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anonymous How to post a pic (2 different ways) February 12, 2007 12:08 PM

There are several ways to do this. I'll list the two most popular.

Find an image you like (I'll be posting some in a bit) and right click it. Hit "Save Picture As" and put it in a folder on your computer. Name it anything that will make it stand out from other pics similar to it in the future as your collection grows.

Go to and set up a FREE account. Create a "Sub Album" for every catagory of pic you can imagine. IF YOU DON'T and later want to move pics around it will permenantly break their "link" and they will turn into the dreaded RED X everywhere you've posted that pic.

Now go to each "Sub Album" and upload all photos/graphics for each area.

When you are done (by this point you'll be wanting a cup of coffee. LOL) go look at the pic you have in mind for posting. You will see three lines of code. Copy the TOP line of code. Return to Care2.

Open a thread or post reply window in Care2. Right beside the YELLOW SMILE FACE in your window (in the bar that lets you change font and font size) you will see a little painting in a tiny square. Click on it. Paste the code into the top box. You can enter either a description of the pic or even just a . (period) in the second box down but you can't leave it blank. Hit ok and you have just posted a pic!

The other way is to use a Care2 photo album (located in "MY CONNECT").

Save your picture to your harddrive like above.

Upload the pics to the album(s) and you can organize by having an album just for each type of pic or one huge album with all your fun stuff in it.

Now when you want to post a pic you just go to your album (I typically have TWO care2 windows open when I do this) and right click the photo you want. Choose "copy". Go to the post/thread and just hit "Paste" and your pic will appear.

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anonymous Resizing if you use February 12, 2007 12:15 PM

When you post a pic from photobucket (and perhaps Care2 albums but I'm not positive on that one) the photo may be so wide that it requires that you scroll to the right to see it all.

Since I dislike having to do that I resize my image. When you first put your code and . in the box and hit enter there will be a large outline around it with tiny tiny white boxes at the sides. If you go to the LEFT side and drag the photo to the RIGHT until the scroll bar no longer shows at the bottom of your post you will be assured it will show on the thread all nice and easy to see.

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anonymous  February 12, 2007 9:09 PM

also in Photobucket make sure you click on the picture so it brings it up as the only picture you see or else after you post it in a thread after awhile it will only show a red always make sure it is the only picture showing before you copy it...also when you only see the one picture up in the left hand part of the screen it will say on that and then on thumbnail and it makes it a nice size to put in a thread....

Hope this is helpful...valentinebug20_25pam.gif

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