and the mother of Horus. Goddess of nature.

Goddess of truth, cosmic order and of justice. Usually shown as a
young woman, sitting with a feather on her head.

Queen of the Gods, wife of all living things. Also the wife of Amon
and the mother of Khonus. Shown with the head of a vulture.

The sky Goddess who is said to swallow the sun at night and then give birth to it in a morning. Shown as a naked woman with her body arched above the earth, which she touches with her hands and feet.

Lion Goddess the counter part of the gentle Goddess Baster. She was
the wife of Prah. Her messengers were abominable creatures who could
bring diseases and other curses upon mankind.
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Egyptian Gods February 18, 2007 12:30 PM

AMUN {also Ammon & Amon Ra}
The Supreme God of ancient Egypt.He was associated with Khonsu and
Mut. His followers spread to Greece and to Rome. The Greeks knew him as the God Zeus. The Romans knew him as the God Jupiter Ammon.

Protector of Tombs and God of Mummification.He weighed the souls of the dead against the weight of a feather. Seen as a man with the
head of a dog.

"The Complete One" The Creator God. The oldest God to have been
worshipped at Heliopolis. Is said to have come along with the primeval waters of Nun. Shown wearing a double Crown.

Seen as a Bull, symbolising fertility and great strength in War. He was worshipped at Memphis where he was seen as the manifestation of Ptah, then as Ra and lastly as Osiris.

Protector of women during pregancy and childbirth. Fond of a good
party and of sexual music. Seen as having short legs, an obese body,
and a deformed bearded face. He is credited with having the ability
to despell evil spirits.

GEB {also Kebu, Seb, Sibu & Sivu}
God of Fertility, the Earth and Earthquakes. Brother of Nun who was
the Sky Goddess.

Sky God. Symbol the hawk. Seen as a man with the face of a falcon.
Protector of the monarcy his name was often added to the royal
titles. Seen as a chubby little infant who is sucking his thumb.
Known to the Greeks as the God Harpocrates [Horus the Child],
Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Horus Lotus, Persea and Horehound.

KHEPHRA {also Khephera & Khopri}
Self created. God of the Sun at Dawn. Symbol the scarab bettle.

"He Who Crosses". The Moon God. Worshipped mainly at Thebes, as a member of the triad and the son of Mut and Amun.

God of Fertility. Father of Horus and husband of Isis. Murdered by
his own brother Seth. Brought back to life by Isis and made the new
ruler of the afterlife. In the reign of Emporer Ptolemy I his cult
was combined with that of Apis to form the cult of Serapis. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Osiris Accacia, IVy, Tanarisk, Grape, Clover, Cedar, Date Palm and All types of Grains.

Ancient deity of Memphis. Creator God of the Universe. God of all
Artisans and husband of Sekhmet. Known to the Greeks as the God Hephaestus.

Sun God. Creator of all life. Seen as a man with the head of a
falcon and bearing the solar disk. Seen travlling accross the sky, during the day, with the Gods, in his ship. And then journeying through the underworld with the dead at the dead of night. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Ra, Frankincense, Myrrh, Olive and Acacia.

One of the oldest known Egyptian Gods. god of Chaos and Evil. He is also the personification of the desert drought. Seen as a man with the head of a monster.

God of the Moon, All Knowledge, the Law, Wisdom and Writting. He is credited with the Measurement of time and the order of days. Seen as a man with the head of a baboon. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Troth, Almond.

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Greek Goddesses February 18, 2007 12:35 PM

The Mother Goddess. The first to exist. Mother of Chaos.

The Sea Goddess. Wife of Poseidon, mother of Trition.

The Goddess of Sexual Love, Beauty, Fertility. She is said to be the
daughter of Zeus and Dione. She is also by some seen as being from
the sea foam. She is often connected with the Phoenician Astarte and
with the Babylonian Ishtar. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Aphrodite,Cinnamon, Daisy, Olive, Quince, Iris, Apple, Myrtle and Cypress.

The Spider Goddess. Originally mortal. The story goes that she was a
very talented weaver who challenged Athene to compete with her. The
said contest was duly held, and her work was brilliant, it was
faultless. Then the Gods saw a problem, It showed some Gods in an
unflattering light. Particularly Zeus (Athene's father), Athene was
so greatly displeased and in her temper turned Arachne into a spider.

A Huntress Goddess. Seen always with a bow and arrow. Assosiated
with Birth, Fertility, Abundance and growth. Identified by the
Romans with The Goddesses Diana and Selene. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Artemis, Silver Fir, Hazel, Cypress, Amaranth, Cedar, Willow, Myrtle, Daisy, Mugwort and Date Palm.

ATHENE {aka Pallas}
Goddess of Wisdom and Strategy. She is seen female but always fully
armed. The Owl is associated with her. Seen as the Romans as the
Goddess Minerva. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Athene
Apple and Olive

Goddess of Aeaca, an island in the North Adrianic. Her name
means "She Falcon". Her sacred tree is the Willow.

The Goddess of Caverns and of the primative earth. She is known as
the Goddess of Bees and she rules over the Wild Beasts. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Cybele, Pine, Myrrh and Oak.

Goddess of Corn and Barley also of the earth in it's productive
state. Mother of Persephone. Her symbol is an ear of corn.
Identified by the Romans as the Goddess Ceres and the Goddess Cybele. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Demeter, Wheat,
Pennyroyal, Barley, Myrrh, Rose, Bean, Poppy, Pomegranate and All Cultivated Crops.

Goddess of the Dawn. Seen by the Romans as the Goddess Aurora.

The FATES {aka The Moirai and The Parcae}
Three Goddess who look after the birth and the life of humans. Each
person is seen to have a spindle around which the three fates{Clotho, Lachesis and Atropoa} would spin the thread of human
destiny. They also have power over the other Gods. Seen by the
Romans as The Fates.

The spirits of punishment. Represented by the three Goddesses
{Alecto, Megaera and Tissiphone} With hair made from snakes. They
are jointly resonsible for implementing the curse pronounced upon
the criminals, torturing the quitly with stings of aonscience and
inflicting plagues and famines.

Are three beautiful Goddess {Aglaia, Thalia and Euphrosyne} the
daughters of Zeus. They personify Charm, Grace and Beauty. They have
the power to grant physical, interlectual, creative and moral

Goddess of Dark Places. Assosiated with ghosts and sorcery.
Worshipped today with offerings at the crossroads. Identified as the
Queen of modern Witches. Assosiated with the Greek Goddessess
Artemis and Selene. Her name means "The distant one". Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Hecate, Henbane, Aconite, Yew, Willow, Cyclemen, Mint, Date Palm, Cypress, Sesame and Mandrake.

Was worshipped as the Queen of Heaven and a Goddess of Marriage.
Seen by the Romans has the Goddess Juno. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Hera, Apple, Pomegranate, Myrrh, Orris and Willow.

Goddess of the Hearth and the Fire. She presides over all sacrifical
altar fires. Prayer were offered to her both before and then again
after meals. Her fire was attended to by six virgins. Identified by
the Romans as the Goddess Vesta.

Goddess of the Rainbow and messenger of the Gods. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Iris, Iris and Wormwood.

Goddesses who look after the Arts and Sciences. Normally nine
{Callope, Clio, Eurterpe, Terpsichore, Erato, Thalia, Melpomene, Polyhymnia,and Urana} [other sources give many other names and different functions, too many to list.]

This Goddess is normally seen as the agent of divine punishment. But
she is more often nothing more than the personification of

The maiden Goddess of Victory. She challenges all her male suitors
try to outrun her. She is still a maiden.

The queen of the underworld. Hades, the King of theunderworld
wanted her to be his wife. But Demeter, her mother, would not agree.
Hades eventually found her and he carried her off and made her his
queen. Her mother, being unable to find her began to pine for her
daughter and a famine spread through the world. She eventually found
her daughter with Hades, but because her daughter had eaten the
pomegranate {Hades fruit} it was mutually agreed that she would
spend six months upon the earth and then six months in the
underworld. From a magical point of veiw the story shows the return
of fertility to the earth, in spring after the dark months of winter. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Persephone, Parsley, Pomegranate, Willow and Narcissus.

Goddess of the moon. Assosiated with the Goddess Artemis.

Daughter of Uranus {Heaven} Goddess of  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Greek Gods February 18, 2007 12:37 PM

Son of Zeus, brother of Artemis. Shown as a beautiful young man. Associated with the Sun. Linked with Archery, Poetic Inspiration,Prophecy, Medicine,Music and the Pastoral Life. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Apollo. Hyacinth, Leek, Helitrope, Cornel, Bay, Frankincense, Cypress and Date Palm.

A war God. Son of Zeus and Hera. Has three children by his lover
the Goddess Aphrodite. Seen by the Romans has the God Mars. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Ares, Buttercup.

God of Healing, the son of Apollo. Shown carring a staff with a
serpent coiled around it. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Aesculepius, Mustard and Bay.

The first created being from whom came the primeval deities Gala,
Erebus, Tartarus and Nyx.

Leader of the Titans. Married his own sister. Father of Zeus and
other children. He was destined to be overthrown by one of them. He countered this by killing them at birth by swallowing them. His wife Rhea, defied him, hid Zeus in Crete and gave him a stone rapped in swaddling-clothes to swallow. His destiny came true when
Zeus overthrew him.

God of Nature and of Fertility. Assosiated with wild and ecstatic
religious rites. Later he became the God of Wine, Said to loosen
inhibitions and to inspire Music, Poetry and Creativity. Seen by the Romans as the God Bacchus.

Primeval God of Darknes. Was the son of Chaos.

God of the Underworld. Brother of the God Zeus.

The Sun personified as a God. Seen as a charioteer, driving daily
from east to west across the sky. In Rhodes he became the chief
national God. Tree,s, Plants and Herbs associated with Helios
Helitrope and Sunflower

God of Fire. Especially a smithy fire. Son of Zeus and Hera. God of all Craftsmen. Seen as a lame craftsman, lame as a result of interfering in a dispute between his parents. Identified as the God Vulcan by the Romans.

God of Merchants, Public Speaking and of Thieves. Messenger of the
Gods. Son of Zeus and Maia. Seen as a Herald, equiped to travel,
with winged shoes, a broad brimmed hat and a winged rod. Also Identified with Fertility. Seen by the Romans as the God Mercury.

God of Sleep. The son of Nyx [night]. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Hypnos, Poppy.

The old God of the Sea. Father of the Nereids. Had the ability to
shape shift.

God of Flocks and Herds. Seen with horns,ears, a mans body and the
legs of a goat. He loved mountians, caves, moor's and the lonely
places where he could play his pipes in peace. Also the God of Nature. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Pan, Fig, Pine, Reeds, Fern, All Meadow Flowers and Oak.

God of Transformation and of the Underworld.

God of the Sea, Water, Earthquakes and Horses. Seen with a tridant
in his hand. Idenitified by the Romans as the God Neptune. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Poseidon, Pine, Bladderack, Ash, All Seaweeds and Fig.

God of Gardens and the patron of Seafarers and of Shepherds. Seen as a distorted man with huge genitals.

The son of a Titan. A fire God. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Prometheus, Fennel.

A minor Sea God. Had the power of prophecy, could shape shift to
avoid answering a question.

An ancient Woodland God. One of the Sileni - a class of woodland
spirits. He was entrusted with the education of Dionysus. Seen as
a tuneful, statley, inspired young man or a drunken old man.

They are any of the old Gods who preceded the Olympians and werethe children of Uranus {Heaven} and Gara {Earth}.

The personification of Heaven or the Sky. The most ancient of all
the Greek Gods and was the first ruler of the universe. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Uranus, Ash.

The supreme God. The protector and the ruler of all Humankind. The dispencer of good and of evil. The God of Weather and all
astronomical phenomena. brother of Hades Seen by the Romans as the God Jupiter. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Zeus, Fig, Wheat, sage, Pasley, Aloe, Pine, Oak and Olive.
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Irish goddesses February 18, 2007 12:39 PM

The Fairy Queen. Goddess of Love and Fertility.

The Healing Goddess. Responsible for all the meditional plants and
is also the keeper of Spring, the time that brings the dead back to

BRIGIT {also Bridget, Brighid & Brigindo}
The Goddess of Healing and Fertility, also the Patroness of all
Smiths, Poets & Doctors. Often shown with a large white swan or a
cow with red horns. She is said to be the daughter of the Irish God
Dagda. Her festival is Imbolc, February 1st. The pre-christian
Brigantes, named after her honoured her as to be identical to the
Roman Goddess of Heaven Juno She is likened to the Greek Goddess Hecate.

Wife of Nechtan, a Water God, Her father was the son of Dagda.
Boann and Dagda made the sun stand still for nine mounths so that
their son could be conceved and born on the same day, this was done
to stop Nechtan finding out about their affair. The Goddess of
Bounty and Fertility.

Existed earlier than Anu, the Universal Mother. She is the Mother of Dagda. Seen as Don to the Welsh

Goddess of Death and of War. Wife of Dagda. She as a negative
femininity and also the fearsom characturistics of the Triple
Goddess, she has the ability to transform into a cow or a raven.

The ancient people of the hills who are belived to be the spirits of
the dead.

TUATHA DE DANANN {People of the Goddess Danu}
An Ancient race from Ireland they inhabited the land before Danu
made Dagda, her son, their God. They continued to use magic and
have been credited with great magical powers and great wisdom. The plough, the Hazel and the sun were all sacred to them.
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Irish Gods February 18, 2007 12:41 PM

The God of Fertility and Agrriculure, the son of Elatha, a Prince
of the Fomorians and the Goddess Eriu.

God of Light and the Sun. Seen as the Celtic God Belenus and the Greek God Apollo.

The Father God and God of the Earth. A skilled craftsmann and great
warrior. Seen wearing rustic clothes and he carries a hugh club on
wheels that can restore life as well as kill. His symbol the
bottomless cauldron of plenty and a harp with which he can rule
the seasons. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Dagda Oak.

The God of Healing. He rules the waters that give life to the old
and dying Gods.

Were the original occupants of Ireland, and were a race of Denomic
Gods. They were defeated in battle by the Tuatha De Dannan, and
were, given the province of Connacht, in which they were to live,
some married into the Tuatha De Danann. The King of the Fomorians
is the one - eyed Balor.

Worshipped during the Midsummer Feast {30 days}. Sexual magical
rites were undertaken in his name to ensure the rippening of the
crops and of a prosperous harvest. His animal totems are the Lynx
and the Raven, both representing deviouness. Lugh is the name of the Celtic Sun God of the Irish. Seen as Lleu by the Welsh. He is linked with the Celtic Goddess Rosmerta. Seen as the Roman God Mercury.

The God of Healing. His pack of magic hounds were said to cure the

He is the keeper of all expressiveness. He is usually shown as a
great warrior carrying a club. His Celtic counterpart is the God
Ogmias. Associated with the Greek God Heracles  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Miscellaneous Gods and Goddesses February 18, 2007 12:43 PM

A list of Gods and Goddesses that do not fit into the usuall clasification.

AH XOE KIN [Mayan] God
The God of music and poetry.

ADONIS [Phoenician) God
God of Summer Vegitation. His name means "My Lord and Master".
Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Adonis, Corn, Rose, Myrrh, Fennel, Lettuce and White Heather.

ASTARTE [Phoenician & Cannanite] Goddess
The Goddess of Fertility and Sexual Love. Shown naked, riding a
horse and bearing weapons. Identified with the Egyptian Goddess Isis. Also seen as the Greek Goddess Aphrodite.

CHAC [Aztec and Mayan] God
A God of Vegitation and Rain, also Lord of Thunder, Lightening, Wind and of Fertiliy.

EA (Babylonian) God
God of fresh water, wisdom and Magic. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Ea, Cedar.

ENKI [Sumerian] God
The God of the Underworld and of Water.

HERNE [British] God
A woodland God. Seen as a man with antlers. [Britians only Native
God]. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Herne, Oak.

A Fire God. The patron of warriors and kings. Assosiated with
creation. Seen as an old crouching man with a bowl of burning
incense on his head.

ISHTAR [Babylonian] Goddess
A Goddess of love and fertility. Called "The Fighting Lady". Seen by the Phoenicians and the Cannanites as the Goddess Atarte.

The Sun God. Seen as having pagan features and wearing the symbol of Kin (the Mayan day).

MARDUK [Babylonian] God
The Chief God of Babylon. Became later the Lord of the Gods of
Heaven and Earth.

Mithra [Persian] God
A Sun God. His faith spread and the Roman Emperor Constantine was a
believer. Untill he joined the then cult of jesus. Declairing Mithra
birthday to be the offical birth day of jesus.

PELE [Hawian] Goddess
The Goddess of Earthquakes.

A greatly revered ancient God. Believed to be the creator God.
Identified with the planet Venus. Assosiated with Breath, Wind, Rain and Sea Breezes.

SHAMASH [Sumerian] God
The God of The Sun and of great laws.

TAMMUZ [Babylonian] God
The lover of the Babylonian Goddess Ishtar. God of the Crops and
seasonal Death. Seen by the Greeks as the God Adonis. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Tammuz Wheat, All Grains and Pomegranate.

The all powerful God. He sees all that happens in the world as it reflects in his mirror. Assosiated with Human Streghts and
Weaknesses, Wealth, Happiness, Sorrow, The Night, The Jaguar,
Sorcery and Natural Forces.

TONANTZIN [Aztec] Goddess
The Goddess of Fertility.
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Norse Goddesses February 18, 2007 12:45 PM

Daughter of Njord. The Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexuality. The Cat is her sacred animal, and when seen flying she wears a dress of
feathers. She has the power to choose the souls of the fallen
warriors to take them to Valhalla (Odin's Heaven). She has a great skill for magic.

The wife of Odin. The foremost of all the Asyngur (Goddesses). She is the Goddess of all the householdand of marriage itself. She is the Goddess of the Childless. Mother of Aesir. Friday comes from her name. She was inadvertently involved in the death of Balder, all
things except the mistletoe had taken an oath not to hurt him, which she considered to be too young.

Partener of Bragi, the God of poerty. She had the apples of
immortality, which she used to rejuvenate the Gods when they grew
old. They depended upon her and of course her good will for the
continuation of their lives. {Scandinavian Gods were not immortal}.

Three virgin Goddesses of Destiny, (Skuld, Urd or Urder, and
Verandi). They all three sit at the well of fate which is at the
base of the ash tree Yggdrasil. Their they spin the web of fate.
Seen by the Romans and the Greek as The Muses.

The partener of the God Njord. She is the Goddess of death, hunting
and independiance.

Her symbols are the Hare and Eggs. The Goddess of fertility. She is
celebrated at the Spring Equinox, which the Saxon's knew as Eostre.
The Goddess of spring. The Christian took Her feast and called it Easter.

The Scandinavian's believed that the warriors that died in battle
would be carried by the Valkyries (the battle maidens) upto Valhalla. Those who had lived a life that was very evil and deceitful would go to Hifhel. The place of suffering. The remainder, who had lived good, honest lives would go to Hel,a place of calmness and of peace. {Unlike the Hell of the Christians a place of illusion.}
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Norse Gods February 18, 2007 12:47 PM

Son of Odin and Frigg. The wisest of all the Gods. His judgements
are final. His name means "The Bright One". Killed by Loki, who
gave him mistletoe, the one plant that had not agreed to protect
him. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Balder, St. John's Wort and Daisy.

The God of Poetry.

God of Yule. Born at the Winter Solstice, December 21st. God of
Peace, he brings plenty and also prosperity. Son of Njord.

A Fire God. He was maliciously mischievious. He brings the Gods
great hardship but can always relieve his own. For killing Balder
he was tied to a rock.

God of the wind, he can also calm the sea and quieten fire. His care is asked foir before undertaking a journey or going hunting.
God of all seafarers and of wealth. Father of Frey.

ODIN {aka Woden}
He is said to have exchanged an eye for a drink from the fount of
wisdom. The eye now sits at the very bottom of the well that waters
the Tree of Wisdom and Understanding. He hung himself, by the foot
from the ash tree Yggdrasil for nine nights, to learn the wisdom of
the runes. The father of the Gods. Wednesday is called after him.
Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Odin, Elm and Mistletoe

The Thunderer. He carries a divine hammer. The strongest of the
Gods. He rides in a chariot. As he races across the sky he causes
thunder. God of Fertility. The enimy of all monsters, giants and
trolls, he brings down war upon them. Thursday is Thor's day.
Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Thor are the Thistle, Houseleek, Vervain, Rowan, Oak, Pomegranate, Hazel, Ash, Birch, Bardock and Beech.

The God of Battle. His day is Tuesday. The Romans see him as the God Mars.

The Scandinavian's believed that the warriors that died in battle would be carried by the Valkyries (the battle maidens) upto Valhalla. Those who had lived a life that was very evil and deceitful would go to Hifhel. The place of suffering. The remainder, who had lived good, honest lives would go to Hel,a place of calmness and of peace. {Unlike the Hell of the Christians a place of illusion.}
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Roman Goddesses February 18, 2007 12:48 PM

Goddess of Dawn. Seen by the Greeks as the Goddess Eos.

A Warrior Goddess. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Bellona
is Belladona (Foxglove).

The Earth Goddess of Fertility. Her name means "Good Goddess".
Worshipped by woman only, NO men were ever allowed into her
presence during rites. They even coverd up male status when her
rites were being performed.

Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Ceres, Bay, Wheat, Willow,Poppy, Narcissus, Leek and Pomegranate.

An early Goddess of Virginity, the Moon and Hunting. She is identified with Artemis. Tree's, Plants and Herbs Associated with Diana are Willow, Acacia, Birch,Hazel, Dittany, Woormwood, Apple, Beech, Fir,Mulberry, Plane, Rue and Mugwort

Goddess of all flowering plants.

Wife of the God Faunus. Goddess of the Fields.

The ancient Mother Goddess and most important Goddess of the Roman
state. Wife of Jupiter. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Juno is Lily,

Goddess of Handicrafts, Worshiped comonly and assosiated with Athene
Because of this assosiation she became assosiated with war. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Minerva are the Thistle, Olive and Mulberry.

The Goddess who perside over the arts and sciences {See Greek
Goddess for more information}.

Goddess of Beauty. Identified with Aphrodite. She was the Goddess of
the Kitchen Gardens in earlier times. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Venus are the Daisy, Elder, Cinnamon, Anemone, Heather, Marjoram, Violet, Carnation, Maidens Hair Fern, Apple, Poppy, Mistletoe, Vervain, Aster, Myrrh, Quince and Pine.

Goddess of the Hearth and the Household. She was considered to be
important enough to have her own handmaidens, the vestal virgins.
Seen by the Greek as the Goddess Hestia. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Vesta, Oak.
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Roman Gods February 18, 2007 12:50 PM

The God of Wine, Fertility and Nature. Also Music and Poetry. Seen by the Greeks as the God Dionysus. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Bacchus are the Grape, Ivy, Beech, Fig and Takarisk

CUPID {aka Eros}
The God of Love. Seen as a naked young boy with wings, carring a bow and arrow. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Cupid are Red Roses, White Violets. Sugar and Cypress

FAUNUS {aka Lupercus}
Married to Fauna, Goddess of the fields. He is the protector of all fields. As Lupercus he has a festival on Fbruary 15th.

An ancient Italian deity. The guardian of doorways, gates and all belongings. Also in times of war the protector of the state. Seen as having two faces, one looking each way.

JUPITER {aka Jove}
The chief Roman God, giver of victory. Origially a Sky God assosiated with Lightening and Thunderbolts. The husband of Juno. Seen by the Greek as Zeus. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Jupiter, Aloe, Sage, Oak, Agrimoney, Mullien, Beech, Acorn, Cypress,
Houseleek, Violet, Date Palm, Gorse, Ox Eye Daisy and Vervain.

The God of War. And Romes second highest God after Jupiter. March
is named after him. Thought by many to have been originally a God
of Agriculture.cSeen by the Greeks as the God Ares. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Mars are Ash, Aloe, Dogwood, Buttercup, Vervain and Witch Grass.

God of Eloquence, Skill, Trading and Thieving. Was the herald and
messenger of the Gods. Identified by the Greeks as the God Hermes.
Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Mercury are the Mulberry, Hazel, Willow and Cinnamon.

The God of Light. Probable Persian by origin. Centeral to a cult
followed by Roman soldier which centered on the sacrifice of a
bull. Assosiated with merchants and also with the protection of
all the warriors. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Mithras
are Violet and Cypress.

God of Water and the Sea. Seen by the Greeks as Poseidon. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Neptune are Bladderwack, Ash and All other Seaweeds

Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Pluto, Mint, Pomegranate and Cypress.

An ancient God. God of Agriculture. His festival is Saturnalia, in
December. Identified by the Greeks as the God Cronus. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Saturn are the Blackberry and Fig.

An Italian Woodland deity. Seen by the Greeks as the God Pan.
Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Silvarnus the Pine.

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Welsh Goddesses February 18, 2007 12:51 PM

The Moon Goddess, Name means "Silver Wheel". Daughter of Don. Sister
of Gwydion. The foot holder of Math, and therefore a virgin,
[supposedly]. She had been raped by the nephew of Math {See Welsh
Gods}. She gave birth to Dylan and to Lleu. She took revenge on all
men by cursing the latter. She is an aspect of the Triple Goddess.

Goddess of Beauty and of Love. She died of a broken heart, due to
the death of her brother Bran in a war that had been caused by her
husband Matholwch, the Irish King. She is linked with the Roman
Goddess Venus and also with the Greek Goddess Aphrodites.

The Dark Goddess.Her name means Witch or Sorceress, she was the
keeper of the Cauldron of Inspiration and of Knowledge. She is
described as "The Old One" or " A Hag of Creation". She is seen as
Creator and as Initiator. She causes things to be re-born, by her
protection. She is aslo in charge of regeneration, she knows what is
needed, no matter what the circumstances. Some people believe that
she is connected with wolves and her cult dates back to the
Neolithic age. Seen by the Irish as the Goddess Brigit.

Goddess of Beauty. She is said to have had three magical birds that
cured the sick by sending them to sleep. When they awoke they were
well again.

She was accusesd wrongly of killing her infant son and as a
punishment she was turned into a beast of burden and made to carry
all the visitors to the royal court. She was later totally vindicated. Seen by the Irish as the Goddess Macha. Identified by the Gauls as the Goddess Epona.  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
Welsh Gods February 18, 2007 12:54 PM

The God of Agticulture.

The Hero God, also linked with Poetry and the Underworld. His name
means "Raven". Linked with the herb Alder and all Grain.

God of Fear and the destruction of enemies. His name means "Fair
Shining One". Linked by the Romans to the God Mars.

His symbol a Great Red Serpent. The Dragon of Wales is said to have derived from it.

God of the Sea, Lleu's brother. Said to have slipped into the sea at
birth to escape from the curses of that their mother Arianrhod was
placing upon them.

God of Magic and a warrior. Brother of Arianrhod. He is thought by
many to probably be the father of Lleu and Dylan. Tree's, Plants and Herbs associated with Gwydion, the Ash

LLEU {Also Lleu Llaw Gyffes}
God of the Arts and Crafts, and a Hero God. His name means "The fair
one has a skilful hand". Brother of Dylan. His mother Arianrhod
denied him and would not let him marry or carry arms. With help from
Gwydion and Math he bypassed these curses. Math and Gydion made him
a womman of flowers called who they called Bloduewedd. He is linked with the Irish God Lugh

An eminent magician and Lord of all North Wales. Brother of Don, the Welsh Mother Goddess. Except when at war Math could only rule if
his feet were on the lap of a virgin. He returned from a battle to
find that his foot holder [Arianrhod] had been raped by his nephew.
Using magic in his rage he turned him first into a Stag then a Hind,
then a Boar, then a Sow, then a Wolf and then a She-Wolf.

Was the Prince of Dyfed in South Wales. He married the Goddess
Rhiannon and she gave him a son, Pryderi  [ send green star]  [ accepted]
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