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Welcome! Introduce Yourself Here!
12 years ago
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Are you an insomniac? Do you work the night shift? A night owl? Just sleep better during the day? A creepy person drawn by the weird group name? Tell us about you!
This is great!
12 years ago hilarious idea - I love it. My sleep patterns are anything but, so you'll more than likely be seeing me around!!
12 years ago
Tough guidelines. NOOOOOOOOOT!
12 years ago
Well, I haven't had a proper sleep pattern for years so, I guess I sorta fit into this group. LOL. I've gotten used to my wierd sleeping, or lack there of and can funtion on levels of sleep that would floor most people. Wee! I don't have much time for the internet (visiting some of my favorite pig people for a few weeks) but you can believe I'll be back.
12 years ago
Thankyou for inviting me to the group. i do have trouble sleeping and last nite was no exeption. Will check by later, Ms G
Night owl here "HOOT"
12 years ago
Hello Thanks for the invite! I have a nickname from my friends and husband Vampira because Im up all night. In the day, untill about 5ish i'm drinking my tea kinda laid back then its like a light switch Im awake and ready to go for hours! 2 weeks before a full moon I sleep maybe 3 hours in the night every month it gets so much worse in the summer because I thrive in the heat. Im glad that there are "others" like me LOL
A Voice Instead of an Echo
12 years ago
Hi, thank you Leagh for inviting me to join, I am on medication anti depressants, tranquilizer so i guess without them I wouldn't sleep. Depression and Anxiety, from childhood sexual abuse,(incest) alright. I am now 64 years old and it has been a battle most of my life, but so is everyone that is here on planet earth too. Have 2 cats and dog, scrapbooking, attending group discussions at our Recovery Centre in Fremantle, Western Australia for help to cope with the anxiety. Apart from that it is great to be here. Cheers, Jennifer.
Life nocturnal
12 years ago
Hi all! I'm a lifelong nocturnal girl, born aorund 3AM and never acclimated to the whole "being conscious in the morning" thing. Lately I've had a lot of anxiety so my schedule has turned totally around to an 8AM bedtime, but I'm hoping to bring it back to a decent 2AM at some point. The upside is that I definitely get more creative later at night, and I clean a lot more too . Glad to meet a bunch of other nightowls like me! Great group idea.
12 years ago
What's sleeping!!! LOL
Hey guys....
12 years ago
Hi's so cool to be in such a neat group. thanks for starting this!
Love this idea.....
12 years ago
Gosh this sounds so familiar. I used to work nights and loved it. Now I work days and hate it. But I'm the same.... I get tired but once I make it past a certain time, I can stay up all night. Maybe once my chick has left the nest, I can go back to a night job. Something peaceful and forgiving about night time.
HI folks..
11 years ago
my sleeping is also here I am..
11 years ago
I work an "odd" second shift, 4:30 pm to 12:30 am (hope that qualifies ), I was once very much a "go to bed at 9 pm and get up by 4 am, kind of person.....but that was over 20 years ago.
Night owls
11 years ago
Hello,  To respond the the person that said they clean better at night I am the same way I have so much more energy at night. I work a day job and have a family to take care of, but if I dont the sleep at day it will catch up to me and I will literally sleep the whole weekend and most evenings, but when I had a night job my sleeping habits were good and I slept well, so I can clearly say that I am a night person, so is my 11 yr old daughter; it isnt the preteen stay up late syndrome, she performs better at night like me even when I was her age I was like her in most ways it never grew out of me. So I dont understand what is going on, I have alwayse been drawn to the night and the Moon, so is my daughter Maybe there is a strange connection of sorts...
Well I better go
Nice meeting you all!
11 years ago

Hi Everyone...

I want to thank Leagh for the invite...It looks like a great group and...

Courtesy of
Courtesy of

11 years ago
Sleep..? What's that??? Leagh for the invite.
11 years ago
Thanks for the invite Leagh!  I am up late sometimes so hope to talk to you all then!
11 years ago
Yup, I don't sleep much at night. I hate the sun. Love the moon. I'm a night person. Does anyone have time to sleep these days anyway?
11 years ago

Hey.  I cleaned up our Group page a bit, and added some RSS Feeds I thought were fun.  Hope you like them!

YAH!  We're at 60 members!!!

11 years ago

I am a new member and I would just like to say the night is here again, and I’m wide-awake.  My family and I live in Australia.  Thanks for having me in your group!!!


Bright Blessings to all,


Angel Ways


11 years ago
My name is Tempest and I am also new to the group.  It is going on 2 am here in England and I am wide awake...again.  Glad there is a group here to let me know I am not alone!
11 years ago
well another midnight rambler!this will b fun,,,thank u debs 4 the invite
11 years ago
Hello, I'm new here and stuff. Umm..I suppose that I joined this group, because all the "day people" go to bed at night, then there's no one to talk to. And it's nice to know there are others with Insomnia.  It's extremely difficult to find people who can relate, and don't think that Insomniacs can just hop into a bed and just go right to sleep.  Doesn't really work that way. 

I usually am up for two days at a time, sleep one day, then repeat the cycle. So, more than likely, you'll see me rambling about for two days, then I'll disappear for a day... That about sums it up.

It's great to meet everyone here, and I hope you're all well.

Welcome to our new members!
11 years ago
Glad you're here!
11 years ago







10 years ago

Hi folks, I am new in this group; Maybe we can inspie each other.

10 years ago

Group is really slow, isn't it?

Any new posts, Night Owls?

10 years ago

Where's the Ghost..?

10 years ago

This thread was started 666 days ago...

9 years ago

well my family thinks i'm a ghost with how pale i am. ;-D

9 years ago

He was ? Is ?  the group host...

He used to haunt this place every now and then,

but lately this place really has become a Graveyard.

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Anyone out there?
8 years ago


Just joined this group ... Surely the last post here was not really 1 year ago???

Anyhoo, I've long since come to the conclusion that I must be at least part-vampire given my nocturnal preferences and dislike of daylight hours.

So, is there anyone out there in the fog of the graveyard? Or is it just shadows and my imagination ...?

8 years ago

Yes. I am a non-sleeper. I don't like to sleep anytime of the day. I feel like I'm wasting my time.I want to be prepared for whatever comes around.I don't like suprises.

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