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Links - sites supporting Single Payer
6 years ago
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This topic should be limited to posting links to Single Payer advocacy groups or websites/blogs.

6 years ago

The program Frontline on PBS ran a special on health care in America v other developed countries. Should be available to watch online at

Sick Around The World
6 years ago

Kit, I think this is the program you are referencing:

"Five Capitalist Democracies & How They Do It"
Each has a health care system that delivers health care for everyone -- but with remarkable differences.



PBS program
6 years ago

Thanks for the assist, Claudia. I just checked on the line up on the DVR and your right - Frontline, "Sick Around the World" we are in position to choose from the best of the ideas, for those that will work for us.

U.S. Conference of Mayors - 2008
6 years ago


76th Annual Meeting
June 20-24, 2008


How To Get Single Payer Health Care Active: Contacts & Info
6 years ago

This is for folks who want to get active in support of single payer in the offline real world. Lists of state and local contacts, sign-ups to be notified of for activist activities, news, information, etc.

Democracy Now! News Segment
6 years ago

There was a great segment on Democracy Now! yesterday on the bias against Univeral Single Payer Health Care. Watch or read, if interested, here:

Updates, Links and News, Blog style
6 years ago

Single Payer Central.


Thanks to Joie for this link, it looks to be very frequently updated, and may be a great resource for unfolding events, etc.

Supporter Groups Growing
6 years ago

Private Health Insurance Must Go - a New York group of very active activists:


Medicare for All


Single Payer Action


Single Payer Healthcare Now


Lets be sure to help each other out.  If you have your own blog, link to these sites.  Share the items they are posting in news items here and elsewhere.


We want the news and the aides in congressional offices that track news and blogs to see that there is real support for Single Payer.  Each of us doing the little we can, adds to the noise level.


We can help raise their rankings with the search engines like Google by having links going back to them and doing searches and choosing them in the results list.


So here is my blog - the primary purpose of which is to get links from an active blog back to the groups doing the heavy lifting:

Working For the Common Good


My Sharebook here - which imports from my blog (but seems to have a glitch in it right now)


My Shared Google Reader


My StumbleUpon page - almost all health care


Be sure and share yours in this topic so we can visit!


Headlines from RSS feeds
6 years ago

Just wanted to add a reminder that at the very bottom of the home page, you will find the headlines from RSS fees from 3 of the leading grassroots organizations leading the fight for Single Payer. 

What is Single Payer Answered
6 years ago


Download, burn to CD and pass it out.

"Million Letters for Health Care"
6 years ago

Sign up and they will send you a reminder and some "talking points" each month to help you write a letter in support of Single Payer



Have you voted up Single Payer here
6 years ago

The Obama Admin Idea Site:


Advocate for Single Payer here also
6 years ago
6 years ago



Medical Bills to Congress

In the past few days, our allies in Congress have made serious gains in health care reform. But one thing is still uncertain -  whether we'll see a strong, immediate public health insurance option.

President Obama last week indicated that, in order to keep insurance companies "honest" and reduce costs, we must provide Americans with the option of a public health insurance plan.

Now it's time to convince Congress; and the strongest proof that our current health care system is broken is probably sitting on your kitchen table - your medical bills.

What are you spending on health care? Generate your own medical bill online, and send it to Congress:

Today, the Senate is working on a plan for health care reform. The public health insurance option needs to be a part of it because it does three things:

  • Lowers costs for individuals and families by competing side-by-side with private insurance plans
  • Sets high standards for quality and accessibility that other plans will strive to meet
  • Gives Americans more choice in their coverage by offering an affordable alternative to over-priced plans
Congress needs to understand what we're paying for health care. Use our tool to generate a medical bill and send it to your Senators:

After 80 years, we finally have the solution to this health care crisis in our sights. Thanks for joining us in our summer-long sprint to the finish line.

Dr. L. Toni Lewis
SEIU Healthcare
6 years ago

We Don't Need Insurance, We Need
Guaranteed Healthcare

6 years ago

The healthcare activists are supporting HR 676 and S 703, now pending before the Congress. For background and any updates on the cause of Single Payer, see: and and and and and and


6 years ago

RN Leader Testifies at Congressional Hearing on Single-Payer Healthcare Reform

Geri Jenkins, RN, co-president CNA/NNOC

A co-president of the nation's largest organization of registered nurses will testify Wednesday in the first official public hearing in Congress on single-payer healthcare reform. 

Geri Jenkins, RN, co-president of the 86,000-member California Nurses Association/National Nurses Organizing Committee, and a practicing RN at the University of California San Diego Medical Center, is expected to describe how the nation's healthcare meltdown is a "patient care crisis" and how single-payer reform best meets the goals identified by President Obama for reform of the broken system.

Read More


6 years ago

Single-Payer FAQ
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