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A Sudden Rash Of Anti's On Care2?
5 years ago
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Is it just me..or has anyone else noticed an influx of anti-health reformer's on Care2..particularly on the polls and blogs sections?

Maybe some of them have been on Care2 for a while..though some don't seem to have much care 2wards anyone. I see a heck of a lot of new names on there..usually with (0) (1) or at most (2) or (3) after their names..and usually with no accompanying photo.Now I am not saying that this applies to all new members ..some of the newer people are very much pro-health reform,and i've already linked with a couple of these.

Care2 has a reputation as being a bit liberal-left wing,though not exclusively of course,and being a supporter of free speech (though never hate speech)..and the fact that some of my best friends are conservatives (lol)..i've no problem with the odd right winger putting their case across on here..though I reserve the right to mock,pillory,heckle,argue and be sarcastic,ironic and satirical.The problem may be..and i'm just guessing here..that there is a little bit of organisation behind this little influx.

Fighting for hearts and minds is crucial,and the insurers,GOP,Fox  etc want to ruin our side of the debate with fearmongering and falsification,whilst acting like ordinary people and promoting the failed status quo.

We've already seen organised action by the right wing,at the Town Hall meetings,we already know that the petro-chemical people have at least one paid debater on here ..(it is public knowledge..and she openly admits it..whether she was exposed first or not,we can see the tactics of the vested interest groups.

So it is possible..even probable that opinion formers have been acting on C2 as paid employees of insurance companies for example..or that right wing groupings have caucused online and planned a strategy to come onto C2,to try to stymie the debate and blunt our effectiveness..whilst winning around waverers.

I hope that I don't sound paranoid ..but its always wise to question what is going on around us.

Whatever the case,I feel that as the critical moments in the whole healthcare mission are coming nearer..with the end of the politicians summer recess looming..that we need to redouble our efforts in this fight.

As far as debates on C2 are concerned,many of us are alerting each other,and entering the fray ..many of us are connected re taking action and sharing and promoting news.

Maybe more of us campaigners on this site could link up,perhaps we as a group could promote a big push ?..and any posts we share on the main site,we could also bring on here?..i'm more guilty than most of not bringing news items onto this site.  

As a non-US citizen I can't phone US politicians..not without ending up with a huge phone bill,but I could make all US contacts and this group aware of anything that I know re campaigns and pressure..though someone will probably have spread the word before me,which is good.

Anyway we have to fight now and die later..this is an historic moment..lets always be able to say "I fought hard,despite everything else I had to do in my daily life ,on the right side,in the US health wars of 2009 ".

Any thoughts re the right organising on Care2..or on our final push would be very very appreciated..

Are the right organising on C2?

If so,do we need to look at our tactics?

Any suggestions re the final push?

Who does that lazy English Panda think he is? 


5 years ago

They started to come on CARE last year when Obama got the nod to go on.  Few of course, but they were vocial.  They were soon shot down.  I remember getting so stressed fighting with these nuts.  All with the same type of profile.

Usually, no picture (froggy); none or a couple of friends (also repubs). not much in profile to tell what or who they are.  They do not add any positive things to CARE, groups, petitions, CLICK TO DONATE, etc, only here to cause upsets and follow the dictates of the repubs without any thought.


Just my observation. I wish I had a soloution, but at the very least, we must all stand up and DO SOMETHING, or lose it all.


Lastly, I didn't know the English had their own Pandas.  :)

5 years ago

YAY- someone other than me has noticed. 


While I have alot of respect for some conservatives and liberatarians and enjoy the discussion with well-reaosned intelligent people,  I don't like the BIBLE say so argument. 


It is not about religiong, it is about fundamentalism.  I is also about this twisting and turning of everything- BUSH was a saint and Obama created the mess.  EXCUSE ME?

Thank you, Panda!
5 years ago

How about an 'On Care2 Now' thread? Could you share with us what you come across here? Make it available for all group members to address? I think that maybe a big help, particularly if awareness of a 'clearing house' of comment opportunity spread. I would certainly use it, and post to it when I had the time.


Honestly, I have been remiss in my duties as a host here. Most of my time online is spent commenting in the news 'out there', in the wider net, leaving little time to do what needs done here. Tracking down stories, active comment sections and the like is very time consuming, and I know I miss so much. The time our group members could save by visiting 'On Care2 Now' could have big dividends. I have long dreamed of having a responsive group of commenters who could communicate and mobilize to address specific stories on the net. Seems to me it could work here too.

5 years ago

I agree there seems to be many people fighting against Health care reform. I believe one of the biggest problems is there is no health Care Reform Bill out there that is finalized for congress & the people to look at... and the republicans know how to play on the peoples fear of the unknown.

The administration needs to put forth a completed Health Care Reform Bill and make it available on for people to read so that they are able to see for themselves what it consists of, and how it will effect them.





5 years ago

Yeah these anti's have either all individually come on spontaneously..or linked up to come on mob handed.Like you say Nick,they usually have no photo,they definitely don't contribute to any of the stuff on here..they are just "an abscence of positives".

At least we always kick their arses in debates..due to numbers and better arguments.

I support free speech totally (cept hate speech )..but am wary of the motives of right wing clandestine groupings.

These spout the same old rubbish re healthcare..and we are all sussed (aware)enough to know how to counter that crap..Its usually fear based stuff they fairness =communism,death panels,death stars,death rays,rationing etc.

I feel that we need to counter their arguments..and hit back with the failures of their position ie numbers of people without any insurance,preventable deaths /illnesses/injuries per year in USA,combing procedures of insurance companies,vast expense of current model, comparitive success of single payer systems throughout the world,fact that most people want reform etc etc etc  .Morally ,economically,sociologically ,psychologically etc all the evidence supports us..and they know that..which is why they resort to spreading fears.    

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