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3 years ago

Just found this group and believe strongly in the cause.  I live in Eagan Minnesota, am 61.  I am so tired of hearing about what a phenomenal health care system this country has when so many are excluded from access.  It MUST be changed!  We are so far behind the industrialized world 8(  We may train some of the best but that is about it.  We are being held hostage by the insurance industry.

6 years ago

Have invited friends on C2 who may be interested,in getting involved with this group.The Big Push is on now,and it feels like we who beleive in decent healthcare, should be doing all we can in the coming months. X

Nurse Panda-Glad To Be Here.
6 years ago

Hi..I was born on the NHS (UK single payer,once totally publically administered under threat by business interests ..but still a decent service)..and have beneffitted massively from dental work as a child,and whilst I was unemployed.

My own brother suffered an injury about 25 years ago,which would have bankrupted the average US didn't bankrupt us,because we have the NHS.

I've worked in the service for about 13 years,as a nurse..and beleive in it as much as i've ever done.

I'm very pleased to join this group..and don't know why I never suggested it?Probably because i'm not as sharp as the people who did set it up,but also because i'm not American..and a group like this has to be about Americans battling for a better America.

That said,this group has my total support..because the principle is right

,according to my head and my heart.  

Invite New Members to Join Us!
6 years ago

Thank you, Claudia, for leading this group and for all of the work you do for Single Payer Healthcare Reform.

Everyone, please invite new members to join this group.

Greetings to our new members
6 years ago

Our little group has some new members and I just wanted to send a welcome shout out and invite you to post a note introducing yourselves.


Welcome to the fight for Health Care for All.  I am so happy to have you with us.




Nancy, your are right
6 years ago

Re: "you are paying for the uninsured's healthcare anyway"


Very true - paying at the most expensive point of treatment and rate as well.


There is also the point that about 60% of health care is already paid for by tax dollars.  Out tax dollars are paying for care for our military and veterans, for our President and his family and staff, for all our congress persons and their staffs, for all federal and state employees, for our municiple employees including fire and police. 


So obviously, we as a nation are not 100% against paying for health care via taxes.  At a minimum we must insist that if Congress refuses to put single payer on the table, they must include a public option that citizens can choose.  Luckily, we seem to be making headway on both ways.


We just need to keep the pressure applied.




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Welcome Joan and Nancy!
6 years ago

It's great to have you here.

Joan, I will do my best to let you know when something new develops. Thank you for your efforts.

Nancy, I wonder if you might be willing to drop ABC's Good Morning America a line about your insurance dictating your prescription. They are looking for stories about insurance troubles, and the tone indicated that they are making an expose type story.


Tell Good Morning America Your Insurance Nightmare

6 years ago

Ad another line- you are paying for the uninsured's healthcare anyway. (Many of them anyway, some people do pay their bills). They don't have doctors so they wait until they are horribly sick and end up in the emergency room. Then everyone else pays in increased prices to cover the losses.

6 years ago

Thanks for inviting me. I see all to often how tough it is to get healthcare. I have been jobless at a couple points in say the past ten years and found the COBRA rates to be ridiculous. $1200 per month for coverage for my hsuband and my self. It is outrageous. We went without both times and luckily noone got sick.

You can't even think about going to the doctor because if they find anything you have a preexisting condition!

and now I have the insurance company telling me which medicine to take and it is NOT what my docotor or I want to take.

Claudia- love the line about TB!

Thanks Laura
6 years ago

Laura thank you for inviting me to this group.I support these efforts.I am in SS due to disability.It seems like SS benefits are geared to the elderly and retired.I've been in since 2000 at age 44.It is riduculous.I can't have needed tests or see an OB/GYN but every 2 years.My problems just aren't string enough to cover.I need surgery but can't afford it.There is a medicine that would help my extreme hot flashes that I've had for 9 years due to a total hysterectomy from ovarian cancer.But it's not covered.
People should be treated as individuals not numbers or cases.As for my back problems,I can only have 10 sessions of PT/year.Or I can pay out of pocket.Yeah right!How is that possible on a fixed income.I have a choice,eat ,get medicines,pay rent or pay for medical.BTW my hubby is blind from multiple detached retinas(3 in 3 months) which meant 3 surgeries.
I hope we can do something here for me and others like me.
Let me know what I can do.
I don't always have time to check groups,so I would appreciate a personal message if I can help.I just am over extended.

Welcome Pamylle
6 years ago

Great to have you on board!

6 years ago

Thanks, Margi, dear, for the invitation to this group, and for the picture.


I passionately believe in this cause ! I'm in good company, too - greetings, Littlewing & Kit !


Thanks to you, Claudia & Laura, for hosting !

6 years ago

Laura, I agree with you, the duplication issue doesn't get mentioned.  I also don't think they count all of the tax monies that are already being spent to support all of these targeted groups.  There are more than federal tax dollars spent, if you add in the state, county, city, sales tax & charity dollars that go into supporting health care I'm convinced that we could insure everyone in the country for what we are already spending!

Kit - my one-liners
6 years ago

Two simple phrases I've found most useful:

  • Single payer means a private doctor of your choosing provides the care and the government pays the bills.

And for those who don't want to pay for someone else's care (forgetting all the logic and getting down to the basics)

  • So, you don't mind sitting on the subway next to the guy with a persistant cough who actually has TB?

If they are reasonable people who really want to understand, then I am happy to answer questions.  Having simple ways to explain the basics first allows the really interested to start listening.


Welcome to the group, Littlewing
6 years ago

Glad to have you onboard. 



6 years ago

Thank you for the invite Margi, been on phone last few hours long story :(

Kit, Margi, thank you both for joining.
6 years ago

Kit, you touched on a key to addressing that opposition, and Claudia posted a video about our current health care rationing that may also provide some talking points. This is a very rough draft of how James and I address this often expressed fear.


"The Capitalist "pro-insurance" propaganda is creating irrational opposition toward "Big Government" because there is no way to gain rational support for having your life and death decisions made by a six figure individual in a for-profit system where advancements and bonuses are based on denial rates."


That last bit about the six figure individual has garnered many positive responses where we have posted it. A one-liner that has also drawn positive response is "No one wants Payless Police, or Uncle Sam Shoes".


Margi, the points you raise about duplication in the current system is a great one, and, from what I have seen, often overlooked. And I might add to number 5 that insurance premiums are on the rise due in large part to the increased need to pay for propaganda.

A question of the way it has been....
6 years ago

One of the problems, as I see it, is to allow those in opposition to come gently to understand that this is not a plan to have Washington DC make medical decisions. That is one the opposition uses often, that it is not true will win no debate. The case must be made that it is in fact, affordable, that individuals will have a personal choice of doctors, and that decisions will be made by the doctor and patient - not just by an insurance company. That those without coverage and those who will find insurance companies with deaf ears, will both gain - as well as the average tax payer.

Welcome Kit and Thanks Margi
6 years ago

Kit, very glad to have you with us.


Margi,  I had an Healthcare Now image up there, but it didn't fit when I changed the template.  I've edited your photo and added it now, so hope you like it.  Seems to speak well for our group and our work.  Thanks again.



6 years ago

Claudia, I'd noticed that we needed a group image so I actually posted the graphic for your consideration!  I liked it. :)

In support of single payer
6 years ago

Thank you for inviting me. Of course I strongly support all efforts to end this quagmire we laughingly call health care.

Welcome Margi and thanks for the photo
6 years ago

I love your enthusiasm and the photo you shared.  Wonder if we don't need a new topic just for photos and graphics.


I'm thinking about taking yours and using the image in the lower left side as the image for this group.  What do you think?

6 years ago

Medicare for ALL!

6 years ago

Laura - Thank you for the invite.  I'm passionate about this cause!!  This is a copy of a post from my Crones group.


"I've worked for Utah State Medicaid for 25 years in many different capacities, from processing claims to working as a client advocate.  Here are the main reasons that I privately support a single payer system and bite the hand that feeds me:

  1. If people had access to health care they would not become disabled and need to go on Medicaid.  This can happen to anyone.  Most of us are one illness away from financial devastation.  I've had wealthy medical doctors come into my office, because they had terminal cancer, no insurance and were the sole support of a wife and 10 kids.  This is the same doctor who wouldn't take Medicaid clients because his reimbursement was too low.
  2. Medicaid/CHIP clients have more medical benefits then people with private insurance.  Pregnant women, children, AFDC and the aged, blind and disabled have full coverage, including mental health & pharmacy benefits.  What that means is that the people who support these programs with their tax dollars are the people who have no insurance, are under insured or are paying a fortune in private health insurance premiums.  They are the ones that are referred to in item 1.
  3. Too many dollars are wasted on adminstrative costs that could be used to provide health care.  Bureacracies are duplicated.  We have Medicaid, Medicare, SCHIP, VA, community health, public health, tribal health, etc. etc. etc.  Reducing it down to a single bureacracy will reduce those costs.
  4. Private insurance companies.  They make huge profits, pay CEO's huge salaries, build gigantic buildings all out of the money they make from not paying for medical care.  They are in the business of denying medical benefits and they get away with it.  Pre-existing conditions, plan benefits, limiting provider panels, all of that is done to deny treatment or deny calim payment.

So I'm supporting a single payer universal health care system.  HR676 is a bill that has been locked in committee for 2 years now.  It is basically a Medicare for all plan.  I've posted about it here on Care2, written editorials in my local paper, and brought it to the attention of the Utah Dems health caucus folks.  I'll keep making as much noise about it as I can!"

Hello Everyone
6 years ago

Thank you all for joining.  If you have any friends who may also like to join, please take a moment to invite them. Plans are underway right now for a 2009 National Day of Action, probably in May, which may be anything from Call-ins, to Rallies to meetings with representatives, and everything in between. We need everyone we can muster to be ready when that time comes.


I was looking for like minded people here at Care2 and noticed that Claudia and I are the only ones with 'Universal Single Payer Health Care' as a cause. I had a thought. It might be a good idea to choose one way of wording this 'cause', and for all of us to add it. If you want to add the one above, you can do so easily by clicking here and then clicking 'I support this cause, too'. Any thoughts on this? Or on how we might grow our group and make it more effective? Not necessarily for actions on Care2, but as a point of organization and brainstorming?

Thank you Claudia, for all you do.
6 years ago

The new billboard looks great! You are not a bad host, just very busy. We all do what we can, when we can.


Greetings All
6 years ago

I am a really bad host. I work virtually on line and too often by the time I finish work I am just tired of computers and being online and my mouse hand just wants a break

Anyway - welcome and thanks for joining.

Be sure to read the new billboard I just posted.

Hi Stuart
6 years ago

Thank you for joining! And you are most welcome. If you have not done so already, please check out the actions and updates thread. If we want to beat out the insurance companies and get care for our tax dollars, it will require that we all make our voices heard, both in the government and in the public eye.

6 years ago

Thank you, Laura, for inviting me to join this group.

I want very much to have us all have single-payer, non-profit universal health care.


6 years ago

Welcome all new members. Please introduce yourself.