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cowboys and Injuns
2 years ago

we all grew up on these stupid movies..

I always cheered for the red men, but of course the hero was always the cowboy,like the lone ranger,indians were friends in some cases,but never the leading man,and always in service to the Cowboy...even in the Outlaw Josey wales,he had natives helping him, kill other indians from a warring clan...great for the white man to have us killing each other..which in fact we were,even taking children as slaves...but the Native American DID not invent scalping,the french furriers taught them by example....I will admit that we may have started as a savage at some times 500 nations,but at least we didn't try to conquer the whole world, an Indian like a wild animal,takes only as much as they need.

In contrast to the cowboy/white man who wanted everything they saw, and would go to any lenghts no matter how cruel to get it...

2 years ago

I bring this parable up, because in Montana nothing has changed.

the business there still excludes the many Native Americans living on disgusting badlands that no one else would touch,and they don't have very much of poor

get letters every winter with the freezing to death numbers for that year...always old women and children!

while the white man thrives,still murdering for pleasure while Indians freeze and starve, and still they hate with such cruelty,people who they use for a tourist attraction, and treat worse than the buffs ,if that puts it on a level all here can understand..............

A HUGE TRAVESTY AND AN EVEN BIGGER MISCARRIAGE OF TRUST.TREATIES AND A MAN'S started with Grant..he was called father by the natives but returned their innocence with people like Custer and his ilk!

and people like Clint Eastwood
2 years ago

have made a career of romatincising the old west..

which was a slum of gold diggers, bums, cattle barons ( the cruelest of all). and the "pale rider".who he has made a cowboy rock star took no sides, but kept the genre of these stupid lies ,and made them into movies that the western channel would have you believe is entertainment!!!SICKENING.........could never sit through those westerns

2 years ago


2 years ago

Whew!   Even though I agree with how badly the indians were/are treated even to this day, as a white person I want it known that I do not condone what is/was done to them, Tasunka.  

2 years ago

Today, I will try to post about nostalgic Native Americans. 

Worse than cowboys, because it is stubborn pride and selfishness that they portray. 

Gotta run, be back soon. 

2 years ago

new acronym I learned from tribe members...ndn...easier than spelling out Native American.

but it is the ndns that want to live like their ancestors...hunt buffalo and venison,have mustangs running around their property,they are lucky to have a horse these days.

So, they take that anger and decide that like the eskimo still hunting whales ,that nothing has changed or will,and that is stupid for any peoples.

2 years ago

Thanks tas and all, it is very interesting.



2 years ago

Vicky,the ones who are reasonable know that you have no thing to do with that kind of oppression.

I can say this,having Native American as well as African blood in me,my ancestors from both sides receiving oppression,I do not look at whites that way.

Every race has good and bad people,I take it on an individual basis.What is in our mind and heart and spirit is what is important.I wish that I knew this truth earlier in my life.

2 years ago

Kaya is quite correct, except just like Africa and America the imperialist has gotten the better deal..

I do not blame color of skin but arrogant assumptions about who is the most important society. 

2 years ago

"Until the philosophy,which hold one race superior and another inferior is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned,everywhere is war.....And until the color of a man's skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes,this a say war...."



"Every tongue , every tribe , and every nation will worship around the throne of the Almighty."

         (REVELATION 10:9)

"Whosoever shall come unto me,I will in no wise cast out."


(I respect any beliefs people may have,these are just good things to live by,whatever your beliefs may be.Not trying to promote any religion.)

2 years ago

Kaya did you know that yeshu was a black man? 

It is written that way in Jewish history, which has more to do with Rastafarian than Christian?. .in my experience with the people. , the rastas I know say they are like the twelfth tribe of Israel. 

What does your knowledge say?

as long
2 years ago

as we are on the was known that ndn women would line up to mate with a black person, in their eyes the color was magnificent,and would want to gain that gene in the case of lineage,maybe why many African descendants have some Native american ancestry..

it was considered an honor to mate with an African American!

2 years ago

Some Rastas say Adam and Eve was black,and white man is a mutation.There was no difference,we all derived from one race from Noah's 3 sons,and then when they spread out,the races come from there.I grew up with a very devout Christian aunt,and a very devout Rastafarian uncle-I believe that both religions hold some truth.Babylonian Christianity is totally distorted,I reject it completely.

Yeshua,I have seen pictures of him as black,white,and in between.He was born to Hebrew people,who would have been some where in between.And I belive that He would have spoken Aramaic,not Hebrew.

I think that really dark skin is beautiful,I wish that my skin was dark.I have very light skin due to my mixed heritage.I never knew that about the Native Americans marrying Africans.

2 years ago

I know he was born in Yemen to Jewish parents. 

I can speak, write, read, hebrew, and Aramaic. 

Maybe the only person who didn't need subtitles for the passion movie. 

That is knowledge from my childhood, and my two tours of the middle east. 

My memory faded on that, but I do understand it.

Yeshu is his hebrew name. 

2 years ago

Kaya did you ever wonder how they could have pictures of him?

Certainly the blonde hair and blue eyes are a lie, so that he really cannot be recognized by people today who never saw him.

They believe some picture that people drew from what? 

2 years ago

In that time period they had no way other than paintings to capture a person image.And this was for rich people.He was not born to rich parents.And , yes, the blonde white Yeshua it's a crock of sh*t.People try to fit him into their mold,it probably pisses him off,it would me.May be that is why they say Almighty is merciful?

2 years ago

....kind of like making the Native Americans second to the "hero" white cowboys? Not a true portrayal.

2 years ago

...If I were Almighty,I would want to kill hese mother f***ers. I guess that is why I am not Him,I am not like Him.I want to be.

2 years ago

You are human, not a god, if that even makes sense. 

We should move this discussion to fangs, It's private! 

2 years ago

this too is a romantic portrayal
2 years ago

if only life were as it was portrayed in art???

this is the Native American nuclear family,Iol....wayyyyy before nukes.

but it is romantic and only one sided as most art is..

there is also the warpath, and from what I've read it wasn't pretty..

just bloody and as un-romatic as you can get!

the heart of ndn life...centers around the buffs
2 years ago

from the sacred white (peace pipe origins) the traditional  society of the western tribes.

They used every part of the buffs they took, always leaving something as an offering,and sending the dead buff's spirit off with a thank you for their survival,never took them for granted.

They even used the sinew for sewing , the hide and and every opposed to the hunters taking only hides,,tongues, and horns........a DISGRACE,literally

2 years ago

Thanks everyone, tas you have lots of knowledges.  What a beautiful romatic picture ... Hope to find a cord for my lap...asap.




2 years ago


To all American here, Happy Fourth.  I close with all my soul to

2 years ago


the person most responsible for making hemp obsolete was William Randolf Hearst...

wanting to keep the paper  industry to himself!

old money like the kennedy's bootlegging history for example is always tainted by criminal

behavior of the worst kind....accepted by bribery!



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2 years ago

Thanks tas, you teach me a lot.



2 years ago

Waiting for the recipe of special brownies for my birthday next week, the 17th. ty

2 years ago

aw why not Victorians roses for everyone on this Monday, still no boat to travel like you Tas, but . . .  visualization sometimes give what I need or want.  I should try the recipe of ...  on tomorrow lol... or save my money for something else.   hi everyone,. hugs and great Monday to you ...


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