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Federal Act Security Card

The Federal Act Security within its creation is to form a building block of ideas that state that we do not say have faith in us but to have faith in yourself. To reach into your mind and say what could I do as a person to build on to this concept to protect it, to make it a law.

As a people you have become divided by issues, and it is because of what took place on September 11 2001. This Country have become week within its inter-structure. As the years went by it is now that only about 125 million people support the rest of the USA.

The sales tax and has dropped off to around 34% of income and the lost tax revenue has placed us into a fix and it is just now known that this tax dollar issue should not be public.

Understand this there is a people who wish for us to die because we are infidales. This is so disturbing to our minds that we we reach out to God and say how is this ?

I was not born to follow and I am not a leader, but within my world that is The United Tribes Of Many Nations we stand over 500 000 strong we are white of all the race of people we are white ,black, Jew and most of all for most we habor no ill will. We wish to say the this Country that this land belongs to God and it is said for as long as the grass grows and the water flows that this land will be our, { The People OF The United States Of America.}

That, for of the Arabic drug empire we say this,” that God is within this country and we will not lay down and die.”

Some have said that the enemy could of not known that their attack on 9/11 could all most bring down a Country, perhaps so, but they know now, because it was felt all over the world.

This is how we saw into the concept of the Federal Act Security Card merged with what we call ,a Health Care Reform Stimulus Package. The inter facing of the two will build a security on two fronts first and ut most important the people 2nd., It will build a net work that in it concept is a anti crime / war prevention forum to maintain the National Security Of The United States Of America.

A Health Care Program must be a united effort that says, that in the early days it was created for the better good of mankind, but now it is a way to make money off of the old ,the sick and the dieing.

It must also be known that this concept is protected from what is called A.I, the artificial intelligence within the computer systems that run our Government Institution. A.I. Has failed because it built its concept on a dollar being constant. This computer it dont, it dont know how to love, all it dose is calculate.” Now it shows system failure” , and it looks back to man to help fix its failure.

The FASC Concepts is for one thing only, us.

It dose not matter if you don t believe in God, or what race you are, or if you are Christian ,Jew

or what country you live in, There is a Drug Empire that want you yo die and your children to die. The Arabic Drug Empire seeks to unite with others and I say to you, that they will betray you and sacrifice you for their goal. We call for a International Boy Cott Against The Arabic Drug Empire. For they seek biological tactics of death. Billions of people will die while they sit in their cave and wait for it to run its course.

As of no they build a weapon that is considered to be out dated because technology has advanced

to where the use of atomic weapon is genocide and if we do not intervene every last many .woman and child in Iran will die and this will mark us and our children for decades to come.

This all we wish to say for now.

Henry Massingale

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