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7 years ago
We Need Global Warming Legislation THIS YEAR!
When it comes to fighting global warming, we are running out of time.

Scientists tell us that we must stabilize the concentration of carbon dioxide pollution in the earth's atmosphere at 450 parts per million in order to avoid the catastrophic effects of global warming.

To reach this target, America needs to cut its CO2 pollution by 80% by 2050, which is a 2% reduction per year if we start NOW.

But enacting changes can take years, and we may not have a system in place until 2010 or later. The longer we delay, the deeper we have to cut to hit our 80% reduction target by 2050.
7 years ago
Stop Illegal Logging and Protect Wildlife Worldwide
Target: U.S. Senate

Incredibly, America has no law against importing illegally harvested wood into the U.S. Yet the insatiable demand for cheap wood products and luxury hardwoods in the United States, Europe and Japan drives illegal logging operations worldwide -- logging that destroys vital habitat for endangered orangutans, tigers, and other wildlife.

Take action now to save orangutans and other wildlife threatened by illegal logging. Urge your Senators to support the Combat Illegal Logging Act of 2007 (S.1930), legislation that would make it a crime in America to knowingly import, sell, buy or transport illegally-sourced wood and wood products.

7 years ago

Stop Dalhousie University from murdering dogs and puppies

Every year many animals are being dissected at Dalhousie University.

Kittens have had their eyes sewn shut at Dalhousie. Dogs, cats, rabbits, mice and rats are routinely stabbed with needles, tubes forced down their mouths, hearts and brains dissected while still alive.

This is unnecessary and cruel. Let's stop the animal testing forever.
7 years ago
Take Action: Ask Your Representative to Co-Sponsor Bill to Ban Cruel Traps Animals  (tags: animalsuffering, activists, AnimalWelfare, AnimalCruelty, wildlife, pets, protection, habitat, environment, animals, cruelty, death, suffering, society, sadness, wildanimals, torture )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 23 hours ago -
The Inhumane Trapping Prevention Act (H.R. 1691) aims to end use of the steel-jaw leghold trap in the U.S. These deadly devices are notorious for the suffering they inflict on their innocent victims, and they also indiscriminately catch non-target animals
major campaign stop ushscc cutting cats spinal cords
7 years ago
StopAnimalTests.Com > Whistleblower Exposes Culture of Cruelty at UC Denver Health Sciences Center Animals  (tags: animalsuffering, AnimalWelfare, animal testing, labs, dogs, cats, suffering, killing, killed, law, neglect, ethics, cruelty, animals, abused, torture )

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- 1 hour ago -
An animal care technician who worked at the University of Colorado at Denver and Health Sciences Center (UCHSC) for
7 years ago
"TAKE ACTION" Protect the Western Arctic Reserve-"BUSH AGAIN" Animals  (tags: environment, animals, wildlife, habitat, BUSH, activists, ethics )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 21 minutes ago -
The Bush administration is renewing its attempt to sacrifice the fragile Teshekpuk Lake region of Alaska's Western Arctic Reserve to oil and gas drilling.
7 years ago
Posted by: "TPGDarren"  Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:15 am (PST)
7 years ago
all done to here ---
GRAPHIC VIDEO—Death by Gas Chamber—Yadkin Animal Shelter Asphyxiates Helpless Pets—Doggy Death Camp
7 years ago
Please Note, GRAPHIC VIDEO—Death by Gas Chamber—Yadkin Animal Shelter Asphyxiates Helpless Pets—Doggy Death Camp

View Full Screen Video at


Stop The Brutal Asphyxiation of Pets in the Yadkin County, North Carolina Gas Chamber at


Yadkin County, North Carolina Update: Homeless Animals Continue to Suffer at

For more information, please visit

Please contact Cecil Wood, county manager, and urge him to improve conditions for Yadkin County's animals.

PO BOX 146
FAX: 336-679-6005


Phone: (336) 677-2500


Contact Us:

Meet the Commissioners:


Click Join American Senior Cats on Yahoo! Groups! Join American Senior Cats on Yahoo! Groups!

Click Donate Now to American Senior Cats!

Click American Senior Cats home page!

7 years ago

The Bush Administration wants to sacrifice one of the world's most important ecosystems in Arctic Alaska to the oil industry. We need your help to stop it.

A million birds, more than 45,000 caribou (and other mammals), and seven Alaska Native communities depend on the unparalleled resources of the Teshekpuk Lake region.

Ninety percent of the region where the lake is located is already open to oil and gas development. This internationally-renowned ecosystem and the remarkable wildlife that inhabits it deserve protection.

Please tell the Bureau of Land Management: "Not on my watch. This is a sacrifice America must not make." You have a limited time to speak up.

The BLM is accepting public comments about Teshekpuk until November 6, but please sign the petition by October 29 so that we can ensure your comments are delivered before the final deadline.

7 years ago

Please sign Dave O's petition, cross-post and forward:

Dogs leave this world in Yadkinville's merciless gas chamber

Can we hold our heads high, in Twenty-first Century America, when the blameless, the vulnerable, the orphaned and the friendless, perish gasping in the steel confines of the Yadkin County Animal Shelter Carbon Monoxide Gas Chamber?

7 years ago
Original Message:


Dear Friends,

Here I am again, asking for a personal favour. 

There is a vulture-cull underway again - this will be the 4th time - in Chesterfield County, Virginia (USA). 

What's really angering here is that there's been no studies done on these birds, little is known about the stability of this particular population, and worst of all?  The whole idea to mass-murder the flock of vultures was developed because fisherman at the boatramp complain that vultures are "damaging their cars" - yet they habitually litter in the area, discarding food and the butchered remains of unfortunate fish they catch, all of which attracted the birds' attention.

Please don't let ignorant loud-mouths dictate public policy.  Please don't let narrow-minded, prejudiced officials blame and persecute native wildlife for merely opportunistically responding to food sources - they are blaming these birds for merely existing.  

Killing these birds "because they are JUST vultures" is specieist and no different than racism or sexism.  Don't let the vultures be villified and killed - speak up for them!  Sign this petition to speak on their behalf:

Read more about it here:

Thank you in advance for your help!



7 years ago
SAVE THE TIGERS PETITION Animals  (tags: tigers, tiger farming, poaching, slaughter, cruelty, petition, protection )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 1 day ago -
The beautiful tigers has been killed, poached for their parts for many years. Please sign the petition against tiger farming.
Humane Society on the Seal Hunt & Petition to Sign Animals  (tags: arctic seals animals love peace world gr )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 1 day ago -
harsh criticism the world over because of the hunt's cruelty and unsustainability, the Canadian government and fishing industry have spread much misinformation. Here are the basic facts about the hunt. Which Seals Are Targeted by Canada's Seal Hunt?
7 years ago
SOS Saint Bernard Dogs Petition - Please Sign visit site
Animals  (tags: china, business, China, dogs, animalsuffering, AnimalWelfare, AnimalCruelty, suffering, killing, death, society )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 51 minutes ago -
We,the undersigned,would like to express our deepest indignation in regard to breeding dogs for food, mainly Saint Bernard dogs (imported specially for this purpose over the last 10 years,as identified as most profitable meat dogs).These specific animals>
7 years ago
We cannot stand by and let another species disappear from the planet because we failed to act. Right whales and other species need a safe place to live. We can provide that safe place with sensible regulations we know will work. Please urge the Bush administration

vote against animal cruelty exports Australia
7 years ago
rouble with links or images? View this message online

This Federal Election: VOTE AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY! It is time to tell John Howard and Kevin Rudd that you will not support a party that supports live animal export. Watch the Video Take Action Donate NowPlay Video
See for yourself:
the video that Australia’s live export industry doesn’t want you to watch.

1Click Here to lodge your ‘vote’ against animal cruelty.

2Spread the Word and send this to everyone you know.

3Donate Todayto Animals Australia’s live export appeal.

4Get Activeon the National Day of Action against live exports.

On behalf of all animals, thank you.

7 years ago



Against Animal Testing : Companies Who Test on Animals Animals  (tags: cruelty, death, abuse, animalsuffering, AnimalWelfare, sadness, suffering, torture )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 1 hour ago -
Each year about five million dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, monkeys, and other animals die in lethal dose tests performed in the U.S. During a lethal dose test, the expiremental substance is forced into the animals throats, or is pumped into their stomachs by
7 years ago

animal suffering, brutal death
The United Nations Secretary-General
This Petition will be handed  to United Nations (UN) Secretary-General with the request that the UN pass a Resolution which will be Legally Binding for all countries-Member nations of the UN, that will include the following legislation to which every member is required to comply.
The legislation must address each of the following requirements:
Puerto Rico Zoo Petition Still in need.
7 years ago

For everyone new here and maybe those who missed, please sign this Puerto Rican petition as well. This has been up for awhile, I signed back in June, and there are only 1,969 SIGS! They truly have no compassion for their animals. And This Zoo needs Help!!

Petition for Inadequate Zoo in Puerto Rico:

7 years ago
Date:Tuesday, October 23, 2007, 1:46 PM Subject:fwd: Stop new animal testing centre in The Netherlands
 Friends,this time I need your help to sign for something real bad in my own country,The Netherlands.
It's about animal testing.
As the petition is in Dutch,I translated it partially in English,so you know what you're signing against:
In The Netherlands, in a town called Venray,a project has been planned called Sciencelink.In this campus different companies will be active in animal experiments.
In the name of science many animals,(dogs,rabbits,mice and rats)will die atrocious deaths.
In The Netherlands 612000 animals are being used for experiments every year.
Let's make clear to the comunity of Venray that this project must be stopped.

So please sign and let us stop this madness!

Dear Friends,

I have just read and signed the petition: "Stop Dierproefcentrum Venray"

Please take a moment to read about this important issue, and join me in signing the petition. It takes just 30 seconds, but can truly make a difference. We are trying to reach 1,000 signatures - please sign here:

Once you have signed, you can help even more by asking your friends and family to sign as well.

Thank you!

7 years ago

Dusty W.
StarsButterfliesGold Notes
 8:55 AM

To sign an online petition to help stop this practice, please go here:
Petition to Stop the Export of Nepal's Monkeys and Associated Research  [ send green star]  [ flag for review]  [ send green star]
7 years ago
 Help Stop 'Canned Hunting' in South Africa
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(PETITION) Help Stop 'Canned Hunting' in South Africa visit site
Animals  (tags: endangered, cruelty, dogs, wildlife, wildanimals, suffering, killing, death, AnimalWelfare, ethics, sadness )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 5 minutes ago - hunting-in-south-africa We hunt the Leopard with Hounds in a fourteen day period. You can hunt plainsgame that occur in that area at the same time in your 14 day stint. We have a 80% success rate.
7 years ago

StarsButterflies Erica R.

There are only 400 Right Whales left in the world, officials at the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration said the situation is so dire that the loss of one more pregnant female might be the death knell for the species. Currently the White House officials are working on proposals....... for the last 16 months. It is taking to long, every second counts for this species. Please help to push the White House officials into excepting the Proposal to slow ship speeds in effort to save the whales and to do more. Something must be done and soon. Do the RIGHT thing.

     thanks erica

Petition for the grizzlies,to be signed till monday 22nd October
7 years ago
Save Grizzlies - Stop Terrible Forest Plan Changes
We only have till monday 22nd October to stop this plan - urge the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to abandon the 2007 proposed revisions of the National Forest Management Act regulations!
This August the Bush administration proposed changes to the National Forest Management Act that would dismantle vital protections for our National Forests and grasslands and eliminate key federal protections for all wildlife in those areas ... including the still-struggling grizzly bear.
Habitat loss from logging and other activities is one of the greatest threats to grizzly bears in the lower 48 United States. Grizzlies in the Yellowstone region were just recently removed from the list of species protected under Endangered Species Act - they can't afford more destructive logging. 
7 years ago

Think politics don’t effect animals? Think again. 

Think politics are separate from animal issues? Think you can save and help animals without politics? Unfortunately, you’d be wrong. Policy is how we get things done in a democracy.  

Where do you think petitions go? Where do you think all of our favorite animal and environmental non-profit orgs go to lobby on an issue? Politicians.  

Be heard. Write them and let them know you’re watching. But most importantly, vote!   

Presidential Candidates and Animals
Congress and Animals

Sign the petition:

I will personally deliver it to the campaigns of the official presidential candidates

7 years ago

Kaliningrad Zoo, Russia 

Look at the this zoo enclosure!!! Looks like a military training camp!! This is one of the worst zoo enclosures I've seen.

Tony M.

7 years ago

Sign to End Procter & Gamble Animal Testing 2:13 PM


P & G supposedly no longer uses dogs in their discusting testing practices, but they will not prove this or release any information to anyone. They evidently still test on rabbits, ferrets, hamsters, guinea pigs, mice and rats. The helpless animals are burnt, blinded, poisoned, mutilated, and harmed in many other ways, including burning liquid being forced up their noses and being fed fragrances by tubes. They are not drugged before the psychotic testing is performed, which really would not have made it any more excusable. These animals are even harmed and killed in the worst ways imaginable for the sake of testing for the nutritional value of pet food. Please help in any way you can to stop Procter & Gamble from testing on these poor animals. There are many other alternatives.
7 years ago
Alert: PETITION: STOP Horse Fighting in Korea, China & Phillipines   Focus:Animal WelfareAction RequestetitionLocation:ChinaPLEASE SIGN & FORWARD TO HELP STOP THIS HORRIBLE "SPORT"! IT'S THE SAME AS DOG FIGHTING, JUST BIGGER ANIMAL'S AND JUST AS CRUEL!

Horse fighting has now been outlawed almost worldwide. It still thrives, however, in countries like the Philippines, Indonesia, China and South Korea. Brutal and inhumane, these spectacles can be anything from featured events in annual fiestas and thanksgiving festivals to scrappy events put together by locals for the purposes of an afternoon's gambling and entertainment, or to honor a special guest. Horse fighting takes place in city stadiums or abandoned playing fields in remote villages and provinces. In more highly populated areas they may also be conducted at a local racetrack.
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

Countries staging horse fights defend it as a cultural tradition that has gone on for hundreds of years, and resist any attempts to ban it. While tradition has long been used to legitimize horse fighting, money and gambling appears to be the real reason for its continued existence.

STOP IT NOW!  This petition will be sent to the United Nations with a request that they do something about putting pressure on these countries to stop the practices.

Copies will also be sent to the various Heads of state of the OFFENDING countries.

7 years ago
Mountain Caribou Need You! visit site
Animals  (tags: animals, endangered, caribou, protection, habitat, wildlife, extinction )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 2 hours ago -
The mountain caribou is one of the most endangered mammals in North America and an icon for the magnificent Inland Temperate Rainforest region in eastern British Columbia.

7 years ago
Save The Badgers - Stop the Badger Cull - Black & White Campaign - Petition visit site
Animals  (tags: U.K., Badgers, Snaring, GassingAnimalWelfare, AnimalCruelty, protection, animalsuffering, death, killing, wildlife, slaughter )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 26 minutes ago -
'Silent Killer in the Countryside' - Despite over 42,000 replies to the government's consultation on the culling of badgers in 2006 - with over 96% being against the killing of badgers - our government is still considering gassing and snaring badgers
7 years ago
Petition Circulating to Address Caddo Animal Shelter Complaints visit site
Animals  (tags: animal shelter, animal neglect, cruelty, starvation, animalsuffering, complaints, petition )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 10 hours ago -
Animal lovers around the country have gone online to sign a petition denouncing treatment and conditions at Caddo Parish Animal Shelter. In less that 24 hours, with a goal of 5,000 signatures, 274 people from California to Virginia have already signed
7 years ago
Pressuring the Romanian Government to enforce a law against animal cruelty
Created by:
Rogojan Alina Lorelay
What you see in the picture is a horse bleeding to death. It's happening in a city in Romania. He was hit by a car and his owner decided to kill him to get rid of him. The only way he could think of doing that, was by cutting its throat....
This is happening in a European Union country that has absolutely no valid laws to protect animals from any form of cruelty or suffering.The worst that can happen in Romania to someone who hurts, tortures or kills an animal is to get a fine. That is, to pay a certain amount of money. In most cases, he will escape even that. Do you think that's fair? Is it possible to assess a life's worth in the amount of the fine???
Please,sign the petition for the Romanian animals.
7 years ago
We, the Undersigned, endorse the following petition:
Save Chimpanzees from the Bushmeat Trade!
Target: Congress
Sponsor: The Jane Goodall Institute
To make matters worse, orphaned chimp babies are sold into the pet trade.
Take Action >>
 It's time to speak out against the cruel practice pushing chimps and other endangered species to the brink of extinction! >>

Hunters remove more than 1 million metric tons of bushmeat from the Congo Basin forests each year. In only one year, 15,000 carcasses from wild species passed through markets in the city of Brazzaville - and approximately 293 of them were chimpanzees.

Take Action >> 

To make this practice even worse, orphaned chimpanzee babies are typically sold in local markets and often end up in the pet trade after watching their mothers being brutally killed.

Tell Congress to discourage illegal bushmeat trafficking and other destructive activities - like irresponsible logging and mining practices - that contribute to it.

Thank you for helping to protect these intelligent, endangered animals!

From Care2 Sincerely,
Breeana L.
Care2 Campaign Team

7 years ago

It's far from over.  Please note and forward

Horse Slaughters Taking Place on the Border visit site
Animals  (tags: )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 3 hours ago -
The American mare swung her head frantically when the door shut to the kill box, trapping her inside. A worker jabbed her in the back with a small knife — seven, eight, nine times. Eyes wild, she lowered her head and raised it as the blade
Horses at the Ciudad Juarez plant are stabbed in the back until the spinal cord is severed, then hoisted so their throats can be slit.
* PLAY |

Oct. 1, 2007, 10:42PM
Effort to save horses unlikely in Congress, Texan says

7 years ago

Investigation Reveals Inhumane Treatment of Horses Shipped to Mexico for Human Consumption
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Investigation Reveals Inhumane Treatment of Horses Shipped to Mexico for Human Consumption visit site
Animals  (tags: animals, abused, abuse, AnimalCruelty, AnimalWelfare, animalsuffering, cruelty, sadness, suffering, horses )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 10 hours ago -
Although all U.S. based horse slaughterhouses have been shut down, thousands of American horses are still shipped across our borders into Mexico and Canada where they are inhumanely butchered and sold for human consumption abroad. Warning! Graphic Video

# 2,736:
Oct 9, 2007, Dolores Whitley , Delaware
The horse in this photo is not dead but it wishes it were at that point. The horse is still alive but made paralized by men stabbing it in the back & spine to render it so. Then these straps come up & haul the animal head first over to the slayer who with a knife rips it's thraot open so it bleeds to death. All while the animal is awake, aware and panicked and in pain.
7 years ago



There is also a petition :

URGENT: Tortured Spanish Greyhounds Need Your Voice visit site
Animals  (tags: galgoes, abused, tortured, drowned, beaten, hanged, cruelty )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 1 hour ago -
Spanish greyhounds, or galgos – a breed of dog native to Spain – are some of the most abused animals on the planet. Reportedly, galgos who are not hanged are often drowned in wells, injected with bleach or gasoline, shot, burned to death or dumped on the
URGENT: Tortured Spanish Greyhounds Need Your Voice
7 years ago


PLEASE  help Tina with her petition.She is needing all the help  she can get to save these stray homeless animals from being shot    for lack of Animal Control.     . Alot of signtures are  needed.Please cross post post and  re cross post    .Together we can help. 
          Thanks to each and every one   

Original Message:


Dear Glenda,
I have a favor to ask of you. Could you please pass this link to my new petiton around to your friends to sign?
  It is about my cities lack of animal control officers, (we have ONE), and the result of this is police officers cornering stray dogs, and shooting them to death. At least four this year that I know of!  No chance at a calm evaluation by being humanely captured!
Also, I want the city to adopt a low cost spay/nueter program. They can afford it!
 So please help me by spreading this around to anyone you can, I really appreciate it!
 Here's the link:                                  

                                                                    Thank you so much!     

7 years ago

Tell Congress to support The Great Cats and Rare Canids Act, and provide much needed funding to protect Snow Leopards and other rare species."

7 years ago

Trudi R.

Petition: extreme cruelty against animals in Mexico 


Against the existing impunity at the San Bernabé
Market, Almoloya de Juárez, State of México

The animals for sale, in its majority, are visible
sick; they are transported under deplorable and sadistical ways, without any
care even for those showing exposed fractures, bleeding or with visible wounds.
When they cannot hold on foot, they are hung with ropes to pretend they are
still strong enough. They totally lack medical attention, as well as water and
food. In case they die before getting to the place where they are normally
sacrificed, their entrails are thrown away right on the floor.      They are
called throw-away (or disposable) animals; they are kept with life up to the
last possible moment, while in a slow and lasting agony, because every pound of
living meat costs twice as much as the pound of dead meat.   

The market called San Bernabé is located in
Almoloya de Juárez, State of México; at this place the main merchandise are
mules, donkeys and horses, which are in extreme terrible state and with a total
lack of health regulations, thus violating consistently and permanently both:
the laws against animal cruelty and sanitary conditions.  
7 years ago
Watch Our Undercover Footage of U.S. Horses Exported to Mexico for Slaughter -- Then Take Action Animals  (tags: action, congress, legislation, horse slaugher, ban, horse cruelty )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 2 days ago -
October 4, 2007-Two state laws and numerous court decisions closed the doors on the last remaining U.S. based horse slaughter plants. These tremendous victories underscore the urgent need for passage of the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act (H.R. 5
Petition: Ban Beastiality
7 years ago
The Anti-Fur Society, U.S.A..............................
The Bright Eyes Society, The Netherlands............
ANIMAL, Portugal.............................................
Respek Tiere, Austrial.......................................
Please sign and forward to all you groups and friends.
7 years ago

Save Chimpanzees from the Bushmeat Trade!
Target: Congress
Sponsor: The Jane Goodall Institute

Chimpanzees are our closest human relatives – they have family bonds, make and use tools and show signs of language – and yet, humans are wiping them out.

Wild chimpanzee populations have plummeted in the last 20 to 30 years, and face more threats ahead. The bushmeat trade (the unsustainable hunting of wildlife) is a root issue endangering chimpanzees. To make this practice even worse, orphaned chimpanzee babies are typically sold in local markets and often end up in the pet trade after watching their mothers being brutally killed.

Hunters remove more than 1 million metric tons of bushmeat from the Congo Basin forests each year. In only one year, 15,000 carcasses from wild species passed through the markets in the city of Brazzaville - approximately 293 of them were chimpanzees.

It's time the U.S. stood up against the cruel practice pushing chimps and other endangered species to the brink of extinction.

Tell Congress to discourage illegal bushmeat trafficking and other destructive activities - like irresponsible logging and mining practices - that contribute to it!
7 years ago
"Yes!" to Stronger Dog-Breeder Kennel...
Governor Ted Strickland and Ohio Legislative Branch
We want to show our support for Bill Number OH H.B. 223 & S.B. 173, which requires a person operating a breeding kennel to obtain an annual regulated dog breeding license; establishes specified standards applicable to regulated dog breeding kennels and regulated dog intermediaries related to the feeding, care, and living conditions of dogs; requires inspections of regulated dog breeding kennels to be conducted without prior notification.
7 years ago
Save The Tigers!!! visit site
Animals  (tags: tigers, animals, AnimalWelfare, extinction, endangered )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 19 seconds ago -
Save the tigers from being farmed in China for their parts. Sign our petition and ask your friends to do the same. Also please watch 2 minute video.
7 years ago

A gentle deer, unaware of her fate at the hands of Sharp Shooters...
Please Help Save The Mule Deer of Helena Montana!!
Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Division
Created by:

Helena, Montana lies at the base of the mountains.  We have been so lucky to be able to view wildlife around us.  However, there have been many individuals who are complaining that the deer are eating their trees and bushes and they said that if left unattended that the deer population would soar.  So the city council came up with the idea of using sharp shooters to kill 330 resident deer in Helena.  This includes the bucks, does and fawns that are gentle & shy animals that have never meant us any harm.  We have encroached into their terriotory and because they are in our way, they feel the only option is to kill them!

7 years ago

Pam F.

This is 3 important (very quick and easy) actions to take for the animals in Portugal,including bullfighting. There are links on the right-hand side of the page for a letter to send to the President,to put your signature on the manifesto,and to sign a petition.

Please Note & Sign Petition
7 years ago

URGENT HELP FOR THE DOGS OF CALARASI PETITION Animals  (tags: romanian animals, slaughtered, killed, petition, cruelty ) Simone StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 1 day ago -
A mass-slaughter has been planned for all stray dogs of the town of Calarasi, Romania. It is believed a fox suffering of rabies has infected all the dogs in the area. It is not known at this point if this is true or not, but it is likely to be another

7 years ago
2012 Olympic Site Cats at risk of Starvation and Death
Animal Lovers
Please support the Celia Hammond Animal Trust in their bid to rescue feral and domestic stray cats which are at risk of being crushed during demolition work, or starving to death, on the Olympic site.  

We urge the Olympic Delivery Authority to lift the current ban on the Trust and allow them to complete this rescue project.

For more information on the plight of the cats at the Olympic Site visit and click on the 'Latest News' page.
7 years ago
A fellow member just sent me the link to her petition about her dog Dryfus who was euthanized after getting into a minor scrap with another one of her dogs.  The owners were faced with a $1000.00 fine and having to buy $50000 insurance coverage OR putting the dog down.  They were not informed of their right to fight the ruling.  Sadly, Dryfus was put down.  Please take a moment to sign the petition.  Thank goodness there aren't people out there gassing kids for scrapping with their brothers or sisters.  Not to mention, it only happened once, was minor and over a girl dog in heat....which is pretty normal.  Thanks.
7 years ago
The time to act is now! Once every five years or so, Congress
considers the Farm Bill, which means we have a rare opportunity
to pass animal welfare legislation as part of this large
package. I hope you will join me in helping to protect pets by
asking your U.S. Senators TODAY to support the Animal Welfare
Act provisions in this year's Farm Bill. It will only take a
minute. Here is the link:
Defenders Action Alerts for Wolves
7 years ago

Support the PAW Act and Help Save Wolves
Take ActionAerial hunting of wolves in Alaska is opposed by hunters, scientists and conservationists. Now Congressman George Miller (D-CA) has introduced the Protect America's Wildlife (PAW) Act -- legislation to end aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska and prevent the practice from spreading to the Lower 48 United States. Please urge your Representative to co-sponsor this important legislation.

Help Stop Aerial Wolf Hunting in Alaska
Take ActionAlaska has taken action to reinstate its aerial gunning program. Under the program, marksmen can gun down wolves from the air or run the wolves to exhaustion, then land and shoot them at point blank range. Urge Governor Sara Palin to withdraw her support for aerial hunting and help us put an end to this needless and brutal practice once and for all.

Thank New Mexico's Governor for Speaking Out for Southwest Wolves
Take ActionNew Mexico Governor Bill Richardson recently suspended his state’s involvement in lethal control of the last remaining 58 southwest wolves. Please take a moment to thank him for standing up for one of America’s most imperiled animals.

7 years ago
Thanks, Inge! I signed and will cross-post. Sorry I haven't been on much-- have the flu.
7 years ago
Nadia StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 42 seconds ago -
Before stocking up on candy this Halloween, you should know that chocolate-maker Mars Inc.—creator of M&M's, Snickers, and other candies—continues to fund deadly animal tests! Mars' top competitor, Hershey's, has pledged not fund or conduct experiments o
7 years ago

Thanks Nadia? ALL SIGNED.

Please sign this one :

On july 1st 2007, the incredibly cruel and unjust practice of slaughtering the Cape Fur seal pups-and endangered species-for financial gain, masqueraded as a "cull" will begin again in Namibia.

7 years ago
Another Proctor & Gamble Petition 

Stop Proctor and Gamble Animal Testing !!!!!!!!!
Created by:
Proctor and Gamble have been testing the products you use on yourself everyday, for years by using poor defenceless Animals, just like the pet you have at home. They inject and place liquids into the bodies and eyes of these animals and its unbelieveable CRUEL. We need to put a stop to this so please sign this petition and help some animals out.
7 years ago
Please note & sign 2 petitions. "Visit Site" and see Comment for the 2nd petition link.
Help Animals Suffering Desperately in Puerto Rico Zoo: Take Action Animals  (tags: zoo, puerto rico, animalsuffering, AnimalCruelty, wildanimals ) Nadia StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 6 minutes ago -
At el Parque de las Ciencias, a zoo in Bayamón, Puerto Rico, the animals endure terrible conditions. In fact, the zoo does not even meet the minimum standards set by the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), yet it remains open to the public. Please take action!
Please Note & Sign Petition
7 years ago
Stop the Dog Meat Trade! Animals  (tags: dogs, AnimalCruelty, animalsuffering, law, death, killing, slaughter )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 4 hours ago -
Please ask the President of the Philippines to stop the illegal dog meat trade for good—by enforcing new, stronger penalties against those engaged in the trade—penalties she helped put in place.
7 years ago


Please only has 119 signatures

7 years ago
This could have been her had she lived.
On Tuesday, June 5, 2007, in Lubbock, Texas, an 8 week old Dachshund puppy was beaten to death after her owner's boyfriend slammed her against a wall three times. The killer fled the scene but was eventually caught and arrested for charges of intoxication and evading arrest. The killer received no animal cruelty charges.

7 years ago
Keep Big Cats Wild and Your Family Safe visit site
Many attacks have occured at facilities that are licensed & regulated by the USDA…a license can be given to anything from an accredited zoo to a roadside attraction, fake sanctuary or back yard petting zoo. Action needed
7 years ago

DO YOU WANT TO SEE THEM LIKE THAT ? Animals  (tags: birds, animalsuffering, cruelty, sadness )

Linda StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 1 day ago -
Spain: The Catalan Government is trying to legalize hunting birds with glue... Please sign up in the campaign against this legalization and send this mail to interested people. Our birds are your birds.

7 years ago


Did you know the dairy products you buy could be associated with baby calves being taken from their mothers just hours after birth and shipped away to live in cramped, filthy crates with barely enough room to move?

This shocking scenario is a sad reality for the young calves at Mendes Calf Ranch in Tipton, California. Take Action >>

The calves live by themselves in crates so small they can’t even turn around or lie down naturally. They have to contort their bodies simply to move around in the small space, which is often covered with their own excrement.

This confinement violates animal cruelty laws! Sign the petition to Free Baby Mendes – and the up to 12,000 other calves that Mendes confines every day of the year.

Land O’Lakes and Challenge Dairy are two of the major dairy producers who use milk from calves who were confined at Mendes Calf Ranch.

Let dairy corporations Land O’Lakes and Challenge Dairy know that these practices are unnecessary — and unacceptable!

Thank you for alerting Land O’Lakes and Challenge Dairy about what's going on at Mendes Calf Ranch — and telling them consumers won’t tolerate this horrible abuse!

7 years ago
Cornwall's Voice For Animals < net> wrote:

Cougar Petition - PLEASE SIGN & CROSSPOST!!!

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION to save Cougars. In Washington, they will start hunting them with dogs in December. I am trying to stop them. If this is something you feel you can sign, would you please sign the petition? I am looking for 1000 signatures and am 496 short.

http://www.thepetit 1/stop-cougar- hunting-with- the-aid-of- dogs

Take care,

Karin Braunsberger
7 years ago
Stop the Slaughter of Newborn and Fetal Lambs! 

Newborn and fetal lambs and their mothers are being slaughtered for fur and fur-trim in high fashion, after HSUS investigation revealed animal torture.

Read about it and sign the petition here: 

And please, pass the word along!  Thank you!

Please Note & Sign Petition
7 years ago
URGENT: Tortured Spanish Greyhounds Need Your Voice visit site
Animals  (tags: evil cruelty, galgoes greyhounds tortured, beaten, burnt, drowned, suffering )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 8 hours ago -
Galgoes in Spain who are suffering in squalid and inhumane breeding facilities. These animals are frequently kept chained in derelict sheds and even caves in freezing temperatures. They are also reportedly starved and beaten but still expected to hunt
7 years ago
Global warming is melting the Arctic at an alarming rate. This summer the Arctic ice cover was the smallest ever recorded. As a result, there really is a race on to grab up the oil, gas and other resources once protected by ice.

And the more oil and gas we burn, the faster the Arctic melts and the closer our planet comes to catastrophic climate change.

Sign the petition to save the Arctic from exploitation and military activity at
7 years ago
State Takes Pet Zebra
Christian Gray watched helplessly today as Department of Natural Resources officers loaded up his zebra and took him away.

He remembers back in October when he and his two young daughters brought Ziggy home from an exotic-animal zoo in Texas.

He said, "We raised him from two weeks-old... bottle-fed him for six months, three times a day."

Gray says now that Ziggy's gone, a part of the community is missing. Ziggy marched in parades and visited local schools and churches.

He said, "He's kind of like the neighborhood pet. Everybody came and fed and played with him and talked to him."

State biologist Todd Nims says zebras need a special license, because they aren't natural to Georgia and aren't domesticated.

He said, "I don't wake up every day going, 'You know, I'm going to take somebody's pet.' But the person who got the animal without permission is the one that basically is ultimately at fault."

A wild animal license is free if the owner proves the animal is for exhibit and is well cared for. Gray says he didn't know Ziggy needed a license. He says he would have gotten one today, but DNR officers told him it was too late.

Nims says if Gray wants Ziggy back now, he'll have to go to superior court. Gray says he's prepared for that, but there's one thing he's not prepared for.

"My daughters... they're going to be heartbroken when I have to tell them after school today that their zebra's gone," he said.

Gray says he's talking with his lawyer to figure out what to do next. He says he's prepared to fight to bring Ziggy home.

DNR said they took Ziggy to a safe place that's licensed to have zebras. They say he'll be kept there until he goes back home to Bolingbroke or to a different permanent home.
7 years ago

Breed Specific Legislation causes the death of thousands of innocent dogs. This community is intended to stop the alarming spread of BSL. 

IT’S NOT COOL TO BE CRUEL!To: America’s Professional Sports Leagues


The violent subculture of dog fighting has entered the world of professional sports and entertainment in America. The pending grand jury indictment of Atlanta Falcons star quarterback Michael Vick for alleged connections to dog fighting has caused the National Football League to bar Vick from reporting to the beginning of training camp.

Illegal dog fighting is horrifically cruel for the dogs, but also is closely associated with violence, weapons, illegal gambling and drugs.

We, the undersigned, urge America’s major sports leagues—the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, and Major League Soccer to help stop participation and support of dog fighting by taking the following actions:

  • Announce policies condemning dog fighting as a horrifically cruel, illegal activity that will not be tolerated
  • Establish stiff penalties, including fines and suspensions, for any high profile athlete or league employee who associates in any way with dog fighting
  • Cooperate fully with investigations of athletes alleged to be involved in dog fighting
  • Cooperate with Best Friends and other animal welfare groups to promote ways to eradicate dog fighting
7 years ago
---------- Forwarded Message: --------------
From: Shirin
Subject: [ar-ga] PIT BULL PETITION! Please sign and crosspost!!!
Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2007 13:52:39 +0000
This petition is coming from Dahlia who is an amazing person who does a lot for the animals and she needs our support in signing petition to help the pits in her area. PLEASE take a minute and sign this petition. yourt help will go a long way.

Thank you ,Shirin.


Please help us with the this effort... read below.. we are trying to remove the useless BSL ordinance that Miami-Dade County has had since 1989. Please crosspost this petition widely to get as much support as possible. We are seeking protection for loving pit bull and pit bull-type dogs and stronger laws for irresponsible pet owners.

Here's the link:

Please crosspost to all - we need support for all the innocent animals that suffer due to existing BSL laws in Miami-Dade County.


Edel Miedes
(786) 419-DOGS
7 years ago
Hi friends, I ran into this Petition and it really needs Sigs, can you please sign if u havent, double check? and most of all...FWD on to others pretty please...?? Thank you 4 Caring.

Stricter laws in Ohio against against animal abuse and neglect:
7 years ago
Dear Friends:

Our Presidunce and his cronies are at it again. Please take these actions and share with your friends.

Bless You All For All You Do
Catman P

More Important Actions

Help Protect Yellowstone
This link may be slow but it is good.

New ~ Help Protect Polar Bears


Would you please send this message?
This one is very close to my heart, I have rehabilitated wild baby animals in the past.

7 years ago

HSUS action:  Stop the poisoning of dogs in Ethiopia

7 years ago

This is  

Prosecute the woman who abused this boxer dog to the fullest!!
Governor Sonny Perdue, State Senator Mitch Seabaugh, State Representative Lynn Smith, State Representative Billy Horne, Coweta County Commissioners, Robert Stokely, Esquire
In July 2007, Yvette Warsham, an alleged notorious backyard breeder of boxer dogs in Newnan, Georgia was charged with animal cruelty.  Ms. Warsham was allegedly well known to Georgia Department of Natural Resources and animal control agencies in several municipalities and the record of attempts by rescue and humane agencies to bring this abuse to light go back several years.  After multiple reports of cruelty were made in July 2007 to Coweta County Animal Control an officer was dispatched to Ms. Warsham's residence, where he found "Sonny" an 11 year old female boxer who was unable to stand or move from her urine and feces soaked mattress in the yard.  Join us in asking the elected officials of Georgia, Coweta County and the city of Newnan to prosecute this case vigorously and to impose the most severe penalty possible upon Yvette Warsham.  We also ask that the officials we have elected ensure that animal control and care ordinances and laws are upheld to the letter and that animal abuse is no longer ignored!
Please sign and help free one of the heroes of this planet!
7 years ago

StarsButterfliesGold Notes Peter K.

Please sign my petition to the Brazilian government to pardon rainforest researcher Dr. Marc van Roosmalen. His harsh sentence is criminalizing science and stifling a defender of wildlife! Thanks, Peter

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7 years ago
From: Adriana De la Garza
Date: 9/11/2007 8:22:11 PM
Subject: save mexican dogs
Dear friends
 The street dogs that have made Chapultepec their home are planned to be send to the pound and electrocuted!!! Please help me save them. Sign the petition I wrote on behalf of several animal welfare organizations in Mexico
7 years ago
TAKE ACTION: Tell the U.S. Navy to Stop Killing Whales! visit site
Ear-splitting military sonar is needlessly killing whales and other marine mammals throughout the world's oceans. Yet the Navy has refused to put effective safeguards in place during testing and training. These simple precautions -- can save the whales
7 years ago
Tell the Bush Administration to Protect the Last 300 Beluga Whales in Alaska's Cook Inlet! visit site
Animals  (tags: animals, whales, endangered, killing )
 Cher StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 32 seconds ago -
There are only 300 beluga whales left in Alaska's Cook Inlet -- a 77 percent decline from the 1,300 whales that thrived there in the early 1980's.
7 years ago
Take Action for World Farm Animals Day
Published 09/07/07
World Farm Animals Day is October 2, and the Animal Protection Institute is offering several tools to help you speak out for farmed animals.
Every year billions of animals are raised and killed for human consumption. In the U.S. alone, more than 10 billion land animals are slaughtered annually. (Billions more fish are raised and killed in fish "farms" or are taken from oceans, rivers, and lakes.)
In addition, as API uncovered last year, farmed animals are often forced to endure long periods of grueling travel. Our investigation documented the transport of live cows within the U.S. and the transport of pigs from the U.S. to Mexican slaughterhouses.
Animals can legally be transported for up to 28 hours, but this law is rarely if ever enforced. Even if enforced, 28 hours is far too long to assure the well-being of transported farm animals.
Ways You Can Help
1. Join us in calling on Congress to enact meaningful legislation to regulate the transport of farmed animals throughout the United States and across our borders by signing our online petition.
7 years ago

News story on Naysa's abuser 2:11 PM

Church Point Man (Tony Meyers) Accused of Brutal Horse Cruelty (Naysa) Pleads Not Guilty Animals  (tags: Naysa animal cruelty abuse tony meyers l )

StarsButterfliesGold Notes
- 10 minutes ago -
Tony Meyers of Church Point entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of aggravated cruelty to animals.



7 years ago
Please take this action and then share with your friends. This legislation would have a profound impact on the ability of federal prosecutors and agents to punish those who engage in this heinous crime.
Bless You All For All You Do
Catman P

Take Action 

Support HR 3327 to end dogfighting

Make a difference today.

dog on chain

Please Help Moon Bears in Korea
7 years ago

Kim K.

Please sign the petition at this link to help stop the legal torture of Moon Bears in Korea. 

They need many more signatures!!  Please crosspost, or send along to friends, other groups, also.

Thanks for taking a moment to care!  We all do make a difference.

Cincinnati Zoo Sending Domestic Cats To Research Lab!!
7 years ago

The Cincinnati Zoo is sending small, domestic cats to a research lab, as part of the zoo's "breeding program". This is wrong for two obvious reasons: 1. Animal cruelty in any form, is wrong. 2. We already have a huge problem with too many homeless cats in the world. It is irresponsible for the zoo to be breeding more cats, in a world that kills cats because there are already too many of them. Please, help us to save innocent domestic cats from being subjected to horrible experiments!

Sign: Stop Bear Farming, Bile Extraction from Bears
7 years ago

Stop Bear Farming and Bile Extraction From Bears. Bring in strict and stringent laws to stop the sale of Bile Extraction from Bears.

rescued bear

Chinese animal activists rescued this bear from a farm in the country's northeast. The bear was one of 10 found with
catheters implanted into the gall bladder to extract bile (Image: Reuters/China Newsphoto)

A diagnostic kit to crack down on illegal trade in bile extracted from live bears is being used by Australian and Canadian customs officers, an animal welfare group says.
Bear bile is a common ingredient in traditional medicines throughout East and Southeast Asia, says the World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA).

The test kit uses antibodies to detect a signature bear protein and was demonstrated this week at a meeting in The Hague of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITE, which involves 171 nations.

"Interest from wildlife trade enforcement officials has been very strong," says Professor Kate Sanders, an evolutionary biologist who adapted a technique used to identify species in venomous snakebites to develop the kit.

The kits are slated to go on the market at the end of the year and will cost no more than US$40 (A$47), says Sanders, from Australia 's University of Adelaide.

Theactive compound in bear bile is ursodeoxcholic acid (UDCA) and is thought to be effective for ailments ranging from liver disorders to haemorrhoids to hepatitis.

The compound has been available in a synthetic form for years, say animal rights groups calling for an end to bear farming.

Yet the use of bear bile is still widespread, a WSPA survey released this week shows.

More than half of 130 traditional Asian medicine shops in eight countries investigated illegally-sold products containing bear bile, the survey shows.

The WSPA says most originated from China, where the fluid is drawn off using one of several painful methods from more than 7000 animals held in box-like cages on dozens of farms. The procedure is not illegal in China, but CITES bans all cross-border commerce in bear parts.

The survey of Asian medicine shops in North America and the Asia Pacific region uncovered dozens of illegal bear bile products.

About 15% of the stores investigated in the US and Canada sold the contraband, with the percentage increasing to 22% in Singapore, 33% in Korea, 42% in Taiwan and 75% in Japan.

Cruel methods

The methods used to extract the bile from farmed animals varies from one country to the next, but all are condemned by animal welfare groups as cruel.

"In Vietnam, farmers typically immobilise the bears with a paralysing drug, often ketamine," known to recreational drug users as 'special K', says Dave Eastham, head of wildlife for WSPA.

"They use ultrasound to locate the bile and then insert a long hypodermic needle to draw off 100 to 150 millilitres of bile," he says, repeating the process once a month. The bears are conscious throughout the process.

"We have tapes showing the bears screaming with apprehension just before the procedure begins," he says.

In China, a more primitive technique has been outlawed but Eastham says it "is still very common".

The bile drips from a tube - surgically inserted through the bear's abdomen- equipped with a tap that can be turned on and off. Extractions are daily, sometimes twice a day.

It is like bleeding sap from a maple tree, "only more painful", he says.

More than half of bears farmed for bile in China do not survive for very long after extraction begins, but those that do can live for up to 10years.

Please sign this petition against this atrocity:

7 years ago

The Bush/Cheney Administration's politically-motivated draft "recovery plan" for northern spotted owls threatens to undermine years of progress in protecting these owls and the old-growth forests they need to survive.

Urge officials at the Fish & Wildlife Service to scrap the current plan and reconvene the Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Team to develop a real recovery plan that benefits the spotted owl, not just the timber industry.

There's just a few days left to take action. The Fish & Wildlife Service will only be accepting comments on this draft recovery plan until this Friday, August 24th, so thank you for standing up for the northern spotted owl today.

Read our "fast facts" about northern spotted owls and the draft "recovery plan."

Sign the Petition Here:

Please Crosspost

7 years ago
Please note for better exposure and visit site to sign petition and help get these poor animals out.
Sign Here to Stop Circus Cruelty! Animals  (tags: circus animal abuse, circus elephant torture, suffering, abuse, prison, misery, petition ) Simone StarsButterfliesGold Notes - 2 days ago -
Tragically, these animals are held captive by circuses such as Ringling Bros. and are forced to perform confusing acts night after night for 48 to 50 weeks every year. In order to get these animals to perform stressful acts, Ringling trainers use whips,
7 years ago
Various, courtesy of Nyack 

1.) Oppose Cruel Monkey Slaughter
2.) Help Save Giraffs
3.) Gorillas Murdered in Uganda
4.) Help the Mountian Gorilla
5.) Save the Florida Panther 
6.) Stop cougar hunting with dogs
7.) Stop Dalhousie University
8.) Enforce Animal Cruelty Laws
9.) Protest For Bandit
10.) For Bella...
11.) Pit Bull Rights
12.) This is a little long to translate but I will explain.
PUPPY BEATEN, TIED, IMPALED ANALLY WITH HOT STEEL ROD AND BURNED TO DEATH BY TWO TEENAGERS. PETITION FOR JUSTICE. A puppy ran up to two high school students for affection and one of the boys began kicking it till it lay immobile. The other boy came to his friend and helped him tie the puppys paws together to keep it from struggling. They proceeded to kick the puppy together until one of them grabbed a steel rod from a can which had burning embers in it and flames, proceeded to impale the puppy through his anus, and thus flipped the puppy through the air tossing it into the flaming can and burning it to death. PLEASE sign the petition below to be presented to judges at a Naval Base in Argentina, proving to them the WORLD COMMUNITY will NOT STAND for this horrible abuse and demand JUSTICE.
1.) Save This Austrailian Treasure
2.) Environmental Demands

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