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3 years ago







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This post was modified from its original form on 11 Jan, 17:48
3 years ago

I know Native Americans have different beliefs (or a different style) than Christians, Tasunka so on these type of threads I won't do much posting since I am a Christian  and our views may or may not be conflicting.  But feel free to post for others.  I love your graphic....nature and God's creations are so beautiful.  

the four directions
3 years ago

each direction has a totem,a color, an element ,and a period of time.

 we work each direction,in a journey to gain full wisdom,for that is the medicine path.

east; color-yellow



spititual time, the present

and with each direction,we explore another part of being..I will continue posting more directions...with each posting.

and Vicky this is non-denomitational,anyone can work the medicine path,it is not a religious journey, it is a journey of self discovery,in balance with nature.

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3 years ago

I have loved totem poles since I was a little girl, Tasunka.  I've never seen one in person at least not on a reservation.   I think maybe years ago at a tourist site.  I never realized that there was meaning to them.

I have one
3 years ago

they have a lot of meaning..was going to mention animal symbolism.

I'm glad you are interested; a few examples






and the four,the grizzly bear,death as an advisor,earth

north...white,the buffalo,air,the unseen spiritual realm,, mouse,innocence ,water.....we have adventurer tasks,and work round the medicine wheel,when we have worked all  the directions we will be in balance.

3 years ago

Oh, that is soooo interesting about the animal symbolism, Tasunka!!   I must copy that so I can remember.   Native American music, jewelry, dress, etc. is so lovely.   I think I will make a thread on it so everyone can post in it, too.  Or is this thread what going to be about that, too?   If so, I won't open another thread on it.  Let me know. 

3 years ago

I kind of
3 years ago

thought that this could be an open thread about native american art,music,

bead history,etc...I am an artifacts collector,and know a few things from my library of native books...too bad, it's all on the east coast, and I'm in the west..

will have to rely on my memory,we're in trouble,lol

just kidding.

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3 years ago

Sorry you don't have access to your native books, Tasunka.  Memory?  What's that?  I don't have one.  lol   I'm glad this thread will be a combination of things....


frm Rad

3 years ago

looks like crow shirt,can't tell the headress ,although it looks like a lakota one.

nice beadwork...the trade cloth on the headress, and the bright beads on the shirt tell me,that these artifacts are from the 1900's after the introduction of glass bead,versus sead beads found in very old artifacts.

owl feathers, and ermine pelts adorn the headress.

I have one with the feathers running down to the ground..

part of my "collection".

3 years ago

I have more wolf items.-Our log bed frame is adorned with 2 carved howling wolf heads, head and foot, opposite sides. I have a mandella with the wolf as the center and feathers hanging down. -a wolf fountain on the dresser and a small leather mandella with beads and copper bells made by an Indian woman who's picture I have beside it. Also a Chiricahua Indian bust, a larger one made of resin and crushed pecan shells, a larger picture of an Indian maiden on my bedroom wall, and a picture of a wolf at night, standing on rocks howling, that if a black light is on it, brings out the colors. Last year I bought an Indian doll dressed in real skins and fur from Arizona, I have put up for my granddaughter. 

My aunt and uncle who lived in Tallassee, AL, had a lot of acreage. They had artifacts in their house found in the ground there, from Indians who lived there many years ago, and even a bottle of wine that was found still corked, upside down, that was from the French/Indian war they said. They had experts come out and offer them money for all the stuff they had, or tried to get them put in a museum, but they didn't. He made my aunt a beautiful 3 stranded necklace from the old Indian beads. THey had the rocks and pestles they ground food in, old musket balls, all kinds of stuff I can't even remember. I do have some arrowheads though.


that is too cool
3 years ago

people/traders keep asking me to give up some of my favorite pieces..not gonna  happen...sounds beautiful sherry.

I have 8 suitcases full of artifacts left to friends call my house a touch and feel museum, and they bring their kids for lectures sometimes.

have everything from arrow heads,to childrens,and adult moccasins,and outfits.

A whole wall is dedicated to tomahawks and skull crushers.....I could go on,forever.

I hope the experts that came to your relatives  gave them an appraisal and papers of provenance,so important to owning artifacts.

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3 years ago

I don't know Tasunka. All I know is my Mom telling me that they figured they never offered them enough money, so away they went. He used to have people try to come across the river to get on his land to dig. He'd just scare them off with a shotgun.  They made a lot of money by companies coming out there digging up gravel, and they'd (supposedly) bring things they found too, to his house. The whole underneath was filled with petrified rock, moonstones, agates, etc. I imagine his daughter from a first marriage got it all, and probably sold it, or maybe kept some of it. She fought the second will they had written out, and of course with the help of crooked lawyers, screwed the rest of the family. She really didn't have anything to do with her dad and my aunt, faked her own kidnapping years ago, for ransom, was caught, and my uncle paid a lot to keep her from behind bars. His nephew was like a son, and he worked the cotton and soy and cattle my aunt nd uncle had, but he got screwed in the end too over the 2nd will, as did my mom, and the rest of the family. 

I sure would love to have real artifacts. That's awesome you do. I know a gal in Arizona who is starting to collect very old moccasins. I love mocassins. I have a  pair, but I've always wanted a pair of knee high with fringe and medallions down the side. They're just hard to find like I want, and expensive if you find someone who makes them to conform to your feet.  There was a man in WA state they called The Moccasin Man, but never got around to going to him once I found out about him, before we moved.

3 years ago

Boy Tasunka and Sherry, you both know soooo much about Indian artifacts; I wish I was so knowledgable.   Sherry the bed sounds awesome.  


I found this interesting:


3 years ago

there are officially 500 nations...

Sherry,I have a pair like that in elk,with rose pattern beading, and silver conchos

down the sides,along with fringes.

have worn them twice,lol


a hairpiece I own
3 years ago


quill work, and pink horse hair,on eagle feathers...

two leather ties,on the inside to tie into your hair trails almost to my knees.

The west
3 years ago

the native american maps show the nations starting out mostly in the east, being pushed further and further west.Except for the west coast tribes.
Since I am presently in the west,
I've been here using the medicine path's reference to the west.Totem-the grizzly bear, color -black, element -earth, spiritual is extremely helpful. DEATH AS AN ADVISOR. makes you take stock of your future to learn what is truly important to each of us.Learning to let go, sometimes puts things in the right perspective.

3 years ago

Interesting hairpiece Tasunka.   I wish you would take a pic of it in your hair and post it.   How old is it?

3 years ago

truly the dye says it might be fairly old,made from plant dyes..

one way we tell age,is glass versus seed beads,plant versus synthetic dyes.

so,it's probably safe to say it's from the 1900's,probably early.

good quill work is hard to find,and is very valuable as collectors love it.

I have a roach,as they call them,with the interwoven quills,rather than the elastic they use to make them today.

It looks like a porcupine mohawk,died red..

3 years ago

Great things of beauty and made from the earth.   Unfortunately those days are gone...everything replaced with synthetics.   the love that went into making clothing, quilts, etc. is no more.

3 years ago

Vicky,all the artifacts are in a safe place,back east...

only have a few pictures,and my memory.

Boy,are we in trouble,lol

just kidding.

3 years ago

I'm glad they are in a safe place Tasunka.   I love old things....I could sit and look at books, photos, knick knacks, etc. for hours.  I know what you mean by memory....I used to have one.   lol   Actually my long term isn't bad, it's my short term that is really shot.

3 years ago

Very interesting Tasunka and beautiful photo.

3 years ago

sorry for not being around.
Been crazy.Dental appointments.
Friends in trouble. etc.
Will post more.Promise.

3 years ago

That's alright. I know a little of what it's like.  my Mother-in-laww is about to start 3 more treatments, in 2 weeks, of full body suit cancer treatments. My ex-sister-in-law has been talking to me a lot here because her husband almost passed out the other day (I've known her husband for many years too) while on the treadmill for a checkup. He has had several heart surgeries, and we won't know till they talk to a nurse practitioner next Monday, the verdict. but it sounds like there may be no more they can do w/heart surgeries for him, and she is just beside herself.

3 years ago

thanks for checking in Tasunka and glad to hear from you, too Sherry.  By all  means take care of whatever business you need to take care of.  I hope everything works out for both of you and please post when you can.  Hugs.

3 years ago

NORTH; color- white. Element -air/wind
totem is the buffalo, and the time period is the future.
If you scroll back through the thread, you'll find we have already visited other directions like the west.We are making our way around the Medicine Wheel.

3 years ago

I love your horse graphic Tasunka....I made this one.  Very interesting about the 'Direction of the Buffalo'.


3 years ago

what a beauty,and I love the quote....

next direction is south/red...totem/mouse

mindset;innocence, element ;water..

many items in Native American artifacts have red trade cloth...

possibly to augment the innocence of spirit.

3 years ago

Even though I'm not familiar with some of the informative things you post Tasunka, I know there are readers that are visiting our group that do.   You always supply such interesting facts.  Thank you for your compliment on the horse tag I made. 

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you are so welcome
3 years ago

You cannot currently send a star to Vicky because you have done so within the last week.sending a bunch instead.

3 years ago

thank you sooo much Tasunka!!!  Huggle!


tipi dichotomy
3 years ago

it takes about 30 buffalo hides/ smoked for weather proofing to make a traditional tipi for a full family.
They are being sold at $3000 apiece.
In our world today ;his maybe tipis should not be made.

3 years ago

Years ago when the buffalo roamed freely there were thousands if not millions of them and making teepees with their hides was essential for families to live and didn't affect their numbers in any way.   Today there is no reason for anyone to be living in teepees.  And for the hides to be sold for $3000 is not only outrageous but gives people an incentive to kill them.  Thank you for the info Tasunka.

3 years ago

I agree they shouldn't be made today, as they do not need to be made today.  I can go with what is actually needed, but otherwise.....  Remember when Sea Shephard was turned back by the coast guard in WA state for trying to stop the Neah Bay Indians from killing a whale? I was for Sea Shephard. THe Indians said it was to get back to their roots. My feeling on that is if you want to get back to your roots, then choose to live like your ancestors, when they depended on such things for their way of life back then. That would mean, no more grocery stores, electricity, running water, except from a river or lake, no gas stations, vehicles, conveniences we have today, etc. It was reported that a lot of the whale meat was sold to Japan. They didn't get back to their roots.

3 years ago

too true.

the roots of child slavery, cannabalism, and animal products making everything should be a distant memory from a time long ago.

No culture has a perfect past,no need to revisit it.

3 years ago

I'm sure you've heard the term Indian giver.
well,there is a ceremony in which you call back unto yourself everything that has been taken from you either willfully or by force.
It is called the take back ceremony...
basically you purify the area through smudging which we've talked about.
then you recite the words which include calling everything back which has ever been taken.
At the end,you stamp your foot and say"as I have said it so it shall be done", and you wash off the smudge marks from your heart and head, and take up the medicine wheel and you have called it back.Even if it is emotion or power it helps to visualize it rushing towards you.

3 years ago

That's very interesting, Tasunka.  You are a wealth of knowledge.   Thank you.

I have now rounded
2 years ago

the medicine Wheel.
Brought back pictures of some native american artifacts and ceremonial outfits, headdresses, saddle blankets and other sundries. Have just started setting up a new pc, hoping to upload the photos and post here.
as they say in the west Indies ;" soon come ".

2 years ago

I can't wait to see your photos Tasunka!

we enter the touch and feel museum
2 years ago

mandala on the door,
2 years ago

headress with feathers on trade cloth trailing to the floor,and a wall of skull crushers and bows.

want to discuss some of the manufacture of the crushers.

more pics to follow soon.

A closer look
2 years ago

2 years ago

Wow!!  Those are awesome Tasunka!!!  I especially love the headdress.  Skull crushers?  Boy, I bet that was a painful way to go.

see the crusher that looks like
2 years ago

a dark hand? (first pic only)

that is actually a root system of a tree,and yes the stone crushers and tomahawks would do a lot of damage to one's head.

A rumor that I would like to debunk,Native American's didn't invent scalping.

The french taught them by example,UGH !!!

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2 years ago

Wow, now that's amazing to learn that the french invented scalping!  I had no idea and I'm sure many didn't either.  Thanks for the correction Tasunka.

2 years ago

the thread got archived. I hope you dont mind me reactivating it.So much information.Thanks.

2 years ago

Oh by all means reactivate it, Tasunka!  This is a great thread with so much info and lovely photos!

2 years ago

Tasunka, I have not received any buffalo updates in a while even though I've written to the BFC.  I used to get them on a weekly basis.   That's why I haven't been posting.  I wrote them again today so hopefully soon I will start receiving the updates again.  I miss posting about them.

now that you mention it
2 years ago

neither have I.Or the GYC the greater yellowstone coalition.The season is not over yet.~shrugs~

2 years ago

This is the first time this has happened.  What is the GYC?  I mean what do they represent?   All Yellowstone animals and causes? I haven't heard of that one.  I must check it out.

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They GYC
2 years ago

has finally emailed me.

I have entered a link for you Vicky to you can see their site.


2 years ago

thank you so much Tasunka!   I see sadly that the wolves have been delisted and the hunt has begun.  This is totally heartbreaking.....what are these 'hunters' going to do with a wolf anyway?  SICKENING!

2 years ago

Hi Vicky and Tasunka. I've had my son from WA state down here visiting. His visit may be getting cut short. His dad's, who is passed away, but his aunt, my son's great aunt, passed away the other day. They are just goingto have a small family get together, so they told my son to wait till he got back home & they'd all get together. But, the same night she passed away, that morning, his dad's second wife's husband who he became close to up there, had surgery where they had to go into his brain, as he was hospitialized the night before with seizures. We thought everything sounded good yesterday, as they said he was responding well afterwards, but they still had to to a spinal.  Last night he got a call though that now he has pneumonia.  Depending on what he finds out, he may be leaving very soon to go back up there.  If so, I'm going to spend what time we have left, together. 

2 years ago

so sad to hear this visit has turned into a miserable mess of mortality.

We all go through it.

"life is a series of hellos and goodbyes" Billy Joel

The caliber of a person is measured by how well they help others deal with mortality and still retain some inner peace while doing it.

Have met less than one hand's worth of people who fit that description.

Sending light, courage ( if that's possible) and the indomitable spirit we all should have at hand... ( sometimes life is overwhelming).


2 years ago

Sherry, how is he doing?    I made a post a few days ago responding to your post and I have no idea where it went.  I'm sorry your family time was cut short.

Have re-activated
2 years ago

this thread

as long as I am posting

I might as well disseminate some more good Knowledge.

Hope all is well,Sherry

Have not seen you ,lately

Too many of our care2 friends are unreachable...

2 years ago

Thanks for reactivating Tasunka.   Hopefully one day more people will visit the group....however, maybe they are reading.

2 years ago

Tasunka, is this considered a mandela?   I made it a few months ago.



2 years ago


tas,   hello Vicky, and everyone.  Finally you added the famous group here.  Thank you so much for it. 

As son as you can, I would like to know where I will start.  The local for Native I went there a couple of times long time ago.  I know they are making beeds I mean they are working on so many things.  But the first thing to start for my I think it the smudging Ceremony.??


and again

2 years ago


This is Chief Max Gros-Louis, chef des Hurons in Quebec Province.  One on my uncle sold his too large house to him.  So nice.  He use to wear a real beautiful costume with so many features.  I will look at to find him, cause I know he will be very interesting to talk to me. 

2 years ago


Him again when younger..

2 years ago

I have to think about my Wednesday to go to the place of Native for smudging and I will have to get up earlier.  They close at 21:00 and open at 8:00.   They don't have ceremony, and I will phone tomorrow to know more.


2 years ago

You can smudge anywhere. 

As long as you have water and air.Then bury the ashes somewhere in

2 years ago

Thanks my friend. 

I will as as possible.

snowing and raining here and not cold.

2 years ago

with the departure of pics from galleries, this thread only suffered one fatality,


2 years ago

Great Tasunka

2 years ago

Hi.Thanks for the invite,SiouxZ. What,again is smudging?I do not mean to be stupid,but I do not understand.This is an interesting group,I have been looking through it.I have never been to yellowstone,but would love to go sometime when I am in the states.Hi,Marie.

for Kaya
2 years ago


The act of purification of the spirit. 

You'll need a feather, shell, abalone is traditional.Find some dried herbs or flowers. 

Write your wish on a piece of

Paper, mix in shell and set ablablaze. Take some ash into a sink.when wet apply to forehead and over your heart.

Turn the four directions. 

Repearting your prayer in each.The feather is to fan the flames.when finished. 

Take the ashes and bury in a garden. 

Summary, want more me.

2 years ago

For the typos.

Using my phone. 

Pc room is in use.

2 years ago


2 years ago

Hi Marie & Kaya....good to see you both.   Marie, I love your photos...thank you.   Kaya, Tasunka explained smudging a while ago but I had forgotten what it was.   My memory is terrible.  Thank you Tasunka for explaining again....very interesting.

on my stupid phone
2 years ago

Wanted to post my power totem:Iron hand.

He now sits on the top of my billboard. 

Will post here, when back to a pc.....

...soon come. ..Islands saying

Iron hand,an apache bag,and some west coast shell art
2 years ago

The apache bag
2 years ago

is reversable, the colors are opposite on the other side,we turn it depending on mood.

The shells are remarkable, Giant sea clams,hand sculptured by Tribes of the 

northwest,don't even know all the names..also have some native stuff from alaskan and greenland Natives,they have reindeers engraved in handles and stuff..

enough show and tell.

Have a safe and healthy week.

Wakantaka knows we need it!!!!

Kaya in particular...get better,sweetie.

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2 years ago


White Sage Stick ~

Nice to see you here Kaya.    Vicky and tas.  I don't have time to go to all my groups. Oh la la. Nice to flying by here to say that I love you.

Please have thoughts or prayers for me and my lawyer I will met this week, re mariage for love yeah but too for going sooner in Brooklyn,

Happy day to all.



2 years ago

Heading north and east..

Totem animal spirit of the buffalo and the eagle.

Good medicine, hopefully

crystals for Kaya's safe return to us
2 years ago

2 years ago

Hi Tasunka, Marie and Kaya.  How are your days going?   Lovely artifacts, the indian with the horns the iron hand?   He's beautiful, so is the bag.  Nice shells and interesting crystals..  I am praying for Kaya's safe return.  Where did she go?  Marie, those are beautiful flowers...are they carnations?  What are the white things?

2 years ago

Kaya gave birth to twins,she needed colorectal surgery,because it was actually triplets, 

but the third one didn't make it.

so,now she is home getting better,I hope with tlc.

and the premies are still in incubation.(I think they were under 7 mos.)

the white things
2 years ago

are bundles of sage for smudging.

didn't feel like editing the first post,just saw the question.

My sage comes braided....except the strands for the female monthly kit.

2 years ago

Awwwww, although I am so sorry for the loss of one of Kaya's babies,  I'm glad 2 of the premies lived.  I would never have guessed that was sage, actually looks like pieces of white material.    You know so much about all that stuff...are you Native American or just study their traditions, etc.?

1 year ago


1 year ago

Hi Marie.  How have you been?   It's good to see you again!

not fbi
1 year ago

( full blooded Indian)

Few are,....we are mongrelized hard to find 100% anymore. ...the bullworth theory applies.

Lets just say I have more than enough sioux blood to be legally sioux. could I not be with a name like that? 

My study of the principal to the mysterious has happily been teaching me to this day.

W/e power I think I have is nothing compared to my mom, she could have gotten rich with her talent but chose to only use it for family safety and knowing exactly what needed nurturing, and when. ....truly powerful she was/still is....9 years on.when I know you better, will raise some hairs giving you chills when you hesr her abilities. ..makes me look helpless. 

I sure do miss her, even though she was supposedly brain dead, d got her to wake up for a minute and say goodbye to me properly. 

Amazing the bond between us!

1 year ago


I am okay  Vicky, just the pouring,....makes me depress.

ciao hi tas

1 year ago

Marie, the rain depresses me as well.

Az has unlimited sun this time of year. 


1 year ago

Well ladies, even though I adore the sun and light, I also love the small doses (max 2 days at a time) and not to drive in.  Without it there would be food, animals, flowers/trees.   So to me the rain is not depressing at all. 


Tasunka, how awesome that your mom awoke to say goodbye to you.   I know you must miss her terribly.   Blessedly I still have my mom and she is 85 yrs. old,    I would love hearing your stories about her.


Marie, I love your kitty sweet.

some local artifacts of the southwest,pics of other galleries
1 year ago

1 year ago


Cruises in Vietnam --

Thanks Vicky for the picture.

We didn't have water for more than 48 hours it is okay now.

I'm sick, 'sinusite' coughing a lot so does't sleep well and talking with --  dk is fine,  I didn't eat where I am staying tonight, and yesterday was so hot and humid and today cold like Autumn,  Not so far I will be back with Dave.

Nice to come here to look at so many different things in all,

tas I miss ya but I can understand you so well,




1 year ago


Not sure if I can post other than artifact or ...?? But let me present you the Chimp feeding the lion, I just felt in love with this picture.


I should have Indian blood, they attired me from long.  I was about 4-5 and Max Gros Louis had a very special shop and he was selling so beautiful Indian stuff.  I was crying to dad that he buy me a so beautiful pair of sleepers.  All hand maid.  It was located just besides the sea (St. Lawrence River) where there was a ferry between my hometown and the north shore.  It is a so beautiful place from the country I hate.  I love all N A T U R E. 

Sioux how I would like to be pure Indian.   I'm tired but I think to write to Max Gros Louis.  He bought the very special house of one of my uncles, a big house, my uncle was attorney.  He passed away and I don't know where is the place we go after we are not moving anymore? Just a little question nobody can't answer.

Cioa my friends.

Thanks for being yours.

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1 year ago

Being on the red road makes you an indian.

I would rather see intelligent people practising these truths, than the full blooded natives that think they deserve to live like their ancestors

Killing bison, deer, bears for their claws, ad infinitum. There is a division between conservation and we wanna play Injun natives. 

Too many full blooded, think they have superior rights to hunt animals. And if you have ever seen a reservation, you , as I feel nothing but shame and disappointment. 


1 year ago

1 year ago

Pretty picture above Tasunka....I can't remember whose it was but no matter, we always love to see them again. 


That's a cute monkey and tiger and the Viet Nam cruise Marie, but since this thread is for Indian things (right Tasunka?) then if you'd like I will open a thread for you to post any non-indian pictures you'd like. 

healing amethyst from Marie, merci'
1 year ago

1 year ago

Marie , Vicky is right,concerntrate on pics like the amethyst,it's is confusing having these off topic are right Vicky

no offense, Marie


1 year ago

Woke up this morning. 

The first half of the thread with all the important information is gone.

I know the site is trimming long posts.

No-one told us before hand.

The first part should be archived, I fear it is lost.

In an effort to straighten out the site, they have lost my meaning of life thread.

Will talk to Zen, don't have much hope, like the picture tragedy! 

1 year ago

No Tasunka, thank goodness things are not lost, HOWEVER it is a stupid change that Care2 did not bother to consult with us about and I don't like it.    Look at the bottom of the post (not sure if it will be your post, my post or what) but there is a tiny word Older » that you will click on.   It will bring you to the beginning post (which is very important as it sets the theme of the thread) and some of the posts underneath it.   (then click Newer >> to get back to the current posts) Care2 did this when threads get too long.   Why don't they just let us start a NEW thread as usual.   All these changes are so unnecessary and this time we were not even made aware of them.  So much stuff needs fixing....NOT new implementations!  Here is a link to Zen's thread in her group about this problem:


1 year ago

Don't see it, although on my phone. 

No pc access this morning. 

On the boat AGAIN. 

I wrote in the hosts group.

They really should have told us before hand. 

1 year ago

You are so right Tasunka.  They just snuck it on us without even getting our feedback.   Our very first post of the thread is very important.   Who has time to click on 'older >>' to go back to the original one?   Sites are so stupid......they take 1 step and 'improve' it where we now have to do 3 steps to do what 1 used to. 

1 year ago

! Whatever you did Vicky, it's back together now. 

I would keep my eyes on it, as will I.

Thanks for your research and input, YOU SAVED THE GOOD MEDICINE

Pilamaye...may you walk in beauty. 

1 year ago

Checking in.

So far, so good. 

Tomorrow, will go into the falacies and bs romanticism this country has with cowboys and Indians. 

1 year ago

I can't wait to read/see what you come up with Tasunka.   I'm sure it will be very interesting. 

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